Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


@Hani_Fina-- you can tell me why u like it…that helps <3


There are so many things that i love about your work so many that if i write it here it will be 12 pages long :sweat_smile:. Really.
And I’m so sorry about telling you to update😞 i didn’t mean to add pressure, i just so excited that the post is active and all of that… So forgive me for that, Ms. Author.

I will list down all the things that i love about your CYOA now and i want to tell you that I really really love you and your work! You are like my idol, my inspiration. Your work gives me a reason to be excited for another day and for a long way to go… I’m being honest when I tell you that i will trade my soul just to reread WWUs. Its so amazing and the plot and all of that is really really a master piece.


Hehe well thank you. <3 though perhaps instead of soul trading, go look up the novel series. Should tide you over until I get 3 done. :wink:


I am still here
Your works are still awesome!
I shall return to lurking now


wow I played the first two games so long ago I just assumed it would never be finished, was randomly curious about the reason behind it so I looked it up and found it is now in progress.

Pleasant surprise.


Honestly it’s been in progress from the moment I finished wwu2 I’ve just had a really crazy last five years.

Also published two novels and have the third under contract. ;p


I can imagine. I look forward to it, I might just replay the first two for a refresher.


Wwu1&2 had a pretty extensive update invoving new scenes and the addtion of acheivements and broader gender options. You should check it out. :wink:


YAY!!! Going back to replay now!


Yay! I don’t know there’s an update tho​:laughing::laughing::laughing::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart:


Yes it came out back in January. :slight_smile: Sort of my “thank you for waiting so long here’s some free content” while I still work on 3 lol


Awesome more sem is more live.



Thank you for sharing a picture :heart:


I was just so happy to find d them…I’d been hunting for her puppy pictures for weeks


LOL they want to do my content edits NOW for the next Tazu Saga book LOL sobs

Ugh…gonna be a fun ride folks. Drop in periodically for my slowly unraveling sanity. XD


Take all the time you need.

Also. When were you sane? (With all these anti-Jun scenes)


May my publisher say the same thing. XD

And never. :crazy_face:


Perhaps if you ask without such rudness insulting my game I’d be more inclined to assist you. -_-

As it is, no.


Ouch… Ummm i don’t think it’s impossible for mc to not win against the opponents in the tournament. I mean I joined the tournament for 4 times before I can successfully defeat them. Maybe you should try again?