Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



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Is there something that I missed on my playthroughs that explains why Williams and Elan seem to be the same person but different personalities, kind of like the Hulk and Bruce Banner or Eddie Brock and Venom?



This contains a LOT of spoilers (many of these things are hinted at or told on rare branches and can be put together, but a few are just from my notes.) You have been warned!

Williams/Elan was part of a group of wolves who had infiltrated the US military. He rose in the ranks during the Vietnam war. During his time overseas he learned to see the enemy as animals, as ‘others’. At one point he realized that he was an ‘other’ too, and he began to obsess over finding a way to turn werewolves into humans. He recruited two other wolves in the sciences (see the primer) to work with him, revealed the existence of the wolves to the government by bringing in an aggressive wolf from a warring tribe and the govt did experiments on him. He got funding to run a science and expedition team, ostensibly to learn how to create or harness the werewolves for military purposes. Williams pretended to do just that, but in truth he spent most of his time researching a ‘cure’.

During this time, Williams began to experiment on himself. He would insist on injecting experimental treatments in an effort to suppress his wolf side for long periods of time. The injections gave him agility/strength bonus in human form, at the expense of some of his sanity. His werewolf persona, Elan (his birth name) split off as an alternate persona (it wasn’t a full split as he was semi-aware of both sides, if not the shift between them, the full split came later). As a werewolf, Elan fell in love with and married Leotie and fathered the player. Elan insisted on curing Leotie as well, experimenting on her with absolute surety that he would succeed. (he meant no ill will toward her)

His first major pack-wide test of the anti-werewolf drug was with two packs outside of Jackson, Wyoming. The drug sent the packs wild, resulting in the Jackson slaughter. Williams kept Leotie safe during the purge, shifting her into the Yellowstone pack deep in the caves, and followed her to newly-founded Haven. His superiors had the attitude, ‘you made this mess, you clean it up’. Like a demotion, but it was perfect for Williams. After the Purge, Williams became more demented, not able to handle the fact that he caused the deaths of thousands of his own species. He took more drugs to suppress Elan which deadened his emotions as a human, and made Elan crazier and crazier underneath. Convinced that he had the cure right this time, he experimented on his own wife, killing her in the process and leaving (player) motherless. The death of Leotie broke Williams, and his werewolf persona retreated almost entirely in a full break. Williams only knew that ‘werewolves killed my wife’ and he devoted himself to curing them ‘like a plague’ and if he couldn’t do that, he’d exterminate them.

Williams had a flashback when he saw (player) on a camera feed when they were a teenager and Elan started coming back in fits and starts, visiting the (player) from time to time, asking creepy questions and trying to get them ready for some kind of ‘change’ that Elan knew was coming. When Williams discovered that he was visiting the player as Elan through video footage, he planted the locket in Elan’s belongings, along with a tracking beacon and a note about ‘opening the door’. Elan then gave the locket to the player as it contained an image of (player’s) mother.


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I’m not sure if this has been answered, but uh how do I get to the point to unlock the tank achievement? And please don’t say the description of the achievement.


When escaping from the military base in chapter 11 you have to go with Ahote. When you get to the bridge you’ll have 3 options: backtrack, surrender and attack the tank. If you choose to attack you need to have 60 in combat to get the achievement.


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I havent bought this game yet…werewolves arent normally my thing but i dig a good romance. This game was recommended…shall i dare? Are you human at all? Thanks for the advice!


I liked the story…even if I’m not big on werewolf usually cose they are often written in a cliché way . but…I was really dissapointed by the romance I chosen…:frowning:

I’m looking forward to the sequel and hope for more in the Smoochie departement!


Well… the strength of the game is not concentrate on Romance , there is more about life adventure of beings in human society who despice or like them…

Although romance here is good too :slight_smile: