Savage Law Online (WIP)

Hey, folks. It’s just me. You know, the person from the Create Your Own Virtual Reality competition(Create your Own Virtual Reality- Public Vote and Create your own Virtual Reality- An IF competition (Now Open!)). Well, I’ve decided I want to try and make the game after all. Most likely, it’ll be slow going as I have two jobs and work 7 days a week as of right now, but I hope that doesn’t put anyone off on giving it a chance.

Because I’d really like suggestions and opinions. No… I’d love suggestions and opinions! I’ll also try to answer any questions you may have. Please note that it hasn’t really had much of anything added/changed from the end of the competition. Sorry. :sweat:

Savage Law Online is a feature-packed, skill building Virtual Realtiy game just about to be released to the public. You as the character, ready and raring for it to finally be released despite what is happening in your life, but then something happens the day before release and you lose your VR set and can't seem to find any available anywhere!

Your hopes and dreams are crushed at being one of the first players to play this amazing game from the get-go, until by chance on the day of release, you go antique hunting with a family member where you happen to find an old prototype VR set. With your new VR set, you go home with dubious thoughts on if it'll even work or not... Luckily enough, after a few hiccups, it seems to work well enough and you manage to log in and start playing the game, but the more you play, you can't help but notice how strangely realistic the game is on such a junky, old prototype...

WIP Link:

Are the other options, “you’re waiting for the diagnosis from your doctor” and “you’re waiting to talk to a lawyer about your inheritance” supposed to be greyed out?

Probably gray because of coding I think

@Dark_Jester Yeah, those backgrounds aren’t available yet, but I plan on fixing that before long.

Oh yeah, yeah. I know that. Just wondering if maybe he forgot to un-grey them. Because at the moment we have one page, gender selection, and that’s about it. Was asking just in case there was more. Just tried the “no, this is not me” option. They are meant to be greyed.

Edit: @Outrageous Ah, just saw your message after I posted.

The idea sounds great. Looking forward to more, but don’t stress yourself doing so.

Hey @Outragous glad to see that your still working on the game since the contest, as people would remember I considered the game as my favroite cant wait to see all the differnt paths and were you go with this.

Well, I’m glad there are some people interested even though there is hardly anything written yet. Thank you!

While I’m at it, how do you like the beginning? Do you like the setup or do you think it should be arranged differently? Also, any suggestions for starter names you’d like to see replace the ones up already?

ok ok I love this its a really cool idea cant wait for more

Never underestimate the power of a VCR, as my Pa always says! XD
Gameplay is short at the moment but I’m willing to wait, I do enjoy what you have up so far!
I hope you the best in your IS (interactive story)!

It’s good to hear that people like it(don’t fancy myself a writer, but COG and this story makes me want to give it a shot).

Currently, I’m working on a little more of the marketing agent path. I think once I hit a certain point on it, I’ll start on the other background paths. Once I’m done for tonight, I’ll update it to the link and let everyone know.

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Thanks apprecated. Adamthecowdog may my fire bring you good feedback and luck.

Actually, I’ve uploaded some of it now for error testing(I like to do it as I go and can’t seem to get the randomtest or autotest to work). I’m not done for the night quite yet, though.

PS: Well, I’m done for now. Getting a bit tired and have lots of stuff to do tomorrow so I’d say it’s time for me to hit the hay. Good night!

Hey the only mitake I could find in your new stuff that confused me is when it said why would they visit a Peon like you not sure if this is a mistake or not.

Hey outragous where are you I miss playing this game.

@adamthecowdog Sorry, I’ve been busy with work and had an ear infection which made concentration and attention nearly non-exsistant.

By the way, what would you think about having hygiene, health, stress and lazy stats with a countdown timer where what you can do is limited?

Hygiene - Increases or decreases health depending how much time you spend a day on it, affects your appearance and people’s view of you.

Health - Stay healthy by taking care of your hygiene, but too much stress can cause your health to fail.

Stress - Daily life can cause stress. Being lazy and relaxing at home can do wonders for it, but excess laziness can be bad for hygiene and health.

Lazy - Can reduce stress if used in moderation. Can cause hygiene and health problems if done too often.

I think it’s a good sounding idea however I don’t think you should use a timer I feel like people should be allowed to regain there health and stuff if they work hard to keep it there.

It wouldn’t be particularly hard, just kinda to simulate real life and time constraints. If people keep a balance, things will go well, but if they don’t, it could effect things in the story, new events could happen, others could go differently

Honestly I say go with it, it sounds like a good idea.

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Sound interesting ands what the vp thing do