Or how about you try something like the combat system of Lord of ashwick?


I’m not a huge fan of turn based combat, and in a game like this, I think a little bit more of a free flow combat system will work better.


I’m really loving the opening so far, it reminds me a lot of the Elder Scrolls, what with the whole prisoner thing. As for the combat system, all I’m going to say is that I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to having a turn-based system.


Love the premise. Looking forward to more.


I thought you meant it reminds you of the latest dragon age.


theres is another game like this one Sovereign Reality (WIP w/ Demo)

you should read it and change things a bit so they dont look exactly the same xD

Good luck :smile:


His game is not the same thing it’s different just let the guy maoe his game.


This short demoWIP is actually exciting and unique can’t wait for you to continue it don’t give up! And the title sounds right.
a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.


He’s not stating it’s the same thing. He’s saying it’s similar and should take notes from it. He never said “stop making this game youre copying this game hurrdurr”.


Why should Anonymouse have to do that?

Let them work on their game in peace.


I’m going to strongly disagree with this.

Personally, I tend to avoid any games with similar themes to those that I’m working on. At least that way if anyone claims I’m copying them I can hold up my hands and say “nope, never played it”.

And sure, they may have similar themes with virtual reality etc, but then how many fantasy games do we have? It sounds like both games have points of difference too.


Yup, stops one becoming influenced. And it may not be intended, but you can be unaware that you’re plucking things from stories you’ve read.


I’m not the one saying he should take notes from it. If he wants to then he can. it’s none of my business. i just hope this game has a good story, that’s all.


Thank you @fairygodfather for understaning my point that I was trying to get across. He doesn’t need to use stuff from that game it’s his game his idea and he showd be left alone to make it. Because I hate when people suggest me to do something else when I’m trying to make something fun that not only I will enjoy but others as well. And if you don’t like it that’s your opinion but over all the more people like your idea’s then people showd stop critisizing and making people feel like there work isn’t fun. Adamthecowdog


This game, so far, is really exciting! It very much (at least starting) reminds me of Sword Art Online II, with the GGO tournament. The game interface also looks more polished than normal, which I give an extra thumb up to. Even has hints- the professional quality extra touches make me feel this is a game to watch: Shawn is doing a good job so far! (And hey, anyone with the name Shawn can’t be all that bad) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sincerely enjoyable so far! Definitely want more. Moar! XD


Sword Art Online the prequel?


Is there going to be anything we do outside of virtual reality, or is all of the game, going to take place in virtual reality? The details are nice, can’t wait to see what you choose to do for the combat. Also this game has a different feel than the other one, so I think you should keep on doing what you are doing, its working.


Welp, I’ve been gone most of the day at the movies with family, and then out for dinner. So I just got back.

First of all, thanks for everyone who says I can just keep doing what I’m doing. I had no idea that other game existed to be honest, but after a brief read of the description, I can confirm that my game is definitely going to go in significantly different directions.

I’ve decided on a combat system, which I’m working on right now. It’s turn-based, but I still think it’s pretty cool. I’ve added action points and different skills for each class. There’s a total of five skills for each class, along with the basic attack. Two skills are initially unlocked, and you’ll be able to unlock the other three as you level up. Also, enemies will have completely random attack patterns. It’s something I’m quite proud of, and I can’t wait to show it off. (I still need to actually finish writing it up, though, so be patient.)

And @NoGo, to answer your question, players will experience the outside world! That’s part of why account creation was included, to decide your “outside” character’s name and gender. It will not be as big a part of the game as the virtual world, but it will play a significant part in the game.

I know that at the end I want there to be some reason for you to meet the friends you’ve met online in the real world, possibly to save the world from some plot. The people you’ve met may not completely match up with their real world counterparts, something I plan to capitalize on. In one case, I plan for a certain character to actually have different genders in the real world and the game.

So the real world will definitely be important to the game.

I suppose that’s all I have to say for now. The next demo update including the first battle will likely be released later tonight or tomorrow. See you then!


Cool to know the “outside” character matters too. I can’t wait to see the combat system, and to meet some of the characters. I’m guessing there will be consequences of playing as a girl and romancing someone only for them to meet you as a guy?


@Shawnheatherly Yep. Different characters will probably have different reactions, with others being more okay with it than others, but a high enough relationship stat will let the romantic relationship continue regardless of the character. I don’t want to make a scenario where certain gender combinations will make certain character romances doomed to fail.