VERSUS: The Elite Trials — Infiltrate the Elite gods, or turn double agent?

Thank you for your answer, I currently play a rebel mc, so that shouldnt be a problem. ^^

Well, this was probably my best buy in CoG,and that is saying a lot since I have bought almost every single game/book in either the CoG or the HG line.

The most well written+mind blowing+emotional roller coaster+original setting game/book ever published by your company, and I have quite deep feelings to other of your games so…

My most sincere congratulations to the author. And thank you so much for giving me the oportunity to be part of this adventure. You made my week. Thank you so much.

Sorry for any typo. I’m on my Android and over here it is almost 3 of the morning, but I couldn’t fall asleep without writing this :smiley:


I have played through the whole game five times just to get the bad ending to figure out who was the person from the planet you created…
I don’t want to spoil anything but I’ll just let you guys know, it’s not really something crucial to know but it’s still a pretty nice mind-fuck


We could create a thread, or a PM for the spoilers?

I know that I really want to talk about it since it came out :slight_smile:


is it possible to romance lady V and convince her to leave her other lovers

No you have to be her sex slave forever without say in the matter. Also a magic mark prevent you to romance other npc. You would have sex with Breeze and others when Veruna and where she decides because she is your Mistress. So no here she could do all she please and bang all Versus while you are forced to be a loyal good pet.

You can choose to not be okay with it, but for now you can’t change the way of your relationship with her.

In part 3 then you will able ti

I hope u can change in part 3

I hope too , I asked them to update game to let us oppose or not. To not be forced. If you have any suggestions send them too . I have to say they are very supportive to changes. I find the being forced within choice repellent and terrible so I stopped totally play any Veruna playthrough. I don’t romance her to be a sex slave I want a consensual relationship not you are my slave deal with it.

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that is I’m hoping for in next part

But she didn’t force you to have sex with any of her other lovers.
She see herself way above the MC, she is a immortal godess while they are a mere mortal, if they want to be with her, then they have to do it on her terms.
The relationship with her will probably change with time and when the MC proves themselves to be an equal instead of someone beneath her. Until then, the player will have to decide if it’s worth or not to be part of her harem.


immortal demigoddess.


immortal demigoddess… For now.


text literally says “YOU WILL HAVE SEX WITH OTHER PEOPLE WHEN AND WHERE I WANT AND ALWAYS AND ONLY WHEN I WILL BE PRESENT” That means I will be forced have sex with other people against my will.
So FORCED I DON’T WANT ROMANCE HER ANYMORE SHE COULD GO BANG HER HAREM. She is mistrited me , she is controlling me with a magic mark I DON’T GIVE MY PERMISSION … She could put me a gag and tied me to a bed for all choices games give me in that romance. What will be next forced me to have sex against my own personal preferences …Whip me ?

Its best we don’t romance her. besides why would you want to romance such a gold-digging social rat who betrays anyone to get a higher position she can type of person anyways?


I like Evil romances, what I don’t like is an obligated mistress and become a pet slave without choice in a +12 game without warning about this game contains forced sex scenes violence . Tokyo hosted it is way less mature and have a big warning same Samurai of Hikuga.

And worse taking account what great game the rest is. So I wish they let me choose end romance RIGHT NOW WITH HER and skip all .


Mara, she didn’t say you have to have sex with Breeze or Imperva, she said you can have sex with them if you want, but she would need to be there.

“Of course, you are free to be with Imperva and Breeze and me, all together if you wish, once our VS Front wins the day”

And ahe didn’t cast a magical mark on you, she just let the others Elite members know that the MC belongs to her.

“Besides, even if you were to attempt otherwise, all of the other Versians already know you are mine and mine alone.”

Here is another part that confirms what I said:

As Rosae’s words ring in your ears, you remember that Lady Venuma has forbidden you from participating in any other romances, save for Breeze and Imperva, of course. Since Lady Venuma is no doubt watching this party from the Elite skybox, you probably don’t have much choice but to listen to this mandate.

Especially since, knowing Lady Venuma, she has probably already told the other Elites that you are off limits. [/Spoiler]

But I do agree with you when you said there should have been an option to break up with her if you don’t accept her terms.

@Eiwynn Well I don’t remember any mention of her betraying someone, only speculation.
And why romancing her? Because she is sexy, and her social climbing made her more alluring to me.


No I tried romance other people and text said the mark Veruna put over me make other people not want romance me. So is a slave mark, I am FORCED TO BE WITH HER…ALSO WTF I DON’T WANT HAVE SEX WITH HER HAREM WHY SHE WANTS FORCED ME TO DO SO… IS NASTY AS FUCK.

“you are free to be with Imperva and Breeze and me (…) if you wish.”