Ripples of blood [WIP] Update 2.13 127 k words (still in with Osric with Sanchia without Anika route)

Ripples of blood
The murders of San Kiara remains to be one of Hydaria’s unsolved problems. No law enforcers seem competent enough to solve. Month to month, the number of people who wind up dead increases, from ladies to lords, women to men. The murders does not discriminate anybody safe for children who fortunately were not targeted.

You on the other hand, could not care less about the murders. Your father disowned you. Your mother still missing. Your body as busy as an hectic street trying to survive. And yet, you find yourself in that very cursed city. Where everything begins and ends.

Are you ready, to uncover the true face of the culprit?

Synopsis You’ve heard that sound before. The first drop of chaos before the storm explodes. When your mother disappeared. When your father’s woman came to your mansion seven months pregnant. When your journey for truth led you to the town of San Kiara. You’ve heard that sound before. That hurtful, ear piercing scream. Like the screams of a stranded whale, capturing you by the neck.

It won’t let you go. Why won’t it let you go?

This möbius of murder.

Why won’t it let you go?

You held the root of all misery at the point of your gun.

There is a perversion that should be locked behind prison bars.

This Möbius of murder.

You will end it, end the love that could have been.

1. Discover the true murderer behind the San Kiara murders

2. Alter the course of history

3. Bring to light the truth of your kidnapping

4. Find love amongst the RO’s

5, Rescue your mother from her predicament

6. Make peace with your father or punish him

7. Navigate through the subplots and political complications revolving the factions in this game

8. Carve your personality and skill set 
Plot [Updated]

Your father disowned you. He did more than disowning you, he sold you to a group of bandit human traffickers. Change the history of how you escaped and who you meet in the process, who you let go and who you trust. All for different reasons, you end up at the cursed city of San Kiara where murders occur like a plague. Watch your friends(npc) and potentially ROs die, or step up and solve the murders.

A story mode is planned for those who doesn’t wish to try hard to prevent RO’s death or those who can’t handle angst (heartbreak).


Why is the setting scene so long?

The setting scene may seem unnecessarily long, but, it helps change the tone of the game and provides different perspectives into different characters. This also means you end up in San Kiara with different characters, different relationships and different gaming content. Part of why I’m doing it is so the replay-ability is high, it might mean that the wip will suffer from snail writing speed, but so much more content will be explorable!

How far into the game will romance routes be locked?

It will depend on how burned out I am.

I’m trying to allow the pc to enter into relationships at any point in the game, this means, different kind of relationships. I’m not sure how much effort I want to be putting into this as it spirals into a mess. As of now, there’s already whether you met three of the 6 or 7 RO in the dark den, and which one you met and what you chose to do when you met them, and if you met them the second time in the escape scene. You can also meet Anika two ways, in the escape scene, with Osric (failed to save Osric) or without Osric (which if you don’t save will come back as a changed person).

I’m not sure how much variable I want to allow to change the romance dynamics. Do I allow you guys to enter the romance at the end of the game when the RO and pc are already in a committed relationship, or maybe married (unsure, maybe in some timeline) in another timeline? Comment below, if you have any advice or opinion about it. But know, choosing this means slower progress (because I have to branch it, but more dynamic, non-repetitive gameplay).

And, in a sub route, for example [spoiler] in Anika’s route, with certain choices and certain stats (major influence, 2,3 or 5, not care about human dignity or party pooper or did I name it chaos pooper anyways), with these stats, you can eventually turn Anika into a frenemy, by murdering the mob (who are her friends, not the bandits but a mob you meet in the dark den under certain choices) because they attempted to kill you.

In this sub route, there are a variable of factors, for example the dialogues [3 choices] you chose after your act of excessive self defense/murder, and according to the dialogues which are tracked, the dynamic of this frenemy relationship will be influenced. Then, there’s this one conversation with enforcer Morcant about murder which if you trigger will change a scene, that only happens if you meet Anika alone without Osric…. Yes. It’s like a secret scene amidst a secret scene. Haha. And even then, I think, I might have branched it a little more. So, what do you do if you escaped with Osric, or lost Osric but met Hamlin? [/spoiler]

Is there a cannon route?

Well, don’t worry and enjoy the different experience! This is a chose your own adventure, interactive fiction. There is no set or cannon ending or journey. There will be many interesting events accessible even or only accessible depending on your choices. And though error is imminent, I plan on making every gameplay enjoyable.

For example, which one is more canon, a route where Osric continues on with you jolly, or a route where Osric comes back a changed person, with a twisted opinion of you . Which one is more canon, a route where you become a part of Anika’s mob, a route where you become hostile to Anika’s mob, a route where you murdered the mob and become enemies with Anika who according to your choices, loathe how she secretly loves you? Or just lose hope in ever making you better?

And with enforcer Morcant, and Hamlin and Sanchia it just gets more interesting. Not to forget Louisa who holds so much potential.

For those who are interested in Eira or the idea of [xx], don’t worry, they will all receive the same effort.

Outside of the RO, there’s also whether you managed to solve the murders. How you deal with the factions lurking in San Kiara and your own parents.

Will solving the murders be hard?

I’m not going to lie, some parts of the game is going to be of medium difficulty, and some may require a level of deduction/ thinking. But checkpoints will be implemented (when published), as for now I’m using dashingdon and you can save at places where I write checkpoint. My reason for choosing to implement checkpoints when published is the program choicescript ide shows the new feature as an error, and I don’t want to have to add and erase it all the time as there will be multiple checkpoints.

But fret not, I will make a story mode and a deduction mode in the story mode, you will always solve the murders. But, the deduction mode will be developed first.

What are the cheats at the beginning?

I made those cheats before I thought of story mode and will be keeping it. The first two just helps make decision, as it will give you hints on what choices leads to what results, though in a very shortsighted way. And the regeneration one is honestly there for the feeling of power trips and added layer to plot.

But, to prioritize the gameplay, these cheats will be delayed till a good chunk of the game will be done.

Can I die in the game?

In the current version, yes! But, I’m working hard to remember where you can die and will be putting manual (well, the burden’s on me), checkpoints that allows you to return to most recent scene you triggered that may have caused you to die. So… you don’t have to start from the beginning.

Will I be railroaded?

Hardly! I mean, you’ll have to go to San Kiara. But, I understand the frustration of choices that are there to give the illusion of choice.

Will my pc unconsciously have attractions to opposite gender if i’m not straight irl?

No! Those attractions will only appear if you chose certain choices that indicate attraction. For example, if you failed to save Osric, the pc will always think of Osric’s gentleness but in a way where it’s like mourning a friend more than a lover. Unless you chose to convey attraction, which hopefully won’t be confusing or deceitfully platonic option, I won’t make your pc sexually attracted to those RO.

And if I miss anything on the code, you’re free to message me! Rather I’ll be glad if you do!

Will my interactions with RO be limited if it’s the same gender?

No! Human relationships will always be built. There are such things such as brother in arms, friendship, rivalry. My aim is to make gender exclusive content both ways, one for romance (don’t worry friendship is possible with opposite gender, just maybe some differences and scenes) and the other for well whatever it is called.

For example, when you escape with Osric, if you speak to Osric, there will be different options for men and women. If you’re a guy, one of the options will involve Osric wiping “the tears that would not come”, and for women, it will be about you inviting Osric for a kiss out in a desperate spirit…. you will always be rejected but, it is recorded.

Your emotional connection, won’t suddenly stop growing or existing just because they’re the same sex. It will just be… different.

But these additional content may not be very apparent in the beginning. Because, I want to work on the current progress.

The fun thing is, you can even match make RO if you chose to abstain from relationships with them… or sabotage some of the ties within the RO. Or heal them psychologically (yes, Sanchia, Osric, Hamlin, I’m looking at you), or be the red flag and have the RO be your therapist (yes, Anika I’m looking at you).

This game sounds like such a massive project, will you ever finish it?

Well, now that my primary concern about player’s reaction towards sexuality has been solved…. I’m dedicated on working on this game. I must admit, I worried too much about disappointing the players. Haha, you guys can’t see it online, but for the moments I went afk/Mia, I even went and made an otome IF for girls only. Fortunately, the worries in my heart is finally fixed and I can work on this now.

Don’t worry. I don’t plan on working on any other wip, and will be finishing this game! It might just take years, 2 years fastest, but realistically double that time.

At worst, I will simplify the romance dynamics to make it in time. But, this game… shall be done!

When would the game be finished?

Well, it’ll depend on my progress. I’m aiming for 12k (not exam week, but usual study months)-40 k words per month (if it’s midsemester holiday or long break around Christmas and new year). Unfortunately, I can’t work on this wip all the time as I have uni assignments.

The approximate full word count of this game… might be very high due to the branching. Approximately 700k- 1 million words +. Taking into factor my holidays where I can just code away, 2 years is the fastest, and the longest might be 4-5 years.

I’m aware, it is a long time for a wip.

But you can be there all the way for the journey!

Anyone with suggestions/critics, are welcomed to help me improve the game!

Are you ever planning on Patreon?

For now, no. I don’t want to detract from the wip by writing additional contents. As my parents still fund my studies, and I don’t have to pay for my living expenses, I don’t necessarily have need for one. Those who want to chat me up about the game, or ask questions can join my discord☺️

This wip’s probably going to be finished in 2-5 years already, I don’t want to add on to the waiting time😭

In 3 years, I will finish uni. So this might change. But hopefully, I’ll finish this wip before then.

Those who want to buy me coffee… for some reason, can just hang out in my discord haha. Emotional coffee.

I might have a Patreon one day, but only if the game is 70% completed and not a false promise. I’d hate taking your money only to disappear.

Is this going to be part of a longer series?

Mnn, no. This series is a standalone. The code’s already so complicated as a stand-alone, if I have to take into account everything for the second book I feel like I will die from coding. I don’t want to make false promises and this game already feels so complicated.

There’s already so much variables. Adding it to a second book… is too much for my brains to handle.

Are you sure, you’re not going to be tired of writing?

Well, haha. One of my uni’s subject, actually creative writing, so, better or worse, I can’t escape writing. It’s just a part of me… Y’kno.

trigger warning

A scene involving human trafficking

RO selection

As of now there are 6 definite RO, and one RO I’m still considering whether to make into an npc or not.

The definite ROS are the following:
Osric Ashbrook [M]

Golden retriever. Gentle. Nice RO.

You meet Osric on the night you are kidnapped, and ever since, Osric has been a brother figure to you. He is one of the few people you can trust with your life, honest, gentle, yet without his own complications. But above all, he is sincere.

Louisa Grimaldi [F]
Black cat. Manipulative. Red flag.

Louisa is your childhood friend, however, the divide between your social status, with hers one tier higher causes a strain in between your relationship. It does not help that her family is deeply involved in the dark den (like black market). For guy pc, Louisa never considers marrying you, instead pursuing Hamlin, yet she cannot hide her attraction towards you (depends on choices), even going as far as consenting to her suitor’s assassination (depends on choice). Beware romancing her, as she would not hesitate to cut you off for benefits.

Hamlin Davenport [M]
Tsundere. Difficult. Red flag.

Interestingly enough, Hamlin is the suitor Louisa considers marrying. You can meet Hamlin in multiple instances, changing the dynamics between you two. He is the duke of Osborne, the best way to describe his love language is empty, or at best fickle (depends on choices).

Anika [F]
Golden retriever. Warm. High morality.

Anika is a member of the rebellion, you can meet her in multiple instances and change the dynamics between the two of her. Her personality best resembles Osric, with the difference that her morality is more black and white than Osric’s. She is one of the more dynamic characters in this wip.

Enforcer Morcant [M]
Stern, callous. Detached friendliness. Highly ordered.

An enforcer that came to investigate the disappearance of your mother, and her recorded visit to the rumored city of San Kiara where multiple murders are happening. He appears amiable and courteous on the surface, but your interactions with him tells you, his core is not at all that gentle.

Eira [F]
Corrupt, frank, red flag.

Lover of money and anything precious. She was the one who trafficked you after your father threw you away. 

Sanchia F
Coy, gentle, manipulative, fickle

A girl you rescued on the road from a group of vile men, she tags along on your journey, as she does not possess a temporary home or job having been abandoned by her family. Much like how your father abandoned you.


RO sexuality [Updated]

I really should not be hoodwinking you guys….,.

These are the RO’s sexuality [Updated]

First of all, I would like to apologize, due to religious reasons, all the RO are now heterosexual (straight). All of you gays, are worth loving, yes. But, my Christian faith disallows me from writing it. I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with you. Please don’t take this as a rejection.

There will still be friendship routes, but if you’re fixated on romance, another game might be better. Again, please don’t take this as a rejection. It’s not you, it’s me.

Length of demo

Currently it’s about (15%, Chapter 3 under construction), 75 k Words (without code) done, and I plan on updating every two weeks.

Update 2.12 Started working on route to San Kiara (branch with Osric, without Anika), everything else still ends at the escape scene. Still on that branch, but you can meet Sanchia now☺️ Still working on her interrogation scene, basically you can decide whether to continue traveling with her or not after saving her.

Download below for demo With Customizable Reading Background But Not Save Files
Ripples of blood .html (1.4 MB)

Download the file, go to customize, change background (there is grey, green and sepia [I have no idea how to add the colors, so I tampered with night mode and whitemode]

As this file is a local file, if you want to open it in iOS, download Microsoft edge, open html with Microsoft edge using share button, apps, Microsoft edge, open.

Hope this helps

Speak about anything! Whether you like the game, if the pacing is off or not, about RO. Which RO should have more screen time. Criticism is welcomed too! I just want to know if interest in this game is still alive or not.

[Discord link]
(Ripples of blood [WIP])


Interesting read. Nice.


Thank you so much!


I didn’t play the game yet, but it looks interesting wish there was like more to go off of like you know with the description :man_shrugging:


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll add it now :smiley:


it was a very good read for me and I like the relationship system you made its very informative to say the least.


Eternity passed before you realized, you were left alone. There were no more traces of Louisa. Interest still filled you, even though there was no longer anyone to guide you around, you walked around on your own around the shop.

“So? Would you be a murderer or a liar? Chose your pick, Louisa.” You crushed your red collar as if to expel the heat from the dark den and the ricocheting tension between the two of you.

To your surprise, Louisa fixed your collar to its place, her teasing fingers passing through your neck, “You think you could coerce me, to chose you over Hamlin? I tell you, it is not your importance, but my interest that caused me to agree. A crime pushed by your hands, seem like a surefire way to bind you to me.”

Heya!! So I’m a little confused here…Is this a mistake orrrr?? Because at first it said we were now alone, but then all of a sudden Louisa is there with us and we’re at the assassins guild. or did you have it written like that purposely?


Very interesting! I hope you add more descriptions. I can’t wait for the next update!


Ahhh😫 I forgot to add a *goto (scene jump) so it entered into the wrong scene. Thank you so much for reporting the bug!

@mownie thank you so much!

@vergil thank you!!:smiling_face:

Oi @TheDrunkenGamer it’s lass and not lad for female MC, also Louisa refers herself as he, him and his… Unless Louisa is woke :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:.


Ah, I must have switched the setting or written the code wrong somehow. Sorry, pronouns switching bug sometimes occur since I constantly write when sleep deprived. Can I ask where the he, him and his is? (It’s okay if you don’t want to):smiling_face:

Before MC and Louisa go out, before she asks what gift MC wants.

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I’ll fix it right now. Thank you so much for telling me☺️

Sorry, can I ask if you chose to be civil or slapped the mistress in the beginning of the story? I made the personality change the visible choices. I lurked around and checked the encounter with Louisa but can’t find the wrong pronoun😅

My eyes can’t find it😭 The only time I see him, he there was when pc asks for Hamlin‘s head and makes Louisa shocked.

I’m sorry, but I really can’t find the lad lass switching.

I set gender as 1, so in multireplace it should appear as the one earlier, right?

Please correct me if I’m wrong😅
Or if I write another lad lass and forgot

I love how unhinged MC can be :sweat_smile: why would you actually slap your fathers lady (bro caught a three piece in return and still didn’t gaf). But that’s not all folks!! Because next is shooting the outside of the club up??!! (aka the place with assassins in it )

Let’s Also, talk about why he thought it was okay to shoot some unsuspected bird, like it was supposed to be sexy. I ain’t know he’d even do all that, I thought he’d just take the gun normally but nope, that had to be done with pizzazz.

Like yes, I made the choices, but I never thought they’d actually play out…MC needs to be stopped, he’s dangerous to society at this rate.


Thank you for playing! And yes, I wanted to make the mc a bit unhinged haha. It’s more fun writing that way😅