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Doing a quick check of the code for examples, we have some training tests with Bly relying on Vitality, running ahead of the pack on the night of the Hunter’s Moon, a tussle with Haken, a fight with Rost, bowling through some soldiers and knocking them aside in chapter 7, climbing as building fast when coming to the aid of a certain friend, staying awake and not succumbing to sleeping gas, several later combat tests (often in conjunction with the combat skill), smashing through some glass, a boost to the werewolf army during the later battle, escaping the battle with Williams to rush to the aid of a friend can cause you to be struck from behind by Williams. A decent Vitality will allow you to continue running, otherwise you succumb… etc…

Dena can possibly die if Jolon is your partner/companion in chapter 12 . Otherwise Jolon can die depending on your actions during the Williams fight.


Thank you so much! @Blank @Atlas :smile:

@Beaterxys I didn’t know Lapu could get killed! I think he always survived in my playthrough

I’m glad you like it! @GreekWinter feel free to do so. If you posted it on twitter you can @ me there (same username) :see_no_evil:


Much appreciated! I tagged you on the post :slight_smile: Took a look at your other art too and it’s fantastic; I’m really thrilled that you liked my characters enough to draw them!

As for your question on Lapu, he can be killed by Haken if he is discovered as the traitor, though it needs the player’s consent.


I want to know how to get the Deathless achievement.


I still maintain that the player should have the option to kill Lapu themself, like a pack leader should.


Sparta kick him off his suicide cliff.


Wait what, I swear that somewhere in the book the MC referred to Dena as a he. But then again, that is probably me drawing conclusions from the ‘I want him inside me’ option the night before Haken attacks the military stronghold.


Lol. I would love that option.


I had that option of revealing him to Haken, but i just persuade him to confess to Tiva … Now that Tiva knew he is the traitor , hopefully she will help keep an eye on him from now on, i don’t think Tiva will be persuaded by Lapu to turn - coat as well in Book 2 :slight_smile:

Ummmm… perhaps @Greekwinter could give us another choice like us requesting Lapu to take his own life instead of us killing him ourselves ? the Emperors and Kings in medieval fantasy always did that , gaving the traitor a poison wine to drink or a cloth to hang him/herself :slight_smile:




This is exactly what we need. With an accompanying Roblox Oooooof.


I dont hate Lapu but only because he specifically added his girlfriend to the arrangement if it was just his own skin I’d thanos snap him out of existence but I can appreciate young stupid love


In this world, probably not even a month.

I’m tempted to play again just to run away to the hidden cabin, preferably with Dena. I absolutely love Dena. If I ever met Dena irl I would never leave their side. EVER!!!

I want this too. Or at least, a budding relationship that would continue in book 3, if there is a book 3.

Wait what, there are vampires


@GreekWinter didn’t exactly verify that , but i suspect Vampire exists and may be emerging in Book 2 :slight_smile: You are hoping for a Vampire Love Interest ? … :wink:


Train all three times with Jolon.

I felt that it was Haken’s kill. In most cases Lapu specifically targets Haken with the sedative, sometimes succeeding, and in all cases Lapu is set against Haken by his human masters. The player can basically give Haken the go ahead or tell him no, which ultimately gives the player the power over life and death, but it lets the wolf that Lapu threatened do the deed itself. Maybe I should have added a player-rage moment, but you can’t always think of everything. At some point I had to bite the bullet and stop adding choices. There’s always more that I wish I’d added, this being one of them, to be sure.

How can something this wrong be so funny? :sweat_smile:

Dena’s gender changes based on the player’s sexual preferences set in chapter 1. Originally she was only female, but a gender flip was added at the request of beta testers. I went back through all Dena parts and carefully changed his/her personality, adding some alternate scenes and dialogue depending on which gender he/she was, in order to make it a more complete flip rather than a skin-deep one. It was actually a surprisingly interesting experience re-imagining Dena as both male and female.

From your lips to Jason’s ears! lol :wink:

Maaaayyyyyybbbbbbbbbe :wink:

Well, if you folks keep asking for it… ~whistles innocently~


Would Anna be a love interest next book?


I’m going to have to give that a solid… maybe. Truth be told, I already have at least 2 new characters to romance in the current outline, and I’ll likely be adding at least 2 more based on player feedback from this thread and elsewhere.


Are we going to have a breeding talk with our RO? Especially for lesbian wolves. I imagine Bly would want Jolons seed assuming we can’t have genetically BlyxMC babies


I think the player will be a little too busy to consider starting a family in book 2. Maybe in book 3? :wink: lol

But seeing as Bly and Jolon were an item once (canonically), I can see her potentially agreeing to that if she ever wanted to have a child with a female MC.

(Just to clarify, Bly is canonically bisexual and there’s hints about it in the game. For example, if you refuse her advances in chapter 12, she will get mad and shack up with a female wolf regardless of the MC’s gender.)