Vengeance: Rise Of The Assassin(WIP)(Demo Posted)(Updated 30/05/2017)

I have begun work on our new game Vengeance: Rise Of The Assassin..

Here’s my idea If you are interested:
Vengeance: Rise of the Assassin
The story is set in New York and the MC(10-year-old boy/girl) lived in a rather posh neighbourhood. He/She was from a wealthy family. His/her life was going on just fine, until one day, his parents were murdered. Angry and heartbroken, he/she took a resolve that he/she would avenge the death of his/her parents. In order to succeed in his/her ambition, he/she joined a contract agency where he/she would become a hard, cold and emotionless assassin for hire. After that, he/she carries out several assassinations which lead to him/her getting closer to the person who murdered his/her parents and at last, has a direct confrontation with that person and kills him or ends getting killed himself/herself.
And also there would be a person with whom you can romance.

Updated the demo on 30/5/17.
Read it here:

Update Features:

  • Since I delayed this one, I released a preview of Chapter 1! It’s not complete, but I hope to complete it soon!:grin:
  • Added the save plugin!
  • _ fixed a lot of typos and grammar. Kudos to her!_
    Thanks everyone, for your support!:grinning:


It’s basically Batman meets Hitman? Nice.

Any info on this RO yet, or is that under wraps for now?

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Could I suggest and option to say I don’t care my parents or whatever I just want make a lot of money and have a fancy life. I mean revenge and that could be great. But most stories are like that. And in a way is forced a little into player you have to love your parents, you have to desire vengeance. But Why not let choose why you are assassin. Maybe for money. Some people for the adrenaline rush others to killing…


I’m more curious as to how a little child managed to get in contact with an assassination agency on the first place.


Probably having one living next door, getting basically adopted and then ending up taking care of their plant after they get killed while trying to fullfill MC’s vengeance/protecting the MC…

A better twist may be actually knowing who killed your parents which gives the MC a clear target instead of some shadowy figure in the kid’s mind.


If we’re offering up plot ideas, I would have the parents be crime bosses.
Would give a motive for why they were killed (criminal competition), give some ambiguity about whether these people deserve to be avenged in the first place, and give you connections to get assassin training from in the first place.


It’s like Batman without the one rule that makes him Batman. I LOVE IT.

I can totally get on board with the varying motives-- maybe the MC will always start out on a vengeance quest, but as they grow into their Assassin’s boots, their motives can shift, eh? Either way, I can’t wait to see what this grows into. :slight_smile:

Slight edit-- Will all these assassination missions be divided into episodic chunks a la Unnatural? That might be interesting, and add replay value.


Whoa, everyone :joy:! Slow down. First of all, I’m new to the choice script so I’m using Chronicler to make my game. Still, it’s about 2-3pages/day, cause I have my studies too, you know?I’ve just started, so I’m open to suggestions. And @poison_mara, I’m really sorry, if I change that parent part, it will simply destroy the motive. I can, at the least, change the family member for whom you’re getting vengeance.
@Redthegamr, nice idea. well, I was thinking about that too.
And about the Ro’s, I haven’t yet decided that, wouldn’t make sense cause you are a heartless assassin. :grin:
I might add a person who’s not exactly a Ro, but a confidant sort of thing like Diana In Hitman.
And keep in mind that I’m a beginner.

I agree with @Hello_to_you and @Interestedparty here, while my mc would be very curious to learn who was behind the murders, going for vigilante style revenge might not be his thing. For one he might decide that it would be better the work within the legal system, particularly since that would see the killers publicly punished, as opposed to vigilante style “justice”. Unless of course he really does live within Sin City and the “lawful authorities” are really just another gang and the system offers no valid recourse whatsoever.

Also @Interestedparty murder of a mob boss or criminal mastermind is still murder and if they were decent parents my mc might still want to avenge them, but perhaps particularly in that case show that he doesn’t and wouldn’t have condoned their actions by endaevouring to do so working with(in) the legal system.


Probably have to keep in mind the MC’s age, if you’re sticking to a strict age of 10, too. Or do they age up in the story, I wonder? Also I have to play Hitman considering how many times it was referenced already.

And it’s not like there’s a time limit for this, bud. XD I’m sure no one’s gonna rush you because this story sounds like a passion project already. :smiley:

Thanks! I just had a brainwave which would make this story doubly interesting. can’t tell it now sorry :grin:, Or it’ll spoil all the fun.
I’ll just tell that I’ll combine some elements of Murdered: Soul Suspect into this.
And @Redthegamr, yeah, of course, they age up.

I like the idea, @Interestedparty!

One slight tweak might add some further depth–perhaps the parents could have a variety of backgrounds to choose from (crime bosses, top hit-men, high-flying jewel thieves, elite mercenaries et cetera).

Since all these backgrounds are crime-related and posh, the child’s origins are likely to be relatively similar from choice to choice, so the writing doesn’t get too involved. At the same time, these different backgrounds could have different impacts on stats. Children of hit-men might have a bonus to strength, children of thieves might have a bonus to stealth, and so on.


Update: Finished about 500 words today.

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So the assassin is a kid? If assassin is a kid
A forget apple publish
B romance a kid is gross
c Make a kid an assassin is like trivilaize real children forced to be soldiers

I, for one, support the militarization of our nation’s youth.

Though yeah, you probably won’t be able to get apple to publish your work. Steam might, but it probably won’t a priority. Shouldn’t be too big a deal with this website though.

Also, despite my glib comment, this doesn’t seem like it would be a trivialization since it seems pretty up-front that this was a tragedy. Kind of reminds me of The Professional or Logan, minus the grizzled old man, both of which did a good job of portraying how a kid would cope with this kind of stuff.

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So basically he became a murderer to kill a murderer

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Author said that the MC would be aging up in the story so they’re not gonna be a kid. :smiley:

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Everyone. The kid is a kid only at the beginning. He ages up later. Lol
don’t get angry!
And @poison_mara,I don’t want to start an argument, but the MC became an assassin in his own will, so he’s not a soldier.


About you implementing aspects of Murdered:Soul Suspect, would that mean you are focusing on a little bit more murder mystery along with fighting and assassination, or are you focusing on a little bit of supernatural elements of Murdered? Of course I might be going into what you wanted to keep secret.:neutral_face: