Way Walkers- Is Illyan innocent or guilty? *spoiler alert*

I personally think she’s innocent, which considering my uber high red doesn’t make me like her nearly as much xP So what do you guys think? Guilty, innocent, or somewhere in between?

@ArchAngel950 "you don’t do what whoever did and hope they can walk out later, no matter who’s with 'em. "


…spoilers much?
Best if you do something like:
‘Way Walkers: Is Illyian Innocent Or Gulity? - SPOLIERS’
Just my thought, and I can’t comment on your inquestion because I haven’t bought the game yet -.-"

@Daisuke You have a point…is there a way for her to change the title now?

@daisuke It isn’t a spoiler O.o I guess some of the things people post here might be spoilers, but other than that, we haven’t said anything that’ll ruin any part of the game xD

@AlyssaP I maintain my stance that she’s a red follower, but innocent of any true harm to others and herself, and others are using this fact to get at her and her research by attempting to convict her and effectively silence her.

@Reaperoa can probably change it

I thought she was innocent up until the shadow dragon, now I’m not so sure to be honest… I can’t even say why I suspect her, but since that, I definitely think she’s not telling us SOMETHING.

@CJW I definitely think, if she has any secrets–and she probably has a ton xD–they’ll be centered around her research. It seems to play a very large part in her accusation, as it was stolen before she was taken in.

Did someone already change it, 'cause it looks like they did to me, or am I just not catching how the title has spoilers? (Haven’t played the game.) Also, @CJW has basically the best way to get my attention, as any post with @Reaperoa will send me an email. Not sure if Havenstone has the same settings or not, but he’s the other guy that would be able to change it.

@Reaperoa i think she changed it on her own. :slight_smile:

@WayWalkerLeigh Yea, there’s a half hour before it locks. Haven and I normally leave little Edit comments as Vanilla forums don’t track message editing, and I didn’t see one from either her or Haven, so I just wanted to make sure.

I think she is innocent, but there is defiantly something not being told.

Information is being held back. But I don’t think she’s the real bad guy.

After all, you don’t do what whoever did and hope they can walk out later, no matter who’s with 'em.

@Reaperoa no problem, and thanx for the quick check. :wink:

I was trying to avoid saying it for spoilery reasons, but one doesn’t usually sic a dragon on someone and expect them to survive. Dragons are something you send when you wanna KNOW something is dead, even if it’s the protagonist (even though we all know they’ll be okay in the end, somehow). The fact that it’s a GHOST-dragon just adds to that.

If mages are the bombs of the fantasy world, dragons are the warheads.

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@ArchAngel950 – ah. much clearer. lol And you are correct, dragons are nasty in the WW world–though not the nastiest. And a wraith-dragon…very bad. But to play the devil’s advocate for a moment (and this is in no way proof either way of her guilt or innocence, as i am tight-lipped on the subject) how do u know the dragon wraith was intended for Illyan? The Tar’citadel home-guard the tar’ka-besh, are quite nasty (especially in groups), and the dragon could have been meant as a deterrent for *them*, not Illyan. (as they were the ones to dispatch it after the main character was…indisposed.)

Just some thoughts to make you’all crazy :wink:

You had previously mentioned that the protagonist’s “death” at the hands of the dragon was avoidable, may I ask what conditions have to be met in order to survive it?

@13ventrm --you must successfully free Illyan Geisi. :wink:

sigh, now I must play again to do this. this is such a burden :wink:

@Antitorpiliko --lol let me know what u think one you do! :smiley:

@WayWalkerLeigh Again: Warhead. Nukes are not something you throw at anything intending anyone in the general vicinity to survive. Unless you’re insinuating someone was controlling it…?