Virtual Reality Game

Whilst scouring the Choice of Games Forum, I found several WiPs that were based off the idea of a game within in game. Where the player finds themselves, for whatever reason, stuck inside a virtual reality RPG. If anybody has seen the anime Sword Art Online, they’re essentially a word based version of that.

Below, is one I found was done very well.

I’ve seen several good WiPs, and played some as well. All amazing in their own right, but all share the same fate of being seemingly abandoned after a while. So, I have a few questions.

  1. What’s your opinion on such a game? (Is it too much like SAO? Is the fantasy genre overused? Is the idea redundant? etc.)

  2. Would you play a game like that?

  3. If so, what features would (or wouldn’t) you like incorporated into it?

  1. I really liked the originality of SAO at the time, and the first season was great.
  2. I would play a game like that if it was done right.
  3. I’d like to see a choice at the end whether to stay in the virtual world or return to the real world.

I really enjoyed the first season of SAO, though I felt it could’ve been done better if they slowed down the progress of it instead of progressing ten floors within an episode, the main focus on the romance aspect than the game itself.

To me, that’s an interesting addition to want. Is there a reason behind that, or is it for a more fulfilling ending?

Well by having this choice, you might get to experience some dialogue explaining which world was real and which one was virtual, potentially flipping life as you know it on its head.

Of course knowing me, I’d want the secret ending where you find out that both worlds are real and are actually two different dimensions, but this knowledge is forbidden and starts to cause the two worlds to mesh together, but that’s OK because this is the cliffhanger you designed to keep everyone waiting for part 2.

As long as I´m not the only one inside the game I mean like in SAO you are with other people, cause if is me alone all the characters would be NPCs without real feelings that would be to sad to face :frowning:

On the other hand if is developed in a long horizon, Overlord way meaning that the game acts as a portal to a fantasy world that works as a videogame well… is an instant buy for me ^-^