Create your Own Virtual Reality- Public Vote


As you may have seen, myself and @adamthecowdog have run a short IF competition on the theme of Virtual Reality.

Below are the fantastic entries from @Lucid and @Outrageous that we’ve received. I know other people were working on entries. If so and you haven’t submitted yet please send them to me and I can add them to this thread.

Prison Break by Lucid

Savage Law Online by Outrageous

Voting is open to the public, so please take the time to read the entries and vote for your favourite! Thanks to all those who have participated :smile: I’m sure this has been a learning experience for all those who’ve attempted an entry, some of whom may never have coded before, as well as us running it.

  • Prison Break
  • Savage Law Online

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Savage Law Online (WIP)

There really isn’t alot to these, perhaps you should extend your deadline?


Yah I realize that they were too short sorry about that guys. Because of them being the way they are I don’t know how the voting is going to work well.


From what I’ve seen, they do look good, can’t wait to see more of them


I liked both of them (didn’t understand them) but I liked them


The fact that we only had a few days to make them was kind of refreshing. It wasn’t a lot of commitment, so we could just have fun. If it had been larger, I wouldn’t have been able to participate. :slight_smile:


@lucid, yeah but you may win by default since your only competition has only two pages or so


Well, I really wanted to do this, but I had such limited personal time. I may be able to do a little more now that I’m on vacation this week, in the morning/evenings.

I do hope other people who wanted to do this competition submit their work(at this point, they may possibly have more then me).

Also, well, it wouldn’t be a competition with only one submission to vote for… Not that it’s much of one now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmm… Maybe I should demand a rematch later?


Suddenly you hear caesar yell


Hey outragous I would love to see what you could do more with savage law online. Lucid you come up with some really good game ideas but I still didn’t feel like I wanted to really play your game. But Hey if you guys want to take any of these games and have these guys make the full game then I would be more then happy to try and work along with the game I could help give ideas but after awhile I get tired of writing because I don’t know how to move forword. If anyone would like me do do this contest again but do it for a long period of time say like two months then just let me know. The reason why it was so short was because I didn’t know how much time it takes you guys to write and code in evrything. And if I do this again would anybody else still be interested in doing it? I am adamthecowdog and this is my message.


Could you please divide your message into paragraphs? These huge chunks of text of yours are giving me a headache.

Oh, and please don’t sign your messages. Asides from that it’s annoying it’s against the forum rules. Every post you make has already got your personal information attached, so it’s just not necessary.


@Lucid, do you think you’re going to finish your game? You have my interest maxed.


Sorry about that but it’s really hard for me to do paragraphs on my phone because I’m doing braile while I write. And some of the commands on my phone are hard to do because there different then just writing on my braile note. And I do the other stuff to make my post look cooler.


I’m not sure. :slight_smile: I enjoyed writing it. I love starting games and coming up with ideas.

I have a whole list of projects I want to do and this one is definitely on it. It would be fun. Lots of interesting possibilities.


Hey outragous if you would want to keep working on your game I’d love to help out anyway I can.


This is a really dumb question but how on earth do you make those polls?


Yeah, I like the story idea I came up with, so I probably will continue to keep working on it whenever I have a chance.

I could use some people to sniff out typos, bad wording, errors and all that kind of good stuff for developing a gamebook… Because I’m pretty sure at least the selectable names need worked on… :grin:


I’d be happy to help you out whenever you need it. Adamthecowdog


What’s a cow dog? Did a dog and a cow get together and…oh, God I’m going to be scarred for life by that image.


@TheTrueKing, sounds painful.