Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Hmm. I take it you’ve never met the ‘Terranova Twins’ from Chapter Two?

Only joking. They’re harmless really, and only seem like they’re from Planet Zorg. :smiley:

Nice of you to say so. I still hold out hope of seeing some others reappear, too – especially Blood for Poppies. Wonderfully imaginative and evocative storytelling. Never say never. :slight_smile:


I could have sworn that @LacetheDisgrace’s Blood for Poppies was finished while you were on hiatus.


Unfortunately not, no. Like my own project it has been revived two or three times over the years (perhaps also when Life has eased up some on tightening the rack), the last time being around Aug-Sept '17, from what I can tell. I live in hope. :slight_smile:


This option has always confused me:
“This guy could be dangerous. Best I put him down fast, and hard. If he dies in the process, well, them’s the breaks. Better him than me.”

It implies to me that the MC is going to knock him unconscious, whereas the MC ends up interrogating him. :confused:


If you have any weapon other than a set of brass knuckles he will surrender immediately when he sees it and there is no need to beat him unconscious. Had he fought back or in any way resisted, then you’d have been willing to do whatever was necessary, including kill him, to ensure a quick victory. In the case of the MC only having brass knuckles, he doesn’t see them until it’s too late, doesn’t surrender quickly enough, and you end up killing him.


Hey guys,

Sincere apologies for my lack of activity here of late. I’ve been away much of the past month dealing with important “family stuff” (for real, no pun intended!) and it just dragged out far longer than expected otherwise I would have posted sooner to give you a heads up. Anyway, just to say things have finally returned to normal and I’m back in the saddle so far as Vendetta development is concerned — in case anyone was starting to experience a touch of déjà vu


Live come first, and if you returned after years like a hungry grizzly bear. Nothing can stop Vendetta.


I didn’t have to wait for AoG it was something new random and exciting for me…unfortunately I’m now waiting for The New World from them quite impatiently


Nah, it’s cool, family comes first. Besides, the longer the wait, the better it was worth it, am I right ?


A month you say…hmm…* :thinking:
Too soon for me to congratulate you on becoming a father :baby: and mourning any sort of speedy game development process? I mean just look at @Havenstone . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • a month is the time most decent employers around here give paid paternity leave and the term it would have in the proposed new law, though as usual our conservatives are dragging their feet on the latter.


No argument here. :grin:

Heh. Nope, more to do with the oldest generation than the youngest… but no less important (or less time-consuming!) an event in many ways. Suffice it to say, all’s well that ends well. :slight_smile:

New Poll

Given my lack of time for Vendetta development over the past 4-5 weeks, I’m now even further behind in the planned schedule for release of the full new Public Demo – to the point where the grand announcement at the beginning of July (the launch of this thread) is feeling more than just a little embarrassing… :blush:

We have two options, and since I’ve received private advice in more or less equal support of both of these, I guess the best thing to do is let you guys decide!

1. Two-stage Release: I could post an early update of the New Public Demo which would at least enable you to see all the new game start / options, the new layout for the Modus Operandi and Word on the Street stuff, and the 18 role descriptions / background intro stories, plus the Game System Info section. Quite a lot of detailed stuff, all told – just not yet much of an actual playable game. It would be a taster, nothing more, and the rest of the Demo would follow in due course in a single, complete update.

2. Hold off for the New Public Demo in its entirety. It may be a few weeks yet.

  • Two-stage release. Something is better than nothing.
  • No rush. I can twiddle my thumbs until it’s all done.

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@Vendetta I have been around since the start of this game, and I would love to see the new stuff even if it’s not complete. However I will say that I don’t mind waiting.


I’m generally more in favour of substantial, major updates over small, frequent ones. I personally find easier to play test and they hold my fickle attention better than small ones. But this being Vendetta it won’t have trouble holding my attention anyway. :sweat_smile:


I vote for doing a proper release a few weeks or even months later, rather than you devoting extra time to releasing something that looks, or more aptly reads pretty but isn´t actually functional.
Of course this is from the perspective of one of your regulars, but then pretty much anybody reading this forum is and any casuals purely browsing Dashingdon are not all that likely to react very well to something that has little actual story or interactivity and most importantly for a choice game, meaningful choices at this point.


I could go either way , this was one of the first demos i ever played on my first account , and I’d just be happy to see how far it’s came.


Looks like so far I’m in the minority when it comes to the poll. Generally, I’d love to see a little bit that’s new, but I can understand those saying they would want to wait.

Btw, congrats on parenthood!


Thanks guys, you raised some excellent points.

LOL. I think you may have got the wrong end of the stick… Sadly, we remain childless – which on reflection is probably the main reason why Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster is my baby. Now I just have to raise it right, so I can dote on it like any proud parent. :grin:


You will have to search for a Cog Hosted bf gf for it but all of us now @JimD ZE is the official partner of Vendetta and will have a baby Called Vendetta rise Of the zombie boss In search of Brains XD lol


Damnit Mara, now you’ve made me wonder who would win in this fight; a horde of zombies or a group of gangsters with Tommy guns?


Smart gangster zombies with pistols.