What 2019 Choice of Games Titles Are You Looking Forward To?


Definitly exile of the gods - champion of the gods had such a unice writing style i’ll be happy to read again


Chronicon Apocalyptica - I’ve been slavering aftering this one for a while. I can’t wait until it comes out.
Exile of the Gods - I liked Champion of the Gods so I’m looking forward to this one.
Untitled Superlatives Sequel - Same as above.
The Darkling Watchers - It sounds interesting.
Pon Pará and the Great Southern Labyrinth - Kyle’s never done a boring game so far imo, and I’m a sucker for longform stories.
Six Months to Vesta Station - We don’t really have enough games set in spaceships as far as I’m concerned. Particularly ones not related to some sort of scoundrel-ing.
180 Files: The Aegis Project - I want to see the game that won the contest!
Heroes of Myth - Sounds like an interesting take on the usual ‘heroes vanquishes evil’ story.


Untitled Superlatives Sequel : Really enjoyed the first one. What’s not to love about Victorian super heroes?

Pon Pará and the Great Southern Labyrinth : Empyrean and Silverworld were great, so I have high hopes for this.

Social Services of the Damned : I absolutely love this concept.

Mrs. Claus: This is so up my alley. Here’s hoping I can play the most cynical and hard-boiled toymaker in the history of Chrtistmas.

Mask of the Plague Doctor: Super excited for this after reading the WIP!


Chronicon Apocalyptica sounds wild, I am all up for that!

Also happy that people are excited for Vesta Station. I guess I should get it finished!


Chronicon: beta-tested and loved it.

DragStar: intriguing how to put something very visual into written form


Looking forward to Drag Star, because how can I not?

I never get to be the most fabulous person in the room.




EDIT: I didn’t realize how old this post was lmfao. I hope Psy High 2 is still happening.

State of the Company: 2018

According to the list for 2019 releases it is on the horizon


Yeah. Slated for 2019.

I wonder whether it’ll be a direct sequel, since PH1 had a broad variety of endings (I assume she’s not going to simply invalidate the ending of the first game).


Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Keeper of the Sun and Moon yet?

Because guess who’s gonna throw her entire savings on the game!!



Because it’s a Hosted Game and this thread is about Choice of Games titles.


Exile of God’s and furture academy for supervillians. A tale of two cranes if it accurately follows 3 kingdoms.


Drag Star sounds intriguing. And more historical COGs the better for me so A Tale of Two Cranes


Psy High was the very first title I ever played from either CoG or Hosted. It was my first step into a bigger universe. Having a sequel of it makes so happy. Full circle.


I am unable to fine “Fool!” Mentioned in the list.


Not all the CoG WIPs have threads on the forum - most of them don’t.

I don’t think I mentioned it before but I love the sound of Astral Troopers. I’m hoping to be able to play a disaster in it!


Just the cool ones do.


Speaking of the cool ones, any chance at all of an XoR X-mas surprise @Havenstone ?


I’d say : the sequel to ‘Grand Academy for Future Villains’ if only because i hope it pick up the slack from the first one that despite it’s very interesting concept was lackluster as all hell.

the superlatives sequel, because i loved the first.

Fool, because reading the description, i keep having the jester of darkest dungeon coming up in my mind.

the Psy High sequel because how will it turn out when my character basicaly became professor X at the end of the first ?

and Heroes of Myth, I mean a game where i can basicaly play Mr Satan from DBZ before he met Buu ? sign me up.

I could also look forward to ‘Exile of the gods’ but i don’t really see how much potential that sequel could have given the different ends of the first one.


I would say I’m extremely excited for
Tales of Two Cranes and 180 Files: The Aegis Project; both are so well written, interesting plot, complex, developed, no shallow written characters, intriquing RO’s.:heart_eyes: Both of authors have written amazing wips in the past, that I’m hoping it’ll be finished. :grin:
Also can’t wait for Psy High 2! It was one of the firts COG title I’ve played so I’m really pumped for the sequel!
Exile of the Gods too, I liked the first one.
Also, Chronicon Apocalyptica looks interesting.
I see many people are excited about the Superlatives sequel, haven’t read it yet. Is it really good?