Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



I think you’d like a certain… Oh no! I’ve said too much! :vampire:


A vegetarian Vampire ? that’s the first time i ever heard about it… that is so intriguing , but just because a Vampire is a vegetarian doesn’t necessary meant he/she is not Evil :slight_smile: Well… because that vampire need to drink the blood from a human who is vegetarian …

Wolves are just like puppies …what’s wrong with wolves ??


You are just a teaser… But imagine my peaceful Mara wolf with a vampire could be a weird cool combo.

The sparkling lot are also vegetarian. There are a parody by Tin man games were the goodie sparkling directly drink tomatoes to live… No kidding

@Eric_knight I am not attract to were wolves i find them animals and not people. the fact i even feel attached to the story talks about the good writing. But I found them just gross furries.




If you want to have the peaceful ending still be able to tie in to book 2 then you can have either the US military or the ‘resistance’ find you.


Wow, super rude. Like no joke.


But aren’t vampires just walking corpses?


Most likely Mara was just joking … :slight_smile:

@poison_mara most of the time Werewolves are in human form … so you shouldn’t be worry about them

I thought they are Bats …errr right ? Vampire = Bats :thinking:

As for walking corpses , Malka from the Vampire House is a walking corpse , and she is my 2nd romance option in Vampire House behind Elizabeth … she is actually quite sweet there :slight_smile:


The way I saw it, it wasn’t just an attack on Haken, it was treason against Haven and the pack, and therefore it’s the alpha’s job to kill Lapu - “swing the sword” if you will. But I do see how and why you picked the option you did.


Lapu can actually inject Haken with sedatives? Is that based on stats or choices, because in all my playthroughs he always failed.


If you:

  1. Only found 0 or 1 clue about Lapu being the traitor

2) Didn’t have your right hand wolf watching the ‘youth’
3) Didn’t mention to Jolon at any point that you’re suspicious of Lapu

Lapu will inject Haken successfully. As a matter of fact, if you have no clues at all (unlikely), you’ll not even leave the fighting to investigate if you see Lapu coming up near Haken. (IE: Haken gets injected and you won’t see it.)

If Haken is injected, you’ll get a few changes, including this scene when Haken is fighting the roided-out Williams:

Williams roars and rakes his claws down Haken’s side, slitting him open like a fish and something about the warmaster starts to change. At first you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, but soon you can no longer deny it: Haken’s body is shrinking, slowly reverting to its human form. Williams looks curiously at his prey, sniffing and breaking out into a noxious grin. “The traitor has done their work!” he crows, overly satisfied with himself, ignoring the writhing human body in his claws as he gloats. But even in human form, Haken is a force to be reckoned with. The brute cocks a fist and punches his opponent in the jaw, causing Williams to fall back, dropping Haken’s body to the pavement below."


@GreekWinter what was the requirement for Anna to save us again ? i end up with General Rivera and William taking me away again… Is the last radio communication with Anna made any difference ? i chose to request Anna and her contact to labour our right, Anna said if we get out alive , we will be safe …but Revera said afterwards Anna and her father stop labouring our right 3 days ago, and ask me why i didn’t want their help … i don’t remember i reject Anna’s help at all ?


Post 180 should help you with this: Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!

Make sure to also check my post 2 down from that one (post 182) for specifics regarding the communications call in chapter 11.

You need very high activist rep, and medium to low military rep.
Generally as long as you don’t go out of your way to help the military you should be fine here, but if you want to be extra safe, feel free to be rude to them and maybe even let them die. It shouldn’t be necessary, but it will keep your military reputation reputation low for sure.

In chapter 9 when you talk to Anna, these choices will give you the most activist reputation:

#“The statement you gave was fantastic.”
followed by
#“I think it’s an excellent idea. The more voices in our favor the better.”

If you’re able to call the activists in chapter 11 in the communications room (see the above linked posts), the way to get the most activist reputation is to admit the truth: #“Haken finally snapped. He led a group of wolves over to the military base and started killing humans.”

Additionally, here are the responses to Anna in chapter 7 which give the most activist reputation:
#“This is ${name} of the Haven Pack. Good to hear from you!”
#“Something went wrong with our lunar ritual, and many wolves went feral.”

Also, don’t turn Justin over to the military. That gives bad activist rep.

The dialogue with General Rivera stating that the activists backed off three days ago is controlled by a variable called ‘activist_advocacy’. And I’m not sure how you got that line unless you told her to step back or back off. You can also get that line if you choose not to call Anna at all. The only other possible way I can see getting that line is if you did call the activists in chapter 11, but had a high military reputation which cancelled out the activist ending branch. It’s unlikely, but possible.

Don’t get a high military reputation.
Use the hints above to get the best boosts.
Don’t give Justin over to the military or kill him.
Do not smash the communications equipment in chapter 10 so you can…
Call the activists in chapter 11 (Do not confuse this with the possible coms room scene in chapter 10) in the coms room if you can. That should guarantee you the activist ending if you’ve been nice to them earlier UNLESS you have a high military reputation.

The above will get Anna to come for you during the battle. To get the specific activist ENDING from here is tricky as well. (to be fair, the activist ending is kinda a secret ending, almost as hard to get as the Joining Williams ending)

Anna and her friend Brad will show up to get you near the end of the battle. The next choice is crucial.

You must choose: #“You came to Haven to get us out of here, right? We should stay together and round up the other wolves and run as quickly as possible.” to have a chance at the Anna’s mansion ending.

You’ll get the DC ending branch if you choose: #“Look,” I say, “you’ve got to get out of here before more government troops show up! You’ll get sent to prison or worse! I have to stay and look after my pack.”

And you’ll get the Public saves/Sonoma branch if you choose: #“Thank you for coming here to help us, Anna, but you aren’t equipped for this. Show me to one of the armed civilians so they can help the pack disappear while you get back to the other side before you’re captured.”

After choosing the correct choice above, there’s another test. The wolves must have done decently well in the battle or else the humans’ strength is too strong and you lose Anna in the fighting, leading to the DC ending branch.

Doing well in the battle is possible for all play styles and is based on your tactics. Playing to your strengths helps a lot here, as does passing the relevant morale boosts at the beginning of chapter 12 (when Razor asks you to boost the morale)

Winning the battle will automatically pass the test for the Anna’s mansion ending, and you will know you won if you trigger the ‘Victory’ achievement. Victory is not necessary though, as long as you’ve beaten the human army down or discouraged them significantly.


Oh… ok thank you very much…

yeah my military rep was quite high after i save Tiva’s prey and then persuade the military to back down on numerous occasion i will replay again :smile:


It’s a tough ending to get. The second toughest in the game. Hopefully the info above will help you!

Have you gotten the Sonoma or peaceful cabin ending branches yet?


not quite… because i replay a lot of time once i felt something was going wrong :grin: i thought i was getting my best choice but getting too nice to military was not nice at all


I personally don’t feel vampires belong in this story. What makes it unique is that it’s exclusively werewolves.


I think people, yourself included, will feel that what I have in store fits in this world. It was planned from the beginning and is briefly referenced in book 1, and it’s not in any way a traditional ‘vampire’ trope. At the risk of tipping my hand a little, it’s actually pretty messed up.

I’d also like to make it clear that werewolves remain 99.9% the focus of book 2.


That’s very reassuring to hear. Thank you!


@GreekWinter @Archangelvoldemort

Hmmm… perhaps we can take example from “Vampire Diary” ,although it is emphasising on the story of Vampire faction… werewolves , witches and even monster-hunters were featured in the story universe as well , so the same can be apply in this story universe too…exclusively still a werewolves story but featuring appearance from other factions :slight_smile: