Looking for a co-writer for Vengeance

Hey there. :neutral_face:
So I just realized that I need a co-writer for my story Vengeance: Rise Of the Assassin.
Its just that I’m incapable of continuing this thing on my own.
Here’s the link to my thread if anyone is interested: Vengeance: Rise Of The Assassin(WIP)(Demo Posted)(Updated 30/05/2017)
1. Must know how to use Chronicler IDE.

Preferences(not compulsory)
1. Gender: Female(It’s just because I have a tendency of writing her in place of his :slight_smile: ).
2. Should know a few things about romance.(I’m exceptionally weak at this thing, so it would be nice for someone to back me up there).
Idk if its illegal to post about co-authors. Tell me and I’ll remove it.

@moderators,Could you close this topic? I got a co-writer.