Best Protagonist?

Has there ever been a time that found yourself really liking the protagonist and seeing them as more than simply a vessel? If so what set them apart from the rest of the protags you have played prior? And what HG/COG/WIP did they belong to?


I love the MC in Samurai of Hyuga! I love seeing how our choices impact their personality. I love being able to make smaller choices too, like how they feel about things, what food they like, how they cut their hair. They are definitely a top for me.

I also really like the MC from Wayhaven, at least from what I got to see from the demo. I like all the different choices for their personality we get and they are very well written.

Some other favorites for me are the MCs from Study in Steampunk, Fallen Hero, and Community College Hero… And the Orignal MC from the Heroes Rise Trilogy, don’t hate me please, but they were my first so they’ll always hold a special place in my heart.


The Ronin is the best, naturally.


…Yeah, I find that if I’m reading a game book rather than a book or interactive novel, due to the very nature of it being a game book that’s all the mc is, a vessel. They have no identity other than the one I give them which is a version of me, or a character I head cannoned. With that in mind my favourite protagonist is probably Morales(sp?) from Divided we fall. Loved the game, and loved his story and development.

However I do feel protagonists can have more of an identity when their personality is semi set. As in you have choices, a non-defined mc but the choices…well I’m struggling to explain what I mean, so I’ll give an example. Like in For rent Haunted house, at one point you can choose to scare some squatters by buying a big dog that bites you, buying a plug in chainsaw and in another instance shaking your fist at the house or chucking a brick through the window. So yeah, pretty funny and not things I’d do in real life :stuck_out_tongue: . So the protagonist feels semi defined if you get me? So yeah the protagonist from for rent haunted house is my favourite non-defined protagonist.

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This definitely goes to the MC of Hero Unmasked! as no other game made me start training parkour >_>


I liked that they could hate green peppers. Yeah, I hate 'em too-- tastes like monkey crotch.


I enjoy almost all of My MCs especially when the writer gives me the option to slip Down the slippery slope. Like being a Cold hearted killer in Heroes Rise Herofall. The Ronin my lesbian who loves Masami is fun she’s a perverted stoic calculated brutal protective ronin . The protagonist of Curious Cuisine being customizable with literally almost option imaginable ( one will be removed but 9999 is options is still impressive) and the fact you’ll be playing both parent and child will be like what Heroes Rise Redemption Season tried to do with Weaver and jury’s girlfriend. But failed since there’s no reason to care about Weaver or the other one. Bouncing between parent and child in curious cuisine will be like playing Lee and Clementine in The Walking Dead.


Off topic but I think I really need to play this Curious Cuisine.


You really do. Do it now do eet.

Of course the Ronin is the best! Male, female, thirsty for love, blood, or booze, it’s always a joy to replay Samurai of Hyuga for the characters.

Runner up is my hero from the original Heroes Rise trilogy (don’t really care for the new one). Shields and lasers all the way!! PEW PEW

quietly I also really like my wrestler in SLAMMED, more people should read that one.


Be warned though. Im working on an update that overhauls the game so far. Also the customization options are scattered across the entire game

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It’s going to be amazing

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I can totally wait for that update then. Hype!

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It’s going to be EPIC

I also really enjoy the MC from Samurai of Hyuga, but the MC from Fallen Hero holds a special place in my heart, considering it was what introduced me to CoG! I also loved the MC from both Zombie Exodus’ and Community College Hero. When I play those games, it feels like characters alive, and I’m just helping them make their way through the story!


Wow this is kinda across the board for people tending to like playing the mc from samurai of Hyuga, I never really thought about them that much(doesn’t your personality get affected by stats?) I’ll take another playthrough of that later this week for refernce.

This is the feeling I get from a lot of the games, the immersion does tend to break if I step back and take a look at the cardboard protag with their random decisions and their sloped stats.

I have never been so at home with an mc, it’s like putting on a pair of gloves they just fit .

Yuck. Most honest choice I have ever made in a COG.


I agree sooo much. I absolutely adore the MC’s story, they’re probably my favorite MC in any Hosted Game.

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I could honestly gush for hours about how much I love Fallen Hero :star_struck:

@malinryden Thanks.


Agreed. Slammed feels slept on to me.


I always hear a lot of good things about slammed but have yet to even try the demo, I know it’s about wrestleing and apperntly has some pretty good romances.

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