Vampire Masquerade: What’s your clan?

Malkavian, as expected :crazy_face:

Got Gangrel made sense.

Hecata. But i wanted the flashcrafting ones. But Necromancer Vamps are cool too.

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Tzimisce… ya i saw that coming, I definetly fit the voivodes stereotypes

Ventrue. I suppose it is the closest one to the classic Count Dracula.

Banu Haqim, Tremere and Setite.

So a lustfull wizard with a moral compass? Neat.

My nickname says it all. No surprise :wink:


Nosferatu (“sort of”)

  1. Surprise rent inspection! You…

Fail. The piles of mouldy crockery in the sink, the overflowing bin and the ‘crunchy’ floor don’t go down very well

  1. The Landlord informs you that you failed the inspection. What do you do?

Say “Surely we can come to some kind of mutually acceptable agreement?” then offer them a chair and glass of wine

Oh they’ll be delighted when they see me go fetch a dirty wine glas from my mouldy sink!

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Hah, I got Malkavian for two of them, which I didn’t really see coming. Toreador for the other one though, which makes sense since that’s what I normally go with in games.

Banu Haqim, Malkavian, and Nosferatu

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Taken 1/3 so far. I got Toreador, and I understand why but I disagree. I selected lustful twice because I am… but Toreadors are seductive, not lustful, and I’m by no means seductive at all. Though I don’t really think I’m any of them.

Taken the other 2 now. Nosferatu and Gangrel. Nosferatu is probably the most accurate.

I figured that would be Tzimisce, especially v5 Tzimisce, what with the Animalism and Dominate and Protean. And they’re also called Stokers with Old Clan Tzimisce being Draculs. They’re also a bit more covetous as with Dracula. Could just be me though lol

Funny thing is Vlad Tepes (Dracula) is a 5th turn 4th gen Tzimisce in Vtm

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I got Tremiere, Brujah, Salubri :sweat_smile: In other words, social outcast.

Toreador, Gangrel, and Gangrel.

How I got Toreador is beyond me.

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I got toreador. Not that much of a surprise.

Malkavian this is what i got

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Huh, I usually get Malk or Gangral when I talk these kinds of tests. Not this time…



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Ok then, where can i find the nearest stop sign?