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They were together?! What caused them to brake up and how come they never mentioned it?

Does she hook up with the female wolf even if your dating?


Bly’s past relationship with Jolon is heavily hinted at in certain (missable) sections, but is (I think) only 100% confirmed if you romance Jolon. Here’s a few lines from Jolon (spoilers obviously)

“I’ve spent years in the shadows watching others live their lives. I was built for it. Maybe it was just meant to be, but I was good at staying hidden. Always on the outside, watching the pack as more of an outsider than a member. In retrospect, it’s not surprising that I fell in with Bly when she discovered the truth.”
#“What happened with you and Bly anyway?”
Jolon blushes. "We were together for a little while. We didn’t connect right. Decided we were better off being friends and working together. Less weird that way. She had the same fear of the humans that I did, and we wanted to channel it into something more productive. So we built up the dojo.

And yes, Bly will hook up with the female wolf even if you’re dating. But you have to reject her in chapter 12 for it to happen. To be fair to her, in many cases at this point she’s been tortured by Williams to the point of going almost entirely feral.


We’re going to get married and have puppies though I imagine it’s going to be freaky because Bly is clearly a Dom. So she’ll have me be the one to be pregnant while she is in control. Probably even have it happen the old fashion way instead of with scientists.


I… I would probably read that fan fiction :thinking::sweat_smile::innocent: But I probably shouldn’t encourage it :sunglasses: ~whistles innocently~


Is there an option to end things with her? I understand what happened, but still were in the middle of a battlefield cant really sleep with you at this time.


I feel like Bly would make you be pregnant with the kid. If you play the peaceful ending shes practically miserable. Being pregnant would destroy her I feel.


I plan to briefly address that in book 2, though it’s a very unlikely scenario so I won’t be devoting too much time to it. A breakup option will very likely be included.


Bly tortured by William ? I think not in my playthrough

Coincidentally , the two could be Anna and a Vampire :smile:

But wouldn’t it cause an uproar in human and werewolves society if our MC is together with Anna ? :thinking:


Seeing as one of the planned new character romances is a human female, Anna’s low on the priority chain, honestly. Justin’s more likely if we’ll be romancing an activist since he’s been requested by a bunch of people. I’m personally not super keen on Justin, but a lot of readers really liked him. Incidentally, Justin was originally planned to be the fourth RO, but he was cut a few months into development. There’s still a relationship variable for him in the code.


Who’s the new female? Really interested in Anna though.


Ah Justin … the luckiest guy in the world getting in and out of the Haven without anyone concern about him, even manage to follow Haken from behind :wink: He has more lives than a cat …

Well… Anna is still an ally or a friend :wink:


Details are subject to change at this time. I’d love to talk about it, but things still need to be approved at the CoG office and I’m playing a bit fast and loose with this discussion as it is. I can’t make promises until I can make promises! :slight_smile:

You know he can die right? :anguished:


I replayed and Bly only sleeps with the female wolf if you choose the break up option. If you tell her now isn’t the time she’ll tell you she will wait until the fights over for you.


Really ?? I didn’t know that … i was just thinking he was lucky a peaceful wolf is the leader of the pack :stuck_out_tongue:

But If Justin die in Book 1, then he won’t be an RO in Book 2 … but i guess same can be said about others

I understand fully, that female can totally be a female who turns into a Vampire…Lol :stuck_out_tongue: or is a Vampire who disguise as a human :smile:

Or could she be the president 's daughter or a princess who we rescue from a kidnapper ? :astonished:


Ok wrote you a fanfiction as you ordered


If a new RO in the next book is a Vampire. I demand they be gender fluid based on the players sexual preference. That would be too good to lock them behind a specific gender barrier.


Do you mean gender flippable based on which we’re attracted to? Gender fluid is a different thing I think.


Yes. I am tired, sorry. Lol


… you’re right. I just went back and checked. You’re absolutely right. My bad–I must have gotten a wire crossed there. Keeping all of these threads straight can be difficult, even if I’m the one writing them, hehe.

Many of the characters from book 1 can die. Dena, Jolon, Lapu, Justin, Haken, Razor… If a character dies in book 1, they won’t be an RO in book 2. Since they’re dead. But otherwise they’ll be fine. It’s pretty unlikely that Justin dies, but he can die. I’ll include how in a separate spoiler below.

Justin can die if you allow him to stay in Haven in chapter 9. He will return in chapter 11 if you go on the offensive, and he can die if you fail a test.

Not sure how I feel about demands :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ll certainly take the suggestion under advisement! I can’t make any promises at this time, as detailed above.


As I already said before If there is a vampire to romance I will pick it right away. Except if they sparkling or are vegetarians. I would love a evil or ruthless character not wolf to romance. I am not into wolves really reason i didn’t romance anyone normally except first play through with Dena and then he died … :sob:

This game is so well written and so depressing.