Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



This makes me happy…

… but this makes me worry :joy:


Was there a way to kill Lapu in book 1? Also will Anna or Tiva be a romance option next book?


Well… i don’t want Lapu anywhere near me too :slight_smile: I can forgive him , but preferably he is out of sight …

I think @GreekWinter mentioned Anna won’t be an RO but Tiva will be…


Yes, Lapu can die in book 1.

Anna, probably not. Tiva? If I can find the time I’d love to be able to, but I have SO much on my plate as it is. We’ll see what I can add as I go.

A lot of people felt that way. No player will be forced to deal with him in any way of they don’t want to.

You’ll just have to wait and see :wink:


In my latest playthrough, i can execute Lapu in front of Haken but i send him back to the human, i want Tiva to know of his sin so much :slight_smile:

But my reputation with public is not high enough even when i attack the army, so i didn’t get the Anna ending yet…Lol, general rivera smuggle me again :-):roll_eyes:


Do you have a plan to add another RO with human as well in next book?
Since Werewolves main theme is their conflict with human, add interracial RO with non-werewolves would symbolize the unity from peace path.


Posts 280 and 180 form a mostly step by step here to get a public intervention or Anna ending. Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!

You don’t need to go around murdering military, just don’t go out of your way to help them. Other than that, I think the steps and choices I mentioned in the linked posts should make getting away from the Rivera/DC ending easy if followed.

Yes. There is a new RO who is a female human. The new werewolf RO is male. I’m working on adding what I can, but that’s what I have in the works so far.


Is it possible to be Anna since she’s already an established character?


Honestly, the difficulty many people have had getting the exact ending they want on subsequent playthroughs has been, at the very least, informing. Have faith that this learning experience will help me to make more accessible endings on the second game.

Also, I’m planning on adding an optional ending selector to Werewolves 2.

Unless editorial shoots it down, there will be 3 ways to start your game in werewolves 2:

  1. Basically when you start the game you can choose to ‘roll’ a new character using an interactive (limited) set of questions. This is mostly for newcomers as it ties into the recap.

  2. Import your save exactly as it was in werewolves 1.

  3. (I haven’t decided how to implement this or passed it by editorial, so we’ll see) An option labeled something like ‘Veterans’ where the player can choose which of the 5 main ending brackets they want to continue from, experience the book 1 ending of their choice in a word-for-word interactive recap, and then continue from there into book 2. This would be locked to new players and would only be usable by people importing saves. This would also necessitate changing a few variables from your save, but it would leave your character more or less as-is, only changing reputations.

Option 3 Would essentially take your saved character as-is, but change the ending bracket after allowing you to play it so players who had a hard time getting certain endings or secret endings will be able to experience otherwise very difficult to view situations.


Not at the moment, no. I think this new character will provide a much more interesting platform for storytelling. Though I’m getting enough feedback in favor of Anna that I might just have to implement a smaller romance if I have time. Can’t make promises. If the game gets scope-creeped any more than it already is we won’t be playing it until 2020, lol. And I’m trying to get this one out faster, hehe.


Can we know more about the new character?


Yes please , I still don’t end the Activist ending because I don’t feel okay treat bad poor soldiers who are following orders


I think we don’t need to treat soldier poorly, battle with them when they start to march in will lower the relationship…

Now i just need to increase the relationship with activists.
Thanks @GreekWinter :slight_smile:

I am with you, in learning who the new RO before making RO judgement …


@GreekWinter I think i found two plot holes in the secret ending

Spoilers/Plot holes
  1. After joining Williams we leave our current companion with his soldiers, and in the ending scene he mentions that they are on their way to Albany. However if Tiva is your companion she still appears to greet Lapu on the battlefield.
  2. MC tells Haken that Elan is Williams.


@GreekWinter I just finished part one of Haven Rising, and I loved it beyond words. I’ve gamed all my life, and your storytelling immediately stole the spot in my heart only reserved for my favorite game of all time. I only have one small concern I’d love to raise. As someone who went for the romance with Dena (I obviously don’t know if it’s the same for every romance, since Dena is the clear choice for me, lol) but getting what I’d consider a happy ending where I still had Dena around (I don’t know how to do the spoiler thing so I’ll just say the revolution pack ending to spoil as little as possible) I were sad to see that I never got one final “celebratory” interaction with her after our supposed victory, leaving any further interactions with her for part 2. This saddened me since I sorta expected one tinder moment before the ending came about, seeing as quite a bit of time passed from the endings “beginning” to when the episode truly ended, leaving a sad feeling in my chest, since I expected my romanced character to play some role in an ending where they were still present in the immediate story. Since this was my only real problem with the game, I’ll leave on a happier note though. I can’t wait for part 2, and my aching heart for Dena certainly isn’t making the outlook of waiting any easier, that’s for sure :joy: Keep up your fantastic work, and know that you’ve earned a fan who will certainly keep an eye on any future author related endeavors that you might throw your hands at in the future :hugs:


Whew! I can’t believe that hasn’t been pointed out until now. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! #2 is particularly egregious! Yipe!

Thank you so much! I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the feedback the game’s gotten!

I’m curious what your favorite game is, I’d love to check it out! :grinning:

I wanted to add something like this, but there are a few reasons it didn’t make it in. The biggest one is, unfortunately, time. The game was already a little later than I’d planned, and the scope-creep hit really hard toward the end. Another problem was that continuity gets a little dicey toward the end. It’s possible to get to the end without your RO even being there and by that point I was a little overloaded juggling variables and plugging continuity holes.

Most endings do have a ‘close’ moment with the RO or companion, but there just wasn’t time or the right place to add another sex/love scene.

But have no fear! There will be plenty of romantic moments in Werewolves 2!


@GreekWinter My favorite game series is The Witcher, although Werewolves definitely landed up there next to it. I’ll have to find space for both in my heart :joy: And I can totally see why it wasn’t really a thing then. I’m obviously still a little sad about it, but as long as I get the chance for plenty of moments with Dena in part 2 I can learn to accept the situation, even if it makes the waiting just that little more difficult to bear :joy:


Is it possible to be saved by the activists while being admired by the military?


I heard that it is possible to make the activist rescue you during the battle, but how?
I haven’t read any guide, but i assume i picked the wrong choice when i contacted them via radio during the battle, and i ended up being saved by the military.
Also, what happens if i tell the soldier to make me escape instead of going to the trial?


It was already guilded through the game’s main page…

Basically you must ensure the activist relationship is high and MUST be higher relation than the military…

So, don’t be too nice to those military and interact more with Anna and the activist :slight_smile: