Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster -- Reinvented

I don’t care what you choose due I trust you choose what it best for you. You are the one writing, the system hs to work for you lol. it doesn’t work for you certainly won’t work for anyone. :slight_smile: If you need some private testing or something count me on. Or If only want release steam insulting the universe :wink:


And…we’re back to normal with us disagreeing as usual. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In a word: yes. But what Mara said, do whatever works and feels right to you. We’ll offer our comments either way whenever you choose to upload something anyway.

Oh, dear, have you roped Havenstone, Gower and Moreau into it too by any chance?


That would provoke a Orgy of nerdgasm in forum lol…


Ah okay, clearly I misinterpreted.

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This game reminds me so much of the original Mafia 1 (which also had some story sections take place during the American Prohibition Era) also The Godfather and Goodfellas. Were you inspired by any of these by any chance?

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I wouldn’t say “inspired by” so much as maybe “influenced by” – Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster is actually based on a multiplayer strategy game I first released way back in 1986, but has of course been influenced by many other games, novels, movies and documentaries / biographies since then… Hard not to be! :slight_smile:

[Dragged the above recent post into here from another forum topic.]

Not actually ‘hibernation’, I’m pleased to say–just been dealing with another of life’s curve balls. Progress on the game has been steady (if unspectacular) over the past 2-3 months. With limited time to actually write consistently, when time allowed I’ve instead been coding some features for the mid-late game stages, which will make things easier / quicker to include actual narrative for in the long run. It’s all necessary stuff, if not particularly useful for my short-term goal of getting a new Public Demo out there. I’ve more actual free time on my hands now, so the focus has switched back accordingly.

My biggest problem at the moment is wrestling with my inner critic… The sooner I get that annoying little imp locked up in a cupboard, the happier I’ll be! :smiley:


Am I remembering correctly that I can romance Rosie as a woman when the time comes? Because I recall I found her ever so intriguing!

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Have you made a new and improved Dashingdon demo link to Vendetta? Or do we still have to play from the old public demo?

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You know if you ever need help leading the little git into a corner…you know where I am :wink:




I’m in love and very interested in a beta :heart_eyes:

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Your memory is faultless – her vocation notwithstanding, Rosie Mallory is indeed a lesbian. There are also a number of bisexual characters, of both genders, although this is not always immediately apparent (especially as one or two don’t even admit it to themselves).

It’s still the old link at the moment, I’m afraid. My plans for the New Public Demo are discussed in the Oct 7 post a short scroll up.

A show of muscle might just do the trick… :wink:

You and me both! :smiley:


This is 1920’s 'Murica, not exactly a gay-friendly place by any means. :unamused:
To the outside world gay couples were room or housemates, which was a bit more common phenomenon among unmarried straight men too in those days.
Ironically I think it would get more scrutiny once the mc and their lover (hopefully Adamo in my case) can actually comfortably afford to live in a mansion.


Any chance that Lucinda is lesbian/bi? That woman is a badass with a gun :slight_smile:

Also if I remember correctly (been a while since I last played the demo): if you choose to enlist Rosie with avenging Billy, you can’t max out the revenge for Billy bar? The perfectionist in me is a little miffed at that haha. Can there be an option later on to make O’Hara’s life in prison a living hell for a while, and then arrange for someone to kill him in jail?

For a female mc, do you have to rewrite the Dino/Chuck/Mangano job options in the first chapter? It’d be cool if a woman is actually leading the little band of burglars but I can see how it might be a little hard to get Dino to fall in line. Same with Chuck. As for the truck job…well, I just have a hard time seeing Mangano picking a woman along, even if she’s Annie Oakley with a gun. Gotta loooove the patriarchy.


I believe @Vendetta said there was going to be the option to visit O’Hara in prison, so maybe there is also the option to bribe some guards or fellow inmates to make the guy’s living hell. My mc personally wouldn’t go that far, as he prefers to remain in the shadows, let’s keep O’Hara and his powerful benefactors tearing out their hair guessing who did it. But then my mc prefers to operate on the background whenever possible when it comes to his less than legal dealings.


Cool! Yep, I was actually also thinking along the same lines of keeping it a secret on the ‘arrange to kill O’Hara’ part. It might be harder, idk, but I figure if I’m going to make someone’s life miserable, might as well go all the way in.

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An assassination is too much honor and effort for the likes of O’Hara. What my mc might do is make sure that at some point he gets added time from the warden for bad behaviour and pay witnesses and victims to come forth at his parole board hearings to make sure he doesn’t get out until he’s an old man. That would be far better revenge than a mere killing.

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That’s a good point. I should clarify that I meant make life difficult in prison for O’Hara for years, then at the end of the dozen or more so years arrange for him to be quietly killed off. Though that means the mc has to even survive that long in the first place :slight_smile:

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That would probably require building a lot of connections, which I’d wager is easier if you’re a political bagman or ex law enforcement. Now, I love to make the guy suffer, but I’m more of making him die in a horrible fashion, hence why I always go to the bar with the past and present Hellions. It’s glory or bust, though I admit, the old bloodlust has faded now as I replayed.

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Look at Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, it can also be done as a successful legitimate businessman. If he gets the funds for it my college boy intends to be a fixture at the annual police charity ball for sure and maybe do something like sponsor the police baseball league too or something. I’m just saying lots of ways to build connections and become a pillar of the community, if you want to.

We should also have a couple of years before O’Hara comes up for parole and my mc doesn’t really care how good or bad his life on the inside is, just that he stays there until he’s at least a senior citizen.