Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Oops… that’s a great spoiler, so the sailor is someone important ? Then please let me assist him or help him, just make sure he remember my face in order to repay me a favour later :smile:


Yeah. I don’t mind dying from dumb decisions, it’s that doing so made this scene extremely railroady, as you noted.


Which is why it was absolutely necessary to go that route in the original demo, provided you wanted to get the massive benefits of Carina while still having a shot with Adamo. While that attitude does fit my college boy it is a much poorer fit for my other two mc’s, but then I always wanted Carina too. Now if in the new version there is a possibility to recruit Felipe later on and he comes with his own benefits, that would make that choice much harder and not default to Carina uber alles.

While in some other games I’m more hesitant about mc’s dying as a result of a single dumb decision I think this is one game where it enhances the verisimilitude, instead of diminishing it. After all considering this is 1920’s gangland it is a very dangerous world our mc’s inhabit.


Only way you can do that is if you jump in his fight with the Helions. Which speaking off, if I do offer a constructive criticism @Vendetta for any scene (cause everyone else more or less has stated the obvious), as that is the only way to assist him, might I suggest you include more opportunities to assist him through the other choices e.g. when sneaking up/observing, but also maybe make dependent on the stats of your background.


That’s actually a good idea, alternative ways of success in other scenes as well :smile:


Admittedly, I had picked that option ‘jump in the frey’ out of instinct when I was younger I believe (if not, after I had picked the sneak option), so that’s how I was able to help the sailor. However, for someone probably playing smart/cautious, they’d probably want to hang back. The problem is you only interact after the fight and you only pickpocket the sailor. Now, I could be wrong, as I was using the vet, and I’ve never used the other backgrounds for that particular scene (especially since I go to the diner), but, if it is indeed the case, just food for thought.


POLL RESULTSLeast Favorite Scenes / Sequences

With a low overall response of just 38 participants to date, choosing an average of three ‘least favorites’ each from a list of eighteen possibilities, it’s all fairly spread out and it would probably be foolhardy to draw too many actual conclusions based on these results alone.

In hindsight I should maybe have included an option along the lines of ‘No particular least favorite / No real dislikes in general’ as that may have proved more telling, or at least might have increased actual participation --though this is precisely the sort of conclusion it would be foolhardy to just assume from this! :grin:


While it’s entirely possible that the mentioned ‘missing option’ contributed to producing these unsatisfactory results, it’s equally likely (and entirely understandable) that interest in replying to poll after poll is simply waning.

As tremendously useful as I’ve found the polls to be for specific tweaking, as well as helping to guide things overall, I think it’s probably best that we give them a rest for now. Besides, my TODO list is long enough as it is… :wink:

My thanks to everyone who participated in any of the recent polls to date, and especially to those of you who raised very valid points in your comments and subsequent discussion on various subjects. Rest assured it is all being given very careful consideration for fine-tuning purposes, and much of it has already been put to very good use.

All that said, if anyone reading this has any belated thoughts about the current (old) Public Demo, whether or not it may have been mentioned before, please don’t hesitate to raise the subject. It’s never too late, and you may just touch on something not previously discussed / considered in a new light.


One final poll for now — pure curiosity on my part (although It might also help answer the niggling question raised above… :smiley: ).

How much have you actually played Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster?

  • I haven’t / Not yet reached the end of the Public Demo.
  • I’ve played through it one or two times, maybe a bit more.
  • I’ve played the current Public Demo quite extensively.
  • I can remember playing Chapter Two… So yeah, lots!

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I need a choice … I am so old that i was beta testing this a century ago… The demo I only play a couple of times as it is now. However like i replay the beta like millions… :wink: No idea what is the correct answer for me really


Considering this was one of the first WiPs I ever played when I was joined the forum (way back in 2011 but unofficially at the time), you’re not alone.


Re: polls. I find I don’t really have the time to follow this thread post by post. I tend to just drop in occasionally and hope to catch a general update post/summary. Polls being tied to posts means I miss a lot of these, and I imagine this applies to a lot of people interested in the game. Though I’m afraid I don’t really have a solution to suggest. I just thought this was worth pointing out.


Enough to know I need the new public demo to provide (m)any more insights as the old one is pretty much etched in my memory. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know exactly what you mean – it sure feels it! :grin:

My first was Marine Raider by Allen Gies, which I stumbled across in late 2011 while looking into various forms of IF, trying to find something suitable for this vague idea of a prohibition gangster game I had in mind (since the mostly parser-based systems available back then didn’t quite suit my purpose). That’s what led me to ChoiceScript – I was charmed by the engaging story and the (assumed) simplicity of the game system behind it. I enjoyed it more than most of the parser games I played back then.

That’s a very good point. Also, the forum is so busy these days, I find myself having to bookmark threads I’m especially interested in, otherwise I lose track of them until I next stumble across them by accident!

Heh, fair point. It’s old news now (understatement of the decade?), time to move on. :slight_smile:

[ …slinks off to continue busily beavering away… ]


Really? I thought he released that earlier that year. I know he was working on Tin Star around that same time though. Man, I am old and I’m 20.

If I’m correct, I entered the forum after he did Apex Patrol and COG released The Fleet. Blame it on me being impatient. Worked out in the end of course

Edit: so remember when I said you did this in 2011, I think I was wrong cause I went though memory lane and found out you did this in 2012. That would mean I might have been lurking late 2011 to early 2012. F**k, my mind is foggy. No wait, it’s kinda coming back to me cause I remember playing this one time with my first IPad at a restaurant. So the time range is correct. Ok, no more needless rambling.


Yeah, we are old . :wink:


Gosh it’s been years. I remember playing the game when just started out, I feel old too.


It had already been published, yes (one of the first half a dozen or so Hosted Games, if memory serves) – that’s how come I found it! I didn’t encounter any actual WIPs until I followed the trail to CoG’s website / forums… Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I joined here around November 2011, with an opening section for the game posted shortly after to gauge possible interest. The original Chapter One (quite a bit shorter than the current Public Demo) was probably early 2012?

Ahh, the good ol’ days, when coding was a nightmare and I really didn’t have the first clue what I was doing, or why some stuff worked and other bits stubbornly refused to… :grin:


Well, I kinda checked on the search bar. You started this in Jan 2012. Not trying to sound like some mad man, did that to try and confirm if what I said was true. So many WiPs gone from those days :cry:. Well, just glad this one is still standing after all these years and I’ll gladly go down with it…figuratively of course.


I guess it took me a little longer to learn the basics than I thought… but no surprise really, in all honesty. We had no Wiki, no CSIDE, and only very scant help files / basic tutorials to guide those fumbling baby steps – not to mention a horrible (to a non-programmer like me) “mygame.js” main file to contend with. Thank heavens for fellow authors willing to share knowledge, advice and helpful tips!

Things have come a surprisingly long way since then, evidenced by the number of successful games released over the years. If only life had been kinder… sniffle :smiley:


You think waiting 6 years for a game is long. I waited 7 years for Age of Decadence and am waiting after 8 years for Academagia Year 2. Age of Decadence was a great game once released, and Academagia Y1 has much depth and replayability (and Y2 has many improvements, allegedly). So I have little doubt that if @Vendetta can stick with this game to the end, it might be a master-piece - and all with no horrifying beings from other universes (unlike Age of Decadence or Academagia)!


In the case of WiPs, it’s kinda rare to see them come back after they are gone over a long period of time. Honestly, I thought Vendetta was probably was a busy man and shelved this, so I accepted that. The fact I was proven wrong makes me realise there is still hope. As for long games, I think the only one so far for me personally will probably be Telltale’s The Wolf among us and that will probably be 6 years when it comes out in 2019 (think I won’t count certain games even though they were more then 6 years as I was not actively waiting for them). But yeah, here’s me hoping again.