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I hate Lapu. He doesn’t deserve Tiva :I


I actually lol’d :joy_cat:


I suddenly feel incredibly insulted.


offers chew toy hey there it’s ok


Thank you very much for that.

So what are the numbers for each stat to pass all checks in the game?
E.G do i need to go over 70 for any given stat?



The highest combat check is 74
I could check for the other if you want but I’ll assume it’s more or less pretty much the same.

I agree with that statement ! And I really liked Tiva and Lapu’s character development, they were both really endearing, at least for me, because of their flaws. I mean sure, we could all dream about some perfect guadian angel like Jolon or Bly, or a calm but brave soul mate like Dena, but you do not always get that in real life. The way Lapu and Tiva were there for each others despite all they suffered was very touching (even though my feral wolf is hoping to get closer to Tiva :smiling_imp:)


I don’t remember off the top of my head since we did a lot of re-balancing during beta, but that sounds about right, yeah. There might be one as high up as 80, but I’d have to go diving to be sure.

No harm meant–I love Tiva too. She’s one of my favorites :slight_smile:


*I was wondering if the activist ending there was a specific point to enter it, i have done 5 walktroughs but only able to get the dc ending, sonomas camp and secret ending. The activist never come even when i radio call them, only help i get is the military one do i have to make a certain choice. Is it because my military relation is higher than public/activist


Well i think than safe to assume that from 70-75 would be safe?

and also thank you


Yeah you’ll be completly safe most of the checks don’t go over 70.

@ShadowPlayer after peeking at the code for a bit, I believe you need to have a good relationship with them (well, duh) and have them back off a little when you call Anna; “You need to step back. This isn’t your fight” Is the answer you give her to set a certain variable to achieve this ending. And I also believe you need to call them when you are in the base at the end.


Thanks :sunny:


I know why I never had the activists ending even if my relationship was at maximum and same my relationship with Anna. I never said her to back off. I am Spanish and in my culture say that to anything is like directly sell them to hell and destroy any alliance. Yoy are basically saying %&*& off Go doing crochet and this is my fight not yours.

That’s fascinating how culture affect the way we see choices… Well now ai am confident to replay again and don’t ended depressed again


Dont speak the name of that traitor. He betrayed the pack, the. pack. All because he got pessimistic and doubtful and thought “everyone is going to die i should atleast save tiva.” I will never forgive him >_>

@resuri08 sorry. i forgot in my rage.


Could you please blur this out? The game has been released less than a week yet.

Thank you


Haha I see why you would feel that way,in my feral and bold run I felt the same. But I really like characters like Lapu in fictions, “weak” characters because to me they keep the story anchored to our reality. They remind me that not everyone can be a classic hero, always ready to sacrifice their life, and save everyone. So I’m really glad Lapu is in this story (even if yeah he doesn’t deserve Tiva :heart_eyes:


I killed him in my bold and feral run. Enough was enough. I kept his secret in too many playthroughs. Tiva will understand. If she doesn’t, i tried my best.


Is it a lot better being the equivalent to a “diplomat and charmer” or is it more efficient putting points into combat? Will it affect the romance options?


To be very specific on ending help, that is exactly why you didn’t get the activist ending. Stat specific spoilers: If your human army reputation is higher than (activist reputation -10) you will get the human army intervention over the activist intervention. To get the activists ending, you must have over 73 activist rep OR (over 54 activist rep AND call the activists for help in chapter 11’s communications room scene)

This is not the case. Looking at the code, you may have been looking at a commented out line which referenced *comment *if (activist_advocacy “neutral”) so I can see where the confusion came from.

Just to be clear, you do NOT need to tell the activists to back off to get their ending. You just need to have a very high rep with them and a lower rep with the military.

@poison_mara @LeBaloo @ShadowPlayer


Ah… I see Looking my last play through i have high in both . Also thecall activists is not clear in my opinion. I was confused with choices so I intend to use the stuff and ended up sabotage the calling for troops instead calling for activists that was my intention


There are two opportunities to use the communications room. The one where you can call the activists is in chapter 11 if you choose to go back to the communications room.

When you finally escape the science building in chapter 11 and meet up with Haken, you will be given 3 or 4 choices. If you DIDN’T destroy the communications equipment, you can choose: “#There must be a way to assist Haken without engaging in actual violence. I could assist the wounded or find a way to call for help?

If you choose this option you can return to the communications room and from there you can choose to call the activists. This is not necessary to get the activists ending, but it lowers the reputation requirement.


Gotcha, Thanks a lot for the info, and i would like to take advantage to say that Werewolvels: Haven Rising is a great work,i enjoyed this a lot, seen and enjoyed diferent choice of games stories and can confidently say that yours is an amazing job. Cant wait to see whats next :grin::+1: