Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



Werewolves aren’t normally my thing either but I really enjoyed it. I also think the romances were really well done and thread through the story.


Hi @Jender , author here! The feedback I’ve gotten about the game usually indicates that readers have enjoyed the romances, but I will point out that Eric is correct when he says romance is not the main focus. That being said, I added what I feel is a fairly significant amount of special content and scenes specifically for romancable characters. I also worked hard to make sure that each of them have a unique personality, with hopes, fears, and dreams that aren’t always apparent to players who never romance them.

My personal favorite in this regard is Jolon, who kinda revealed himself to me as I wrote him. There’s a lot to him that you don’t see outside of the romance track. He’s shy and hard to get, but I think he’s worth it for players into male ROs. All romances will continue in book 2, as well as at least 2 new ROs (possibly up too 4 if I’m able)

Also, for those on ‘team Bly’, she will be getting a lot of love in book 2 as well, since she had slightly fewer romance scenes due to story events in book 1.

Due in large part to feedback, romance will play a bigger role in book 2. The first 3 chapters are very action oriented (as suggested by the ending of book 1) but once things slow down, there will be quite a few romance scenes, sexy times, and special scenes.



fewer…she had 1 scene…

Ahhh…looking forward to more for her! :sweat_smile:


She had 2, actually. One very early on, and another at the beginning of chapter 12.

To get that you must have either kept her from getting captured in chapter 7, or keep her from going feral when you rescue her in chapter 11 if she was captured. She jumps your bones while you’re waiting for the human army to attack in the beginning of chapter 12. It’s actually my favorite sex scene, and I’d be happy to send it to you if you’d rather​ not replay just for that.


thats still not enough…

I mean…the one romance that was a shy chracter…get horny like hell…

but the other romance with the sexiest Abs…get so little…

sigh…she has ABS…for pete sake…it isnt fair…:sob:


You’re really going to like chapter 1 of werewolves 2 :smirk: The first 3 chapters have a lot of Bly, and the only early sex scene. In prison. With a very dominant Bly. :heart_eyes:


great! I wish you luck with the story and can’t wait to read it :relaxed:


Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to reply guys! I’m gonna grab it today! Cheers! :heart:


may i ask how many possible ending is there?And will different endings result in different beginning or different story in the second game?


how do you import your save from werewolves 1 to the second game?


Hi @viczheng , I’ll link to a in-depth post from earlier in the thread explaining all the endings! Beware of spoilers! Click the link at the top of the box to see the full post.

The app should have you save your game to Choice of Games’s server at the end. You can have multiple saves, and they will be able to import into the second app when it releases.

All endings will be reflected in the second game, as will most major choices and all potential character deaths. If you were a stealthy rogue who romanced Jolon who got to Sonoma’s camp in the end and decided to be an assassin? All that carries over and impacts. If you dated Dena and got an ending with dear ole’ dad? Carries over and you find out exactly what happened next!

I’ve made a very concerted effort to have every major choice carry over in a meaningful way, especially your ending branch from book 1, each of which has thousands of words of alternative sections and text associated with them.


I just finished my first play through… Wow, what a rollercoaster ride of awesome! I somehow managed to get that mansion ending, lucky I guess?

What I was struggling with, though, is saving Bly in chapter… seven? I guess I chose the wrong place and got captured or whatever. A bit of help please?

Also can you go the way of the sage and still get close to bly or do you need to go the way of the claw for that to happen?


Thrilled you enjoyed it!

According to what stats I’ve been able to gather, yup! Less than 1% of Steam players have gotten that ending (I have no data for other platforms)

Bly is in the old rubble maze, not in the school or her old apartment. However, going to either of those locations will not usually disallow you from finding her. What it sounds like happened to you, is you split from Jolon and met the roaming patrol? While it is possible to escape from them with the right stats, I’d suggest sticking with Jolon in chapter 7. Once you find Bly in the rubble maze sprawl (she’s in an old mattress shop) you’ll have to fight off some soldiers or run from them. If you have high combat, fight, if you have very high stealth, you can ambush, or you can choose to run, which I believe works every time for the rescue.

I’d have to browse a bit of code to know for sure, but getting with Bly without training much with her would be very difficult. You don’t have to go exclusively with Bly’s training, no, but you’d have to at least train with her once, and sit with her for the play in Chapter 2 (and choose a flattering answer there.) Getting her while being way of the claw is easier, mostly because strength and fighting ability is something that she respects and it turns her on. But you can absolutely take a few Ahote lessons too.


Oh great, thank you so much!