What 2019 Choice of Games Titles Are You Looking Forward To?


Not all the CoG WIPs have threads on the forum - most of them don’t.

I don’t think I mentioned it before but I love the sound of Astral Troopers. I’m hoping to be able to play a disaster in it!


Just the cool ones do.


Speaking of the cool ones, any chance at all of an XoR X-mas surprise @Havenstone ?


I’d say : the sequel to ‘Grand Academy for Future Villains’ if only because i hope it pick up the slack from the first one that despite it’s very interesting concept was lackluster as all hell.

the superlatives sequel, because i loved the first.

Fool, because reading the description, i keep having the jester of darkest dungeon coming up in my mind.

the Psy High sequel because how will it turn out when my character basicaly became professor X at the end of the first ?

and Heroes of Myth, I mean a game where i can basicaly play Mr Satan from DBZ before he met Buu ? sign me up.

I could also look forward to ‘Exile of the gods’ but i don’t really see how much potential that sequel could have given the different ends of the first one.


I would say I’m extremely excited for
Tales of Two Cranes and 180 Files: The Aegis Project; both are so well written, interesting plot, complex, developed, no shallow written characters, intriquing RO’s.:heart_eyes: Both of authors have written amazing wips in the past, that I’m hoping it’ll be finished. :grin:
Also can’t wait for Psy High 2! It was one of the firts COG title I’ve played so I’m really pumped for the sequel!
Exile of the Gods too, I liked the first one.
Also, Chronicon Apocalyptica looks interesting.
I see many people are excited about the Superlatives sequel, haven’t read it yet. Is it really good?


It’s definitely not going to be a 2019 release. :slight_smile: Any other questions you have, let’s take over to the game thread.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Any WIPs people are interested in please share yours.


I am excited for Samurai of Hyuga book 4. In fact I’m so excited that I cannot even wait and I would do anything for it to arrive! :smiley:


Im excited for more Fallen Hero, not even sure if it will be out, I just want more… In general…



The big three I’m looking forward to seeing more of are Samurai of Hyuga Book 4 (the early access on patreon keeps me sane), Fallen Hero: Retribution, and of course Wayhaven Chronicles: Book 2.


Really excited for Wayhaven Chronicles: Book 2 and BREACH - Crime Thriller. Both of these are amazing.


Wayhaven 2, more Psy High and Fallen Hero and of course, the dream of Guen finally being updated.

As for new projects I’m interested in Fool!, Six Months to Vesta Station, Tudor Intrigue, Sordwin and In The Service of Mrs Claus.


So many!

Abysm’s Veil.
Fallen Hero
Too Different
Good Intentions

Probably several others that I’m forgetting


Samurai of Hyuga Book 4, Wayhaven Chronicles: Book 2, Werewolves 2 and Fallen Hero: Retribution are the ones I’m most excited for. XoR 2 and Vendetta are also high on my list, but I doubt either of them will release in 2019.


Fallen Hero Retribution and Become Mortal.


Ooooo! There is an airship one coming out?!! When?! When?!

(I kinda like airships, if you hadn’t guessed.)


I think the airship one is called Esper smugglers, as for the date it hasn’t been announced yet. Probably late( r) this year. Looking forward to both captain games most myself. I play to make my airship one a “leading man” homage to Balthier, who really should have been FFXII’s lead character as he’s way cooler than the actual lead. And hoping Vespa station manages to recapture some of the old Firefly magic.


I’m looking forward to Exile of the Gods and Social Services of the damned.


Thanks. I’ve been into airships since well before Final Fantasy came about. I really wanted to play with the one in Silverworld more. They can also be good for an adventure in a contained environment. (You are stuck at X-number of feet above the ground with a killer/monster/other deadly mystery. [“X” depending upon whether it is a war airship {possibly over 20,000’} or a passenger one {hundreds of feet, for a better view].)


Psy high