Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



I was kind of hoping for at least one human romance, but I guess we don’t encounter the good ones much and it’d add even more complexity to the game, not to mention you kind of grow up oppressed under them and all. Still though, maybe in the sequel? Guess it would depend on the ending though so probably not


You want to date a furry?


Are they still a furry if your in human form?


Will Anna be a romance option next book?


If a human dates a werewolf how long do you think before it’s a Beauty and the Beastiality situation?


I think both “diplomat” and “warrior” part has different satisfying ending … just follow your heart

Based on @No_This_Is_Patrick’s romance with Bly… it won’t affect much, Bly will still follow you even if you are a diplomat but of course the romance story line may be different

Tiva is not an RO at least until Book 2, if you are a warrior type, your relationship with her can be raise much easier


An interesting story that left me with many questions, yet satisfied my immediate pleasures, I went into the story focusing on werewolves, and found myself disappointed in that regard, but when I replayed with an interest it’s characters, I found myself intrigued by the conceivable flaws in each character, leaving me sympathizing with multiple viewpoints of the characters, and asking the morality of violence when compared to injustice. Though honestly the ending left me feeling similar how I felt at the end of MGS2 intrigued but confusingly intrigued, with some feeling of disappointment.
Still worth a buy.

My opinion, take it, accept it, or argue why I’m wrong.
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I know you probably didn’t mean it as praise, but you just paid me the biggest compliment you could have! Metal Gear Solid 2 is my favorite video game of all time and having my game compared to it just made my morning!

Thanks for the write-up! The game is definitely more character-focused than specifically werewolf-focused, but I like to think that I built up the werewolf culture to a good degree without shoving it in players’ faces. Examples: The Hunter’s Moon ceremony, tribal structures, Ahote’s discussion of how werewolves slowly lose their minds to the inner beast when they grow old, Haken’s references to their religion, Razor’s discussion of werewolf names, the internal fight with the beast within (more evident during combat playthroughs)


Do you have any specific canon characteristic of each character? I would like to draw some fanart of this(the characters are all so good!) but I’m afraid I’m not the best at remembering physical descriptions :see_no_evil::sweat_drops:
If I’m not mistaken, Dena has brown fur and Lapu has blond fur right?


Indeed, he has a light fur, which is uncommon for the wolves to have.

Are you interested in only the physical descriptions of the wolf forms, or would you like the descriptions of the human forms as well?
I have not played a lot of the game and it has been a few days since I played it, so I cannot really help you (yet), but the question could help others in supplying the desired information.

What I do know:
Bly has black hair, though it is shaved on the sides. She is also toned, I believe, since she is a martial arts specialist.
Dena has dark brown (if not black) hair as well, shoulder length or longer (I am not certain).
And I thought that Tiva and Lapu had blond hair, though this can be how I imagined them inside my head, so, please, do not take my words for facts!


Hey! First off, I’m absolutely flattered! All of the main characters are young. Bly and Jolon are 20-21 years old, while Dena and Tiva are around the MC’s age which I’d peg around 18-19. I’ll copy some of the in-game character descriptions below:

Bly: “A tall young woman stands between you and the door. Her short-cropped, jet-black hair is shaved along the sides, leaving the long ridge of a brushed back mohawk.”

Her wolf form is tall and athletic with black hair.

Jolon: “Huntmaster Jolon seems to materialize out of thin air, his uncanny ability to hide in plain sight now on full display. He seems genuinely pleased at your shock, his curly brown hair bobbing as he pulls himself into a mock bow. His clothing is dark—simple and formfitting—and he carries himself with a deadly grace, his lithe body held in a state of perpetual readiness.”

Jolon’s werewolf form has steel-gray fur and is of medium height, which ends up being the height of a tall human, let’s say 6 foot.

Dena: Human form: Longer dark hair, often loose, sometimes tied back. Slight of build. Werewolf Form: Shaggy brown fur and striking yellow eyes. Dena does not have a canonical gender.

Tiva: Short dark hair and loose-fitting clothing. She is noticeably well-muscled from her work in Razor’s machine shop. Her wolf form is light-brown-haired, slightly larger than average, and also well-muscled. Post chapter 3, both of her forms feature aesthetic facial disfigurement which does not affect her practical senses.

Lapu: Medium height, unremarkable looks outside of his blond hair, a trait unusual in the pack. Werewolf form: Blond fur with streaks of light-brown.

Ahote: Human form: 59 years old. Ashen grey hair, limp in his right leg. Wears a long-sleeved button down shirt and a vest, a pair of well-used spectacles tucked into the front vest pocket for easy access when needed. Werewolf form: Stark white fur, still limps in were-form, but remains far more powerful than the average human even at his advanced age. Due to their metabolism and the fight with the wolf-within, werewolves age slightly faster than humans and die earlier as well.

Williams: “Decked out in full military regalia, the soldier’s well-pressed uniform is liberally studded with colorful bars and small medals arrayed in almost impossibly perfect order. His brown hair is close-cropped and unremarkable, capping an indifferent face seemingly chiseled from stone. His eyes alone betray a sense of emotion, the fierce green orbs staring at the protesters with naked hatred. A rifle is held almost casually in his right hand, in sharp contrast to the rest of the soldiers’ straps and careful grips.”

All werewolf characters are relatively well fit, even Lapu, due to lack of excessive food and modern passive entertainment. Their days are busy and constantly active between work, physical training, and physical play.


I have no idea why, but whenever I see chicks with Mohawks. Idk, It just doesn’t look or seem right to me. Probably why I’m not interested in Bly. xD

EDIT : Granted I don’t like Mohawks in general.


@GreekWinter @L_M thank you for the replies! I’m getting better picture of them now!

Somehow I’ve always imagined Bly like Zarya from overwatch but now with black hair instead of pink :smile:


That seems like a decent comparison, though a bit less bulk for Bly, and obviously no armor, heh.


I just wish that at the end of the series of this game I’d like to make an alliance between vampires and werewolves and create a country where wolves are kings, human slaves and allied vampires.


I want to have a country of werewolves if not the United States maybe Mexico ( we could tear through the Cartels and make Mexico safe) though some of us might prefer Canada.


My hope for future episodes is to reclaim Yellowstone as ours and make Jackson Hole the capitol … of course I’d also take the Grand Tetons and the entire region … I still don’t trust these old Haven wolves … most wolf packs don’t mix well together :wink:


Great sory, cant wait for the sequel! Also is it possible to get 100% on the Feral/Calm stat?


Wow a great game probably one of my favorites of all time!

I gotta say I throughly enjoyed playing the wolf who was exceptionally combat gifted and had a huge bold and feral side- but actively tried to be peaceful with humans. I leaned towards the leadership stat and combat; certainly a great game.


I really liked the demo, the characters are growing on me, but I’m hesitant on buying any game when I get the feels that it may contain political stuffs, or things dealing with politics. It’s a subject matter that just flies over my head, but I wouldn’t mind it as being a small subplot. Can anyone ease my mind on this?