Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!


How do you capture a sword?

When will have the chance to learn it?



Fight someone who’s got it. Say, the Alastors.

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I still found incredible how you and @JimD or @Cataphrak can find inspiration in my feedback when most people only get anger and a headache. Happy to be useful… Now I am afraid you will made a super handsome theurge to make me fall in dark side theurge



I think Bremen is being mind controlled through some advanced obscure Theurgy, It would explain a lot.



I don’t think Breden had been mind controlled , Breden was doing everything in free will but with good intentions at heart :slight_smile:



My tea-leaves already predicted that. I was more hoping for a small teaser and a shiny, sparkling new forum-thread 2.0 so we, your devoted fans, can engage in more baseless speculation thoughtful and eloquent discussion. :wink:



Tea leaves suggest a Christmas surprise is unlikely this year – especially as my laptop died over a week ago and the fix-or-replace decision is still not clear.

I’m planning to reduce my day job workload this year, which will free up more time for XoR 2.



Will there be any more chapters/installments following ‘Choice of Rebels: Uprising’ ? Loved the first one. ^^

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The short answer is, yes, @Havenstone has planned this to be a series of five games after all. As for when well get out your crystal ball, tea leaves, and ouija board, as your guess is as good as anybody else’s. :wink:



@idonotlikeusernames Sounds good to me! This is hell of a story, hearing it will have at least 4 more parts makes my ears tingle. I’ll wait, patiently with the rest ^^ thanks for the quick answer! :slight_smile:



By the way… do you trust Breden or think he/she is the traitor ? :slight_smile:

Anyway, my primary romance option is Suzanne… yours should be Simon …



She’s definitely a traitor but I don’t think she’s the only one.



I don’t think she betray us… we could had died long ago if she/he was the one :slight_smile:



Entrapment. The Hegemony profits off helot uprisings as long as they don’t get too big. If she is the traitor what will your MC do?


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Hmmm… difficult choice , i will of course cover her secret and plead her to change side … i am confident she will listen to me :wink:



Your rebellion seems to be very merciful. My MC would have her publicly executed, by Slow-Harrowing if we have the resources, and beheading if we do not.
On a separate note, how will you deal with the eventual need for Theurgy?



In future books , we should encounter more allies , some will be Mage… so i will enlist them
As for harrowing … hmmmm, perhaps only with those criminals :slight_smile:



I just finished my I don’t know play-through of XoR Uprising, and I have to say without any doubt in my mind this is my favorite Choice of Games game I have played to date. This may sound like a review of the game but I wanted to bring it here to the forum as I wanted to be a bit more direct in my praise for this game.

Very few books get me addicted to the point that I reread them multiple times over, especially not in a short span of time. Less Choice of Games games get me to replay them so many times as this has, and I’ve not played a choice of games game until now that had such a captivating story and world that I play through the game the same way as I played through a previous time just to relive the same story. Choice of Rebels has such a living breathing world with characters that I have truly gotten attached to and care about, and every choice feels like it matters to your story. Which is only part of the reason that I’ve replayed it so many times in this past week of owning it.

The constant feeling of choices mattering and changing the story would not be successful if not for the fact that is also has a world that feels like it truly exists beyond what is laid out before you. Your story as the main character is not the only one and you are sold the concepts and ideas of a massive world beyond just what is seen, and that other characters are living their own stories as well, the world doesn’t feel like it revolves around you, a feeling that I think has sometimes been neglected in many works of writing, not just Choice of Games games.

I didn’t have a proper account here until I felt the desire to just vent my love of this game. (Thus the creation of this post). The knowledge that it will be over a year until the next part of this series comes out rends my heart, but even if it ends up being only half as good as it’s origin it would still be amazing in my eyes. I’ll be counting the days until the sequel comes out I know that much, and until it does I’ll probably be replaying the game once a month, and if my many replays of the game have been any indication so far, It will feel like a new journey every time.

Thank you to any who took the time to read this little rant of love for the game, I do hope I’m not the only one who feels this way for the game, but with this big community I have seen here for it I’m sure I’m not alone :smile:

And to Joel Havenstone I wanted to let you know, if you do read this, you have given a new level of inspiration to me, an aspiring writer. Not just with Choice of Rebels but the many posts on the forum you’ve made in reference to writing in general. Keep up the amazing work, and I hope you don’t feel rushed at all with this next part for your amazing series here. It would be a tragedy, I feel, if the cost for seeing the next part sooner is losing what made the first such an amazing thing.



@Havenstone There are options to hold several criminal trials in the first game. It appeared that the only options for the jurors during the trials were either GUILTY (conviction) or NOT GUILTY (acquittal). Admittedly the MC was never a juror in those trials but if it is not too much trouble in future trials, I would like the Choice for the MC to push for a second form of acquittal in the form of the NOT PROVEN verdict in the future. There are some NPCs that even though insufficient evidence exists for their conviction, those NPCs should never be labeled as innocent.