Little ideas I have for games

Here’s some things I thought I might turn into a game.

  1. The world has been taken over by virtual reality technology, and you’re one of the people still in reality (ONE of. There are still SOME humans not in virtualy reality). After finding some other humans, you have a choice to make. You can destory the main processor and set everyone free forcefullly (which will be difficult) or you can go into virtual reality and convince everyone there to give the real world a try and have them leave willigly, or you can just accept VR and live out the rest of your days there. Whatever you do, know that you hold the ultimate power to change the future for humanity.

  2. (This one is less thought out. It’s just an idea I’m throwing out there) You magically get stuck in your own (or maybe someone elses’) Imagination. Now you have to escape.

  3. (This is just another idea I’m throwing out there, it’s not very thought out) You’re a therapist who has the power to see people memories, but you’ve lost yours.

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Whichever you decide, you should succeed in. It will be hard work and all those things you most likely already know but I really encourage you to start writing.

Get a demo of at least 10,000 words out there on a hosting site, run it by the community and go forward from there. Also, being an artist as well puts you ahead of simple writers like me who can’t draw the paper bags we can’t get out of.

The people here are awesome and will help you with any questions on coding you might get but there are a couple of starting points to get you going.

1st - FairyGodfeather’s beginner thread is a great resource for all who are starting. I’ll try to find a link and edit it in in a sec. Here is the link: Master-List for Beginners.

2nd - the wiki put out for Choicescript is really good - even if it is lite on example code.

3rd - the subforum for code questions here is great to ask questions in. Lots of stuff can be found there with the search feature.

Great luck in the future.

Thanks so much for the advice! I was just looking for feedback on the ideas themssleves though. I wanted to know if others thought they could work as games.

All of them could work - there are specific hurdles to each; the lost memories idea is one often explored - you might even want to look at some of the prior threads dealing with them because there are good discussions on it there…

Being an experienced tester, I can’t really say more then that. I’m sorry.

The first idea reminds me of the movie Surrogates in which everyone lived through robotic avatars. The main character decided to forcefully disconnect everyone from their robot avatars for some reason. I watched it such a long time ago that I don’t remember it very well anymore, but the reason was something stupid, like that he wanted to have sex with his wife’s real body and not the avatar. Thus, he made life much worse for the entire world to fix his crappy marriage. The surrogates were making people’s lives objectively better and safer, but one douchebag had to ruin it…

If you want to write a path in which the MC destroys the virtual reality or gets the people to leave it willingly, you have to make the VR suck in some way. Surrogates made the robot avatars so perfect that the MC’s decision made me think he was insane. Make the VR seem really great at first glance, but have some major downsides.

Maybe spending so much time without moving in real life makes the people get sick and die earlier. Maybe some disaster is happening in the real world and the people are ignoring it. It could even be some science fantasy conspiracy like the Matrix (someone’s harvesting energy from the VR users and turning their bodies into food). My story has a subplot about a religious cult that uses augmented reality to manipulate its members and isolate them from the rest of the world. The bottom line is, don’t just make the MC go “waaaah, this is not natural so I will destroy it”. :wink:

And then to balance it out, you should make the real world also suck so much that it could reasonably make the people want to live only in VR. Both options should have their pros and cons so that the decision isn’t too easy.

IMO the 1st idea is more “Matrix”-ish, where you basically spend your time between VR and dystopian real-world.

Back on to topic, I can’t say much about the ideas though. I need moar stuffs explained before I can make a comment of it.

If I’m not wrong the main reason was because of a huge wave of murder and idk I think there was a sort of conspiration or something. Wanting his “real” wife was also one of his motivations I think though.

Thats said I feel like the first and the third ideas are the best. I especialy like the idea of the virtual reality one but what kind of skills did you have in mind for the virtual reality game?

Ah, now I remember!

There’s this anti-surrogate group that are always accused of doing many crimes 'cuz they don’t use the surrogate. And then there’s this “prophet” guy of them which is basically the one who invented the idea of surrogate only to regret his own action of inventing it, AFAIK. CMIIW, tho.

And then there’s the electrical alcohol which is just hillarious :laughing:, and the idea of “this is the real me” when the man argued with his wife.

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All three of these sound really interesting. Honestly, even though they’re not all thought out, I think I like 2 and 3 best because there’s so much you could do with them.

In fact, they’re actually quite similar, except in one you’re inside someone else’s imagination and in another you’re inside someone’s memories. This could be anybody from a sweet, innocent child (which could be very fun and charming) or it could be a psychopathic serial killer (which could be terrifying and very dangerous.)

Perhaps you could even make something that’s a combination of the two, where you can pretty much enter the minds of different people. It could even end with the MC going into their own mind to try and figure out who they are and why they lost their memories.

Have fun writing! Hope to see a demo of one of your ideas soon. :blush:

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