Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



Thanks for the answere, you confirm that if i am admired in the military and liked by the public they won’t help me?
Does the dialogue with the activists during the battle matter? Does it change anything?


It is just that, if the military like you… they will smuggle you to their side :slight_smile:
Hence , if you fight them your relationship with you will drop… giving chance for activist to rescue you instead…

The conversation with the activist will affect their relationship with you, the complete choice of conversation with activist is in the main thread when the author reveal it…

So you can go there have a look :slight_smile:


Thanks. Could you link me the said thread?


On the search icon… type werewolf rise of haven, you should find the thread there :wink:

  1. What is sodoma? i never met those guys in my games
  2. In a post the author wrote that It is possible to get an ending in which i join a werewolf conclave, what is this conclave? how do i join them?
  3. if i use the communication center to address the population, what are the possible outcomes?
    4)If i get saved by the army and i ask them to make me escape in the Woods, who comes with me?
    Sorry for my english

P.S. i’m having a hard time searching answeres in the forum because i have dislexia and reading takes more time, so please, don’t tell me to search info myself.


OMG I’m so in love with this game! I cannot wait for book 2 :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

In one of my playthrough endings, I met Sonoma when they rescued my group from people who were gonna sell us to bidders. She’s like a leader of a rebel group or something. I joined her.


I didn’t get this ending… the the military always smuggle me out…lol


Gunna be completely honest. If Tiva isn’t a romance option after the events of book 1, I am going to be deeply heart broken.


Anyone else want a forbidden romance with a human?


I think the author mention there is a plan romance with a human… but that’s not Anna

@Kanaya Tiva seems to be plan as a RO as well


I once got the military ending but after that playthrough it’s been the Sonoma ending for me. Oh yes I’d also like to romance Tiva, though Dena and Bly’s route were also good.


i Always get the military endings, what are your peputations when you get sonoma?


I greatly enjoyed playing this!

After getting the Reunion ending, I knew that this would turn into a series, or at least a second book. I haven’t been keeping up-to-date on some of the other serial CGs and HGs, but this was definitely one of the few series I’d pick up in a heartbeat.

I chose the Diplomacy route whenever possible and got the Pacifist achievement for my efforts! I never felt like I was missing out by choosing The Way of the Sage versus the other two ways and I think that deserves special appreciation.

The ending was an interesting twist, but I didn’t feel as slighted as I thought I would’ve been. Instead it felt like I was sticking true to my path of Diplomacy, but almost holding it in reserve for the future - if that makes sense.

Despite this being a game/story all about werewolves, I only felt inklings of the Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics that are present in wolf packs. I think that the sprinkle here and there was just the right amount. If there was too much, I think it’d could’ve overshadowed the rest of the story and may have presented an entirely different message to the audience with its over-inclusion.

Definitely going to replay this over again - and again! - because it’s really really good. I don’t know what the “discount” price was when it first came out, but it was $5.99 (not including tax) when I bought it. Just checked the word count and for a 280K long story, I wholeheartedly believe I got my money’s worth.


Wow this is a great game! I liked it a lot. Dena is so cute she’s my first RO, but Bly is badass too. I drew my MC, Viho. He supported Haken.

Excited for the 2nd book!


Hey! I really loved your game! Do you have maybe tumblr or another site where you post your progress or generally commenting ?


@Fluffy_Buffy You can add my Twitter here Twitter Link I don’t post all the time, but I do post updates, fan art, and the occasional fun gamebook picture.

@Drew_Kennedy That artwork is amazing! I absolutely love it!

I’m pretty sure there were detailed instructions somewhere above, but here’s a very general breakdown:

Ending brackets are mostly gated by reputation. You can get the Sonoma/revolution brackets by having a very good public sentiment, high activist rep, and/or a very high rep with your pack. You must also have a medium reputation with the human army or lower. A high rep with the military will result in them saving you. If they do there’s often still a chance of getting the Sonoma bracket, but it’s easy to miss.

Keep in mind that even with the right rep, there ARE a few choices that can get you captured anyway like not following the civilian who rescues you or leaving the activists if they rescue you.


Thanks! I love Werewolves: Haven Rising a lot! :smiley: I’m also quite hoping that we get to romance Tiva in book 2.


:thinking: You guys and gals know that the more romances I put in, the longer it will take for the sequel to come out, right? lol :rofl:


Don’t care as long as Tiva is one of them!


Would you be willing to take commissions to do the rest of the main cast?