VERSUS: The Elite Trials — Infiltrate the Elite gods, or turn double agent?

The text said the others would not romance you, because of Venuma. And it said that before you are able to romance another person, you will need to deal with Venuma first.

She never said you will be forced to have sex with her harem, she said you can only have sex with her and the others she consort. If you don’t want to have sex with Imperva or Breeze, then you will not be forced.


Hmm… I will agree with you on that. In beta was a magic mark. it was changed like i asked. BUT I WANT BREAK WITH HER. NO MISTRESS FOR ME. I DON’T WANT HER.

Well, I can’t say anything about the beta because I didn’t test it myself.
But I agree with you, there should have been an option to break up with her, but I think you will be able to do that in the next book.

Edit: all this talk about magic mark remembered me of this:

I need to watch this movie again :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally decided follow your explanations and played the rest of my save with Veruna as ro. And even when I find all disturbing because I couldn’t skip the damn Dominatrix diva, It is far better than in the beta. Also there is a brilliant scene if you betray her because how her behave with you. Revenge…

Expecially Lady Venuma, since you know this betrayal can only mean the end of your budding romance—and no doubt the beginning of a quest for revenge on the part of the fallen demi-goddess. Though you already knew that, after the unacceptable monogamy mandates Lady Venuma laid out for you, this relationship was over—at least for you. Even though you didn’t have the chance to say this to her face, you’re sure Lady Venuma has now received this particular message loud and clear


Sometimes I find your comparisons to be way over the top, but this time I must say it’s spot on.

In my opnion, Venuma is the best romance for a straight guy in the Versus series. Even with all the complications.
Oli is boring and Breeze has the wrong set of genitals, even if she had the right one, she would have the same complications of Venuna’s romance.

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rip people who see genitals over personality, i will never understand u


It just who we are.
I do like Breeze as a friend, but I can’t see myself entering a relationship with her.


I don’t like Breeze personality is too follower too passive like they had something big to hide like a secret . So that make me don’t trust they. I like Prince and Oli is sweet. Veruna is too forceful for me and the fact I couldn’t say my opinion and was forced to be her slave make me the experience painful. I betrayed her so she could be mistrress on hell. I have to try romance the robot she looks like a great romance option.

She does have a big secret, that is why she is being targeted by Queen Ashe to be killed by the Bominate.

I think you should romance A-08 Robot. … A true Man of Steel :wink:


I messed up all potential for romance in my first playthrough. RIP @Lithophene for being unaware that his choice(s) would turn all the guys he was interested in against him… Woops? :joy:

Let me guess, you supported the VS Front and know Cadet Gadget, Lockdown, Oli and Prince Everly do not want anything with you. Am I right?

If the Elite wanted my support they should have sent Glorya and Bayhalo to talk with me, not 2 guys and Imperva.


Lol, I understand you. But after the surprise I had in The beta with Veruna I won’t romance a female in this game ever. Also you could switch alliances. My Veruna romance was my only pro Coup. In the moment she showed her Mistress Bondage side AND DESTROY ANY OTHER ROMANCE OPTION I did all I can to kill the coup and destroy her. Oh… I hope could rip her of her immortality and poisoning her during years and them give her to the blots.


You could always try to make her fight the Biominate. :joy:

Too painless and quick dead … She could try mark the bominate and put him in her harem…

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I laughed way more than I should have at that.

I wonder how much time it will take before WE end up in the Arena, though…


Almost entirely right. I’m technically aiming for abolishing everything under the guise of supporting the VS Front, but I haven’t gotten a chance to explain that to anyone. It sounds like we might be able to in the future? Oli was very upset with me. Anyways, Everly won’t ever be interested in my guy, but that’s okay. :yum:

I’m honestly just hoping for a chance to flirt with Lord Grahl. :kissing_closed_eyes: Sure, he’s trying to purge my MC from existence, but I can’t help it.


Beware he seems bossy could it be a Master of whipping!! It seems wonne love BDSM and mark people and love harems. So image him that want to hunt you… Except you are for that stuff :wink: If is consensual is ok. If he try with any of my characters would end same place that Bondage diva.

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Is this the general discussion topic of Versus Book Two? Well, I’ll go by with the rest and add my observations.

VERSUS: The Elite Trials is really an astonishing game. It’s quite a compilation of experience and skill on Zachary’s part. It certainly does show how far he progressed (learned) with the other games.

However, I did miss a couple of things in this game, such as the opportunity to get to know romance options best, and to actually develop the romance instead of making a one-moment choice that defines your future relationship for (what seems like) the rest of the series; the opportunity to choose topics of conversation instead of being directed by others all the while; more thorough combat…

And, to address Zachary’s desire to incite thinking and (Priscan) reflection on topics of society, I do think he has all the right to do that, and he does well to try and show his views through his art, and stories are some of the best means to do so. But, whenever you want to teach people a new meaning, a new way of thinking, it’s best to teach by provoking emotional responses through your stories rather than describing the actual way of thinking. If you do that, it may feel abstract, shapeless, and most likely disconnected from the reader. At least to me, I felt that it would have been more powerful to create situations that provoked emotional responses in line with whatever he intended to teach rather than describe the abstract form of thoughts your character goes through, and even worse, describing how your character feels about those same line of thoughts.

That’s not something I would have done in any story of mine, but after reading this book, this is a trait I’ll try to consciously avoid, from now on, as I haven’t enjoyed it that much in this story.

Perhaps an example is in order?
I believe Heroes Rise’s way of teaching perspectives on gender is more efficient and relatable than the way VERSUS Book Two’s way of teaching perspectives on religion, politics, and the like. If there is one topic that I believe VERSUS got right on this matter, as in Heroes Rise, however, is divinity.

About the playthrough or gameplay itself, though, I’ll need to play again a few times until I feel confident in my judgement.

I can add one thing for now: The ending felt rushed. Very rushed. I realize there is a reason for it to have been so light on action on our part, but it felt damn rushed. As in, we should have been able to do a lot more, and things seemed to skip for the sake of skipping.


D’aw, he can’t be that bad if he’s part of the Path of the Parent. :kissing_closed_eyes: I still snicker at the MC’s reaction at finding out he belongs to that path.