Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Please give us a tip to win the tournament … Please


The attack happens before the last match can start.


Oh wow…

Yes, but same scenario; could you give us a tip to win the tournament please?


Are you guys talking about the tournament that is impossible to win because there is an explosion in the middle of it?


Ohh… so this is the current thread for book 1-3. I was posting help needed for book 2 in the respective thread.


You could you just split up key decisions that all characters are able to do and depending on like


I’m sorry I don’t understand your question


I think what they mean is that you do a recap of the key decisions that your MC does in the first and second books, ala choice of romance as an example (of course I could be wrong). Of course, given that you use premades, I doubt that would be possible. Again, I’ll await clarification.


Yeah that’s a bit too much extra for me to incorporate.


Insanity can only take you so far


Yeah and I’m really really low on fuel now a days. :frowning:


Hey, so If it isn’t too much to ask and you are willing I have just one request. Could you add relationship stats, it would make building relationships with other characters much more engaging as well as interesting in general. A lot of other games I’ve seen have this and I personally believe it could make a enormous contribution to the overall quality of the game.


Do you mean like in the stats page? IDK how i feel about that…I’ve always wanted readers to enjoy the relationships in the game and allow them to unfold organically and not tracking numberz.


yes for the stats page, I understand your logic in this and find the organic nature appealing as well. And am in all truthfulness slightly conflicted myself. A big part of it though is that often its very hard to try to guess what type of relationship you have with someone, and a lot of the time this causes shifts in relationships to be rather abrupt and often disappointing. Than there’s the fact that it’s a lot harder to become truly invested in a relationship when you can only guess where its at.
P.S. sorry for the long response its a tiny bit redundant, so again sorry.


Also thanks for the replying to my first question really appreciate it.


I had been considering doing something along the lines of “friend of Jun” or “dating Kess” to appear as the reader goes, though I’d still forgo haveing the outright stats of rapport_jun = 55 as that’s just garish.


Hmm, that’s a interesting solution. Would you plan on putting it on the stats page or just having it pop up at certain intervals throughout the game?


Stats page. There’s already achievements in play that call attention to some relationshipd.


If your okay with it, would you Consider doing something like close friends or dating than for instince if you relationship worsens it would be like just friends or like failing romantically, so you have a little warning before someone suddenly dumps you or such?


No, and I’ll tell you why: the warnings will be in the narrative. You choices will lead to certain reactions and giving you hints like that will just cheapen that discovery.

Not to mention it’s more work in a project that’s already over 300k words and I’m not halfway through.