Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented



Seems to me like Dino’s gang isn’t meant for a veteran soldier, anywho. A veteran that aspires to be a leadership-focused character would probably be best learning the ropes from Uncle Chuck and becoming his heir apparent. Hopefully Uncle Chuck will have the good sense to step down without the MC needing to cripple his legs. Family is family but business is business, after all.

Alternatively, become an elite and dangerous trigger(wo)man for Ginelli.


Or don’t do any of that and focus on business instead. Besides now that it is a primary background there will be new options specifically for the soldier so we cannot entirely base it on the old beta. Though I suppose doing a pacifist run with the soldier will not be easy, but then I did say I viewed it as a challenge and that character would lean more to the gamey side and less to the roleplaying one for me.

This is not a @Cataphrak game, so while I expect it will be challenging to make the soldier a pacifist and will involve some missed opportunities to play to the character’s starting skills I also expect that it can ultimately have some measure of success given Vendetta’s extraordinary flexibility for a choice game.


Years of min-maxing Sabres of Infinity characters has thoroughly warped my mind. :flushed:


the black hand member could offer a better plan too ( if you do the right choices you can pass up that embarassment moment on your gangster career )


Iam the queen of pacifist routes. I achieve with Evil Gandhi Mara one of the most embarrassing defeats of Karagon ever without a battle. Zero martial skills Only 20 people against a flying blood mage and 3 pletoi mutants while a more than 400 professional army tried to caught me in the woods… I lost only 6 people and killed the mutants and the mage while remaining sneaky enough to the main army can’t find me and go away with the tail down. And all without order any violence except legitimate defense, no raids and free of speech…
:dark_sunglasses: After that, being a pacific soldier in mafia is a pice of cake


Hey! I am not acquainted with the history of this era but I have ideas if they work in the setting - ex bodyguard in place of ex pinkerton and debt extortionist in place of prizefighter.

Also was looking at street racer for background ideas and I discovered that the racing sport actually originated during this period. Will we have any content related to that?

Finally will there be gambling?


Both motorcycles and car racing took off - great call.

The car racing obviously lends itself to “rum running” or moonshine running … the only trouble I see here is our setting is urban mob and for the most part, the cars were still slow and unreliable … it wasn’t until Bonnie and Clyde era (after this one) that the car started to become viable for the majority of getaway vehicles… there were Duesenburgs and such but they were very rare and not really available unless you were top 1% (as seen in Great Gatsby)

I do like the idea of having both “mechanical” and perhaps “driving” skills though/


Ah, I want one of those! However to do so on my mc’s legal income, as he is careful to try and match all of his rackets with legitimate business fronts, would either be very late in the game or something for a possible sequel. As, again, my mc is not going to be brought down by the damned IRS.

Like you say it is more something for a possible sequel, but getting involved in the racing sport (both organizing them legally and controlling the illegal gambling on them) is something my mc would certainly be interested in.
As an aside organizing both legal and illegal races would let my mc pick out particularly talented young drivers to either launch into racing stardom, while collecting significant management fees on their contracts (legal) or to recruit into his gang as the getaway drivers once that sort of racket becomes feasible in a possible sequel.

Great ideas though, almost ashamed it didn’t occur to me as I tend to like cute guys on bikes and in (super) cars.

Why choose? I say why not have both. :wink:


I am more interested in boys than cars :wink: But as @Eiwynn has said this is pretty previous all the car mayhem phase of moonshine.

@Vendetta what I will probably say it won’t be particularly commercial even if interesting. The social connection with Church and Italian in America in that period. I suppose you can’t due correctness but that societies have a wicked sense of religious belief and give money to it. A boy who joined the church and study then have a faith crisis is a valid argument to study. Many poor Italian and Spanish people join the Church not because of faith , just to help families or obtain studies.


Just want to drop to say that I am looking forward to this. I heard good things about this and with being able to play as a Female MC, I am more than excited!

Always love stories set in days past!


Prizefighter: A woman released from an insane asylum (asylums being a preferred storage in this time period for women who wouldn’t obey the menfolk in their lives). That said, the Paroled Convict’s stats just plain suck in play from what I remember, which may be part of the problem.

Ex-Pinkerton: Leave it as it is. Nobody wants to play the ex-cop because the ex-cop isn’t a particularly interesting background to most and because…ew, dat leadership. :slight_smile:


Looking over my old beta notes this is true, maybe @Vendetta should consider just scrapping both of them as it would mean less work at least.

True, the more interesting kind of (ex)cops would have been a few rungs higher up the ladder, such as the detectives. Hmmm…maybe equalize them both to private eye? As in the kind of struggling free-lance detectives popularized by film noir? Although I suppose most noir depicts the late 1930’s to mid 1950’s, so it would be too late time period. Hmmm…this is hard.
If they are still very much the least enjoyable after the new public demo and beta maybe just cut them? :thinking:

Both backgrounds lack the “leet” fighting prowess of the soldier (or Black Hand guy, for those who do enjoy that role) and don’t really compensate for that by increased leadership, business skills or charisma, which are some of the things that make non-combat focused mc’s so much fun to play. IMHO far more so than just blasting your way through the game guns blazing, but that is just my personal take of course.

Well it’s Vendetta’s call and his developer time and effort on the line here, but it seems to me that the female roles of those may not have been written much beyond the public demo, so this would be the point to cut your losses while you can. Nobody likes cutting in their proverbial baby, which is why editors and publishers can and perhaps must be such, evil, evil people at times. Right @TSSL ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

True, but do that and it would not be paired with a particularly interesting male role and for me at least the Black Hand member already has that problem versus his much more intriguing female assassin opposite.


There’s going to be some classes that nobody likes. I see no reason not to keep the PC and EC (and their counterparts), they can just be at the back of the line for special scenarios.

Though I do think that an Asylum Inmate for women would be a bit of social commentary on the time - especially because a female PC is still an ex-Hellion, right? Different (and ultimately worse) treatment by laws founded in paternalism.


No. I feel such a background detracts from @Vendetta 's goal in writing Vendetta. It is not to comment on the society of the day but to tell a story like the Godfather and Boardwalk Empire of an individual mobster of the day.

It has realism and realistic portrayals of the times within it but those aspects are always secondary to the game play and storytelling.

If Vendetta was to include things like Sanitariums with all their historical horror - it would actually derail the story and cause more disruption than he was looking to write

YMMV - on this aspect. This is my impression from what was said in the OP, the old feedback and what little was said on the new changes so far. So I might be totally of base :woman_shrugging:

Backgrounds are not classes - as a result, I actually see some being more popular than others but I don’t see any that will be disliked or that nobody likes. Especially if Bob continues to write as well as he has for the past few years.

That doesn’t mean that the backgrounds couldn’t be improved with better names, more individual tweaking (as is now being suggested) and perhaps refocusing - I also agree that there will be a line for expanded content but that is more a function of Vendetta’s wriing and his ability to produce that content.

Also, one thing:

How this even relates to historical fact is beyond me. Even as early as the 19th century street gangs of an earlier era in New York, females were a fact of gang life. Why their participation would entail a Sanatorium and a guy’s participation wouldn’t is something I do not make the connection with.

Different treatment by laws in this criminal situation is a valid scope of inquiry, no doubt, but these matters were not handled by the mental health system for women - the sentencing, prosecution and enforcement differences within the judicial/criminal system in regards to gender is both documented and studied, even as early as this story takes place.


I’m so excited for the female roles. I read the original a while ago and enjoyed the accuracy with slang etc and I always enjoy the ones with more choice in regards to the mc’s profession and different ways to do the same thing.

edit: With the female roles I’m looking forward to being a burlesque dancer using her feminine wiles in order to get what she wants :smiling_imp:.

This is one where I would definitely play multiple times with different genders and different backgrounds.


Maybe the problem with the Ex-Pinkerton background is that some people might be unfamiliar with the organization. I, as a non-american, had to google it.
Having opened Wikipedia, I read this:

During the labor strikes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, businessmen hired the Pinkerton Agency to infiltrate unions, supply guards, keep strikers and suspected unionists out of factories, and recruit goon squads to intimidate workers.

The infiltrator/spy aspect of this sounds intriguing. It could also provide a different perspective on potential Union Organizer subplots.
In short, renaming it to Spy/Infiltrator or Private Eye might draw more people in.


Private eye could be but The term spy in the mind of people are a totally different from what a pinkerton is. Moreover if you think in the time period this happens.

@Vendetta What i think is there should be a info dump choice at the mom of choose background where is explained each background meaning. That way names remain as historical accurate and people still know what they mean.


Infiltrator might have less dramatic connotation, then.


In that period there is no infiltrators that sounds like Command and Conquer not like a godfather setting. A pinkerton is just a private eye that sometimes do shady corporate business still no spy and no commando behind lines.


There are corporate spies or infiltrators, which isn’t much different from this.