Vampire Masquerade: What’s your clan?

Toreador. Toreador. Toreador.

Can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve always been very passionate about my work, and I have no small pride in following very strict standards/morals to not blemish what little reputation some bigoted people have left regarding my career choice. I often think to myself when things get stressful “If I don’t take it seriously and keep my chin up, and simply let others trample me into doing whatever it’s profitable, what sort of perception I’ll build for others towards my peers and apprentices in the future?”. (I’m a full time artist/game designer)

Also, dancing is sort of a passion of mine. I’m that one strange person that goes clubbing for the actual dancing. So I suppose that might be sexy for some. I’m usually completely uninterested in flirting with anyone though, I’m there to lose myself in the music.

Nosferatu. Makes sense. Was hoping for Ravnos, but I guess I’m to much of a home body.

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thank you for share this post. I usually get Malk or Gangral when I talk these kinds of tests…

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