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He’s a coward! He betrayed the pack. :rage:
On top of that, he’s a snitch, and you know what happens to snitches.


The guy left his girlfriend(?) to be beaten and God knows what else, he isn’t getting any mercy from me.


@Zeom @Bathala

He did. But whether Lapu deserves to die or not isn’t up to me, it’s up to the player :wink:


Personally, I prefer Lapu alive. Not exactly because of forgiveness (my MC is pretty pissed with the guy and what his actions caused), but because I want to see him live and have to deal with the consequences of his actions. If he’s dead, he pretty much fully avoids having to deal with the full aftermath with his actions.

Alive though? He’s gonna have to a lot of owning up to do to himself and others and it will be fascinating to see how that plays out. As a reader though, I do get that he was just a dumb guy that did a even dumber thing that had severe consequences he could not even begin to fully imagine when he made those choices (and who hasn’t done something like that, albeit with consequences of lesser scale, when younger).

Now, if he chose to take a questionable actions once again rather than learn from his mistakes, THAT’S when things get trickier… :thinking:


Oh no, I don’t want him to die. I want to skin him alive and use his fur as a rug. Or call him the spineless wolf. Crap I love hating Lapu.


Agree with this. I prefer traitors to be alive since when they are dead, it’s only a one time suffering to be honest. =)


Thank you for the choices … it is important that players can determine how to deal with Lapu, rather than a predetermine outcome that we have to forgive him as if nothing had heppen :slight_smile:


You have no idea how gratifying I find it when readers have such intense love/hate relationships with my characters.

I’m glad I did that too, because as we can see, reactions to Lapu in particular are incredibly varied, from wanting to date him to wanting him to die slowly. I think both camps will be pleased with book 2 ~whistles innocently~ :wink:


@GreekWinter What about those who just want to help him get back with Tiva?
@Okami-Nora @Bathala @resuri08 Well, if you really want him to suffer you would have to do something about Tiva. After all it was his love and desire to protect her that made him betray the pack. Now imagine that you join Williams, leave Tiva with his soldiers and when you meet him on the battlefield you say something like: “Williams escaped and he killed Tiva/took Tiva with him.”


Not my style. :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t make a innocent party suffer for the stupidity of one person and my MC would never betray their pack.

Also, my MC’s displeasure is solely with Lapu; they have no issue with Tiva (Tiva is their friend). Why drag her into the matter when they know Lapu is part of the main source that made crap hit the fan?


Hope that’s not an option. Be really surprised if she even looked at him after all the crap he pulled.

@GreekWinter Will Tiva be a RO next book she was the one I was looking forward to romancing?


Tiva gets really mad/upset if you tell her that Lapu is dead. If you don’t force him to tell Tiva that he betrayed the pack she will tell you that she loves him. And if he tells her about his actions she doesn’t know how to feel about it:“He said he planned to betray the pack for me. For me! I don’t know whether to kick the shit out of him or kiss him and then kick the shit out of him.”


Doesn’t make sense to me, her face is scarred up, and how many of the pack is dead because of him. Whatever, good thing I killed him only thing he deserved.


You know…I didn’t really feel any huge emotion at his betrayal. I was mostly just celebrating that I had guessed right and told Jolon to keep an eye on him. I don’t forgive him…but I don’t realy have any urge to get rid of him. I think he should be exiled and just seperated, which could be fate worse than death (as some people have already pointed out) but I don’t really care I guess.

I kept him alive, so should be interesting to see what happens :yum:


It’s complicated, and human (including werewolf :stuck_out_tongue: ) relationships are messy. In a lot of ways, love, especially young love, is much like temporarily insanity. Your brain chemistry literally changes. In the beginning of the game, Tiva mostly views Lapu as cute but a bit of a try-hard, but he’s devoted to her, and after their discovery in chapter one, they get much closer over their shared experience and horror. They recover with each other, much the same way that the player recovers with Dena, and they bond tightly.

While it’s true that Lapu fled the scene where Tiva was hurt, she never blamed him for that (she only gets angry at him if he manages to stop her from taking her revenge by shooting the soldier.) She holds the humans accountable, which is why she ends up hunting the squads later on.

In a period of so much stress, upheaval, and violence, bonds can grow incredibly strong (see units of soldiers at war) and when you combine that hopelessness with young love, it’s enough to make anyone illogical in their decisions. Tiva is unquestionably upset when/if she learns what Lapu did. As @Saprook 's quote shows, she can’t decide whether to kick his ass or kiss him and THEN kick his ass. She’s conflicted, hurt, and scared at that point. She’s just gotten over a bloody battle, lost the home she’s had her entire life, and found out that a person she cares deeply for had done something horrible… for her. That’s quite a mindfuck for a kid at 18/19-ish years old.


So I’m guessing she won’t be a romance option next book if she still feels strongly for him?


I’m honestly not sure yet. I haven’t gotten there yet and these characters tend to tell me how they’re feeling while I’m writing. I have an outline, but I tend to deviate from it a lot as I unpack situations and relationships.

You have noooooooooo idea :wink:


I’m planning on having her be romancable, but I haven’t gotten there yet so I can’t 100% confirm it. I’ve been adding a lot of alternate paths so far and it’s really getting the word-count up there. I mean, I’m at the end of chapter 3 right now and it’s over 100 thousand words. That’s insane. So I guess it really depends on how much I can stuff in there without driving myself absolutely nuts and/or pushing the release date back to 2025 :stuck_out_tongue:


If you could it would be amazing, I liked the others but I felt more invested in Tiva cause all the shit she had to deal with. If you can’t I understand though.


@Saprook Or… I steal Tiva’s heart :smiling_imp: