What 2019 Choice of Games Titles Are You Looking Forward To?


Any WIPs people are interested in please share yours.


I am excited for Samurai of Hyuga book 4. In fact I’m so excited that I cannot even wait and I would do anything for it to arrive! :smiley:


Im excited for more Fallen Hero, not even sure if it will be out, I just want more… In general…



The big three I’m looking forward to seeing more of are Samurai of Hyuga Book 4 (the early access on patreon keeps me sane), Fallen Hero: Retribution, and of course Wayhaven Chronicles: Book 2.


Really excited for Wayhaven Chronicles: Book 2 and BREACH - Crime Thriller. Both of these are amazing.


Wayhaven 2, more Psy High and Fallen Hero and of course, the dream of Guen finally being updated.

As for new projects I’m interested in Fool!, Six Months to Vesta Station, Tudor Intrigue, Sordwin and In The Service of Mrs Claus.


So many!

Abysm’s Veil.
Fallen Hero
Too Different
Good Intentions

Probably several others that I’m forgetting


Samurai of Hyuga Book 4, Wayhaven Chronicles: Book 2, Werewolves 2 and Fallen Hero: Retribution are the ones I’m most excited for. XoR 2 and Vendetta are also high on my list, but I doubt either of them will release in 2019.


Fallen Hero Retribution and Become Mortal.

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Ooooo! There is an airship one coming out?!! When?! When?!

(I kinda like airships, if you hadn’t guessed.)


I think the airship one is called Esper smugglers, as for the date it hasn’t been announced yet. Probably late( r) this year. Looking forward to both captain games most myself. I play to make my airship one a “leading man” homage to Balthier, who really should have been FFXII’s lead character as he’s way cooler than the actual lead. And hoping Vespa station manages to recapture some of the old Firefly magic.


I’m looking forward to Exile of the Gods and Social Services of the damned.

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Thanks. I’ve been into airships since well before Final Fantasy came about. I really wanted to play with the one in Silverworld more. They can also be good for an adventure in a contained environment. (You are stuck at X-number of feet above the ground with a killer/monster/other deadly mystery. [“X” depending upon whether it is a war airship {possibly over 20,000’} or a passenger one {hundreds of feet, for a better view].)


Psy high

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Mask of the Plague Doctor is so up my alley that I feel like it might mug me for all of my money


Oh, I liked airships well before that too. It’s just FFXII has the cutest airship captain to go with the nice airship. :wink:


Aww thanks @Camille622 :smile: Glad you’re enjoying Abysm’s Veil!


Hmm. Maybe I should have been playing the FF series… Unfortunately I suck at those kind of games (ones which require actually having decent reflexes)-- which is why I like these style games.

More on topic, I am really curious about the Psy High sequel. Psy High is one of my favorites.

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You and your crew aren’t outlaws (at least, that’s the case at the start of the game…) but Firefly, along with the Expanse, definitely inspired some of the feelings of isolation and cameraderie. I’m glad you’re looking forward to it, and I hope you enjoy it when I finally get it finished!


Finally, the recognition I deserve!

But I kid, and, in all seriousness, thank you for mentioning my WIP.

Personally, I am probably looking forward to Superlatives 2 the most.

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