Vice & Virtue (WIP @ 39612 Words! (Excl Code))


Forge the Blood Pact.

Vice & Virtue is an upcoming interactive mafia-era narrative RPG currently in development.

Set in the modern era, become a made man as you join the Yakuza, an Italian Mafia, or the Bratva, each with their take on your story.

Develop your home base, romance others, level, commit crimes, gamble, and steal. You’ll endure a life of crime, based on the hardship of a past once lived.

The question is…

Where are you when the chips fall?

Access the Work-in-Progress build below!
Vice & Virtue (DashingDon)

Content Warning!

Inquire Within!

Vice & Virtue is considered a mature title. As such, expect the following content:

  • Heavy vulgarity and adult language is included.
  • Steamy Romance & Sexual Content may occur.
  • Depictions of Kidnapping.
  • Depictions of Misogyny.

Current Project Status

Inquire Within!
  • 4/5/2024 - Vice & Virtue’s first build has been uploaded to Moody with nearly 40000 words excluding code!

Feature List (Current & Upcoming Features)

Inquire Within!
  • Subplots for every faction, each advancing the core narrative in their own unique manner.

  • 5+ Romancables, each complete with their own dating narrative and unique sequences.

  • Full scale casino implementation, complete with minigames (two are presently available!)

  • Assignments (Quests), complete with their own unique rewards and progression.

  • A detailed Stats screen, including character information, a verbiage dictionary, information on your personal life, and more.

  • (Feature in Development) - Expand your operations. Conduct crimes and racketeering, purchase upgrades, develop your future empire.

Credit to @zaxwlyde for assisting with the development of this thread!


There is a 404 error that breaks the game after your father knocks you out.

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I am working on trying to resolve the errors which appear to be due to Moody. I’m reuploading to Dashingdon right now!


Ok thank you for letting me know

The link on the thread is now to Dashingdon which should fix this issue, let me know, thanks!

The game is a good start and seems interesting but there were a few issues; After investing takashi it loops infinitely and won’t let you report back until the next day but when you show up it starts the mission over again. The cellphone place and the strip club can’t be accessed to day 2 and the game just ended after I went to one.


Thanks for reporting those, I’ll get to work on them ASAP so those are rectified.

Thank you so much, this is my first project so I appreciate any and all feedback.

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YEAH boi BRUH HHHHHHHHHH BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BRUH HHHHHHHHHH can’t wait to make my own criminal empire :muscle::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai::moyai:

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Would be good t add more customisation options like body build and height mainly and face features or scars and tattoo etc to look scary and intimidating :moyai::muscle::moyai::moyai:, tall and muscular intimidating gangster wat am gonna go for :moyai::moyai::moyai:


I dont have any critiques or findings regarding the grammar or the code, i just wanted to say that I find this idea interesting and hope everything goes well while you’re working on it.

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I do have a full tattoo system - I should be able to turn it back on now. You make a good point and those would be pretty easy to implement. Thank you so much for your reply!

Dear Author, I love what you have so far. I have but one request,… can there be an irish mob at some point? If not, all is as it should be. Keep it up! Imma buy this when it pops :+1: :ok_hand:

This truly has the potential to be better than most crime WIP’s. This is something to keep an eye on at all times lol. Already love the different avenues you can go down!

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Thank you!

good start! I would maybe add that you can choose your gender. I assumed this would be gender-locked but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t.

edit: actually I see it already says that, I think I’m just dumb


A combination of Life of a Mobster, BREACH Series, and GTA V. I am looking forward to the game

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I’m so sorry I just saw this! - I considered doing an irish mob but two italian worked better with the story. I doubt it would be possible to add to this game, unfortunately.

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I knew it would be a long-shot ask. It’s all good, Dear Author :ok_hand: apology is not needed. I understand the pressures of a full life :ok_hand:

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If you take John (the baker) to his house and pick the choice that says you’ll help his daughter, it switches to the version where you beat him up and then back again in an infinite loop.
It’s really fun though.

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Thanks for letting me know! I’ll get to fixing that bug right away. :slight_smile:

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