Virtual Euphoria is a game about a game. You play your typical guy/gal, who’s just started playing the most hyped up game of the decade, Rebellion. Rebellion is the first MMORPG developed for the VRMX, or the Virtual Reality Machine X. The VRMX allows you to connect your brain directly to the game, allowing for the ultimate virtual reality experience.

Within a magical world that feels just as real as your own, what will you do? Will you join a group, or stay a loner? Be a servant of evil, or a paragon of virtue? A mage or a warrior?

And how much will you allow the virtual world to take over?

Short demo here.


Even though it was very short, I can see this possibly growing out to be something epic.


OK now i’m intrigued i can’t wait for the next update and to learn more about the game in general, even though the demo is really short i’m already wanting more and i like the classes you’ve made i can see my self playing over and over until i play ass each class


Only a small taste of what the game could be, but I’m interested. The premise sounds cool.


I really like the idea, its been done lately, but not as a game, lots of ways things could go here. Would it be possible to add a few more classes though, like an arcane warrior that uses some magic to help in battle but is still primarily a warrior, or is that cheating?


I already have nine classes, and each one is going to have different abilities and have different options in battle. Honestly, adding more would mostly just mean more work for me, plus I quite like the selection I have. (Although if you want to play an arcane warrior, the Druid is the one who’s most skilled in physical combat. Not exactly what you were asking for, but I’d just like to inform you.)

But that being said, thanks for the playing the demo and taking the time to make a suggestion. I appreciate it.


Alright, thanks, I’ll mark that to use later, and yeah I understand that adding more would just make it more work. The choices you have are great. Good luck with the writing.


What’s the plot going to be?
Do you have to subject your consciousness to save a friend, or steal information from another player? Perhaps doing detective work on a real life murder? Are we being forced by a criminal or nut to play till we die? Will we experience sever mental symptoms from prolonged exposure such as schizophrenia or the beginnings of amnesia? Is the whole scenario a trap?!

I certainly hope it’s a trap.


A lot of the plot hasn’t been decided yet. I know I want some sort of evil conspiracy juiciness thrown in there, and I want to play around with what it actually means for something to be real. Those themes will only appear later in the game, though.

A decent amount of the game will be climbing the ranks and interacting with other players of the game. I’m planning to put a lot of focus on social interactions.

But yeah, a lot still has to be decided on.


Wow, as soon as I read the summary I instantly thought of Sword Art Online. I think the premise is great so far, and I’m very interested in seeing what this leads too!


Interesting very interesting I will be waiting for the update.


OMG loved it :D. You definatley need to get this published. Not seen customisation like that in any other game…well only one ;). Also a very interesting concept. Only mistake I noticed the character said there age was ninenteen not nineteen can’t take a screen shot etc though as I’m visually impared. Keep up the good work. Literally only one yp’s intro/prologue I’ve played has been as good as that.


Good luck with the project.

I thought of doing something similar myself, but without the conspiracy part. More just about how people try to escape from the real world and possibly delve into their life outside of the game. Anyhow, I’m not working on the project at the moment, so it’s good you’re making this.


please make this game and get it published this is the type of game that shows what true gaming is all about! So please make this game so we can love playing it and enjoying it.


This was a very deft portrayal of online character generation. It felt very much like a lot of contemporary MMOs.

I’m sure this is just me, because I’ve sought out and sampled so many such games, but having the “wait, before you create a character you have to make an account” event meant I had a tiny stress flashback.

That made me think: If this is to be a (slightly) futuristic MMO, why not eliminate much of the bookkeeping, and in so doing remind the player that their character’s whereabouts and activities are no secret to the computer system that runs the game? FaceGoogle already knows who (and where) you are, and what your preferences would be…

Just a thought.

Oh, and I really dig that rogues have that bardic thing going on with the lute.


Updated the demo. Slightly longer now.

I’d like some suggestions on how people want the fighting system to work. I could do a turn-based thing that would play out something like this…

Zombie has 40 health. What will you do?

You attack with basic staff and deal 17 damage.

Zombie slashes at you and deals 10 damage. You have 60 health left.

Zombie has 23 health left. What will you do?

And so on. I’ve already figured out how I could do this, with a lot of formulas and variables. It would require some somewhat complicated but still very doable scripting.

The problem with this would be it’s a bit… bland. Very bland, actually. So all in all, I’m not really feeling this option.

So, how would you like to see the fighting system play out? Pointing out some other COG games that did fighting in a way you liked would also be helpful.

I really need some suggestions on how to deal with combat.


If this is going to have randomized battles, I think turn-base combat would work for those. For battles related to plot, something more railroaded would work. Combat in the Heroes Rise games would be a good example for this.


This looks really cool! I would love to see more.

I think turn based combat isn’t too bad. Just flesh out the descriptions a bit more.


i don’t know why but for some reason i feel like this game would have a side mission where you could be MLG and the mission would just be hilarious then all your armor and weapons would be sponsored by Doritos and mountain dew it most likely wont happen but for some reason i can see it happening


Hm. I might put that in as a very hidden easter egg…