Create your own Virtual Reality- An IF competition (Now Open!)


Hi everyone! It is with great excitement that I can jointly with @adamthecowdog announce a new choicescript contest; Create you own Virtual Reality…

The Theme: Virtual Reality. Interpret it however you wish but your task is to come up with story in some way connected with Virtual Reality. Perhaps the game takes place in one? Or is about building one? Or blurred lines between what’s real and what isn’t real? It’s up to you!

The Rules: The contest will run for 2 weeks, from Sunday 11th October, through to Sunday 25th. You can work on ideas, concepts, plans etc before then but please no coding before 00.00 GMT on Sunday. And of course you entry must be submitted before Midnight GMT on the 25th.

The Goal: To write an interesting, engaging and/or fun story/game. There are no requirements for length or content and given that you only have 2 weeks we would recommend you work on a demo, something to show off what your project might become rather than a completed story. But of course short stories are welcome.

Submission: To submit your entry, put it up on dropbox or some other hosting service and send the link of a playable version to me via private message.

Judging and prizes: Given that these stories will (probably) be fairly short, we’re throwing open the judging to you lot, the community! I will compile all the entries into a thread, make them available to be played and you will be able to vote for your favourite. After a week, the poll will be closed and the winner announced. Furthermore, there will be 3 special categories, to be judged by Adam and myself:
-Best Character
-Most difficult Decision
-Best Ending
In terms of prizes, all we can offer is the respect of ourselves and the CoG community. This isn’t a competition for money, merely a chance to showcase your work to IF fans and to kickstart a project. And of course it’ll certainly make a great accolade to have won something as your CS career continues.

So whether you’re a published author looking to get your next project off the ground or someone who has never coded before and thinks they might want to give it a go, we encourage as many of you as possible to take part.

If you want to join in, please say so below and we look forward to reading your fantastic entries!

P.S. Adam (@adamthecowdog) has come up with the idea and inspiration for this competition so please direct all your praise and adulation to him :smile:

Savage Law Online (WIP)

Oh geez. Wish I was skilled enough to do this!! I’ll make sure to participate in the voting though!!


This would be good preperation for NaNo. I might try it out. (:


Hmm, I might like to give this a try. Hopefully I’d find some time to do it during the time limit… Just wondering, why did you decide on two weeks?


Please do! The two weeks was really just to allow people to come up with a flavour almost, just a demo really. We want the games to be relatively short so that the community are able to read them all before casting their vote.


sounds like a lot of fun but u fortunately I’m busy with another very big project…
spoiler :blush:


May I also say that you guys can add whatever mechanics you want that have never been used with choice of games befor. But in the end it’s up to you guys me and alex will be checking these forms and don’t worry if you guys have any concerons about this contest you can tell alex and we will both work out what the problem is and how to fix it. I’m adamthecowdog and this is my message. Fire bursts out of my right front paw because I’m a fire breathing cowdog I can fly and I’m resistant to fire lava and lighning since I can control all of these a little bit of information about my chareter that is my username I base myself off of the hank the cowdog books a little bit if there are any fans. I have a series of storylines in my head about this but back to the one reason why I did this contest. I love virtual reality ever since the book ready player one I forget who is the author of the book but if there was ever a game like that book or a sequel or something like that book I’d love it. One thing when you guys do write make sure that there is some choices in the game that will have an emotional outcome thewout the story. There now I can stop rambling and keep watching the forms everyday I check up on the forms but you can find me in the works in progress forms a lot looking at your guys stuff seeing if this topic game is worth having this person make and that is another reason why I’m doing this contest so that other people can see if your game demo in this case is worth having you make. So if your a gamer like me and you want to see where your gaming experience goes then please do this contest with me. For the gaming community. Now I’m done rambling who wants to do this!


Hi guys just checking the thread to see how everyone is doing.


Will like to say I can join this but I have been rather busy with a lot of different things.

But I may be able to scratch something up in the time alotted (probably just a short story, will try and keep it simple.)

There are a few WIP that fit this but I’m guessing they can not be included if they were worked on prior to that date.


Can I make a short story? Im kind of busy so I can work on a short story at most…


I’ve been looking for some motivation and this seems fun. ^-^ I’ll definitely attempt it!


Great stuff thanks everyone and good luck, not long until it starts now!
By the way, anyone is more than welcome to join even after the start time has passed, just let us know here :smile:


I came up with a cool plot while thinking about this. But, I need time! Who knows, maybe I’ll write a bit for it once this starts. :slight_smile:


I hope someone makes a game where you get to sacrifice yourself at the end (I dunno why but I love those types of games)


I am currently writing a story in which the MC is a soldier and in his time most of the action is done in Virtual Reality. The current mission is an exception, but after it finishes, there will be a tournament they need to attend. I will think about writing this scene now, but I am still sitting on a fence.

By the way, @AlexClifford1994, it is a pleasure to hear from you again. Murder in Berlin is one of the Hosted Games I enjoyed the most.


Hmm, I might just try this. I’ve had an idea that fits the theme floating around my head for a while, but never had any motivation to start. Of course, I’m pretty busy and I’m sloooow at coding :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice to hear the enthusiasm and interest!, please do give it a go, even if you don’t end up making that much it’s not a problem, we’re not judging on length!
@Mayday Thanks a lot! Perhaps you could write a chapter for your story and enter it in the competition? Would love to read it!


Hey guys the coding starts tonight, I just want to make sure that thows who have an idea and are doing it, are prepared to start coding. But like alex says you got until the end of the contest to get your coded demo made. For thows who are wondering about if you are allowed to have old games become part of the tread befor it was made. I thought about this, it would be nice, but it would be like they are just adding extra content to there game that they would end up making. So it wouldn’t really feel like there doing something special for the contest. Speaking of special fallout 4 reference. lol


Okay, I’m off to a slow start as I’m just getting to the stat making right now, but I do have a vague idea for a storyline… Once stats are done, I will probably start with the writing and with luck, I will have a short demo by the deadline.


I started! I got a neat idea in my head for a cool plot. :slight_smile: I’m not sure how much I’ll get done. With LH2 beta in full swing, I can only write between error fixes. :slight_smile: