Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



Do you get offended or uncomfortable when you see the military abusing it’s power in Apocalypse movies?


No, just very difficult and intricate politics that I can’t follow. Anything else is fair game.


Werewolves= our grandparents went crazy and killed civilians so we’re half native American half prison labor half with pseudo Auschwitz vibes.

Humans= the humans have more soldiers than civilians. And Hate werewolves (mostly) they (human soldiers) love beating them(werewolves) down if they have the upper hand.


Ok, so no political plot for anything, got it. Thanks.


Well there are werewolves rights activists does that count?


As long as there’s no overarching plot dump on their activity, etc that puts the main plot on standby for X reasons?


Nope basically the story is what happens when an oppressed people start fighting back. Though you can go to war or try to talk things through.


Alrighty, I guess i will go buy the game, thanks a bunch~


Let us know how you like it :slight_smile:


I intentionally avoided getting too deep into politics and let the game and situations speak for themselves without on the nose commentary. The underlying message could be seen as political, but it’s not a political game.


Yh you got deep with emotions and character development. And that scene where my MC and Bly were just crying in the mansion almost had me bawling too.


You nailed that. I still depressed by the poor pack. You make them feel alive. Now I want hug Justin . Also i will love romance a sexy gothic vampire :wink: just saying


I have no love for werewolf or vampire as tropes, but after playing the demo I am already emotionally invested. You totally have my heart and respect for how you make all the werewolves feel “human” and real! It made me feel that these are people and not just fancy props.

I guess it’s connected, but your setting is great too. I like how all the world building bits help explain, flesh out and shape the characters’ motivations, so I never felt like I reading about designated heroes or cartoon villains. Really, major kudos to the nuances you gave to the supporting characters’ motives. I especially appreciate how you show that the activists do mean well but it’s not really 100% altruism, pure goodness and shining savior with them.

Anyway, I got a gameplay question. What’s the point of vitality stat? I think the game check for the stats at the rope climbing competition and at the metal shop, but those are pretty minor events.


Thank you so much for the compliments and critique! I’m glad you picked up on the vibes I tried to add regarding the activists in particular.

Vitality is used in a variety of strength and endurance related tests. I’m not at my computer right now or I’d pull up some examples. I’ll try to revisit this later tonight. There aren’t as many vitality tests as some other types, I’ll admit, but it’s absolutely got its uses.


here’s my first try drawing bly and jolon :see_no_evil:
I hope you like my rendition of them! @GreekWinter



I’ve only tried romancing jolon so far but I really want to try romancing bly in my next playthrough
I also want to try dena’s route but I always get dena killed in the later part of the story :joy:


The dena romance is really good I recommend it also you seem to be a very talented artist


Wow thats great art!


whoa whoa. Dena can die? i mean i know Lapu could because he is a damn traitor to the pack and to his friends but seriously she can die? (Never saw that route)


It can happen when you are fighting MC father when he is the mutant werewolf, Dena or one of the other characters is being beaten by a pack of soldiers, you can come to the rescue or let them die. I think its random who get beaten though.


Oh wow! These are absolutely amazing–I am seriously impressed right now! Would you mind if I shared these on my social media? I’d be happy to link to any art galleries you have if you’d like!