Vampire House (Complete)


Subroxanne line 126 non existant variable.


If we've worked out enough could we have the option to beat up the people bullying Elizabeth?


I deeply regret naming Roxanne's relationship variable, Roxy. When I shortened it like that, I figured it would be easier to remember, and faster to type, but it's mostly just caused problems because no other character variable has been shortened like that, so I don't intuitively remember to write it like that.

I'm also surprised random test didn't catch that. I ran it like 50 times.

Thanks for finding it.

A lot of the people bullying her are girls, so... it could create an uncomfortable situation if you're playing as a guy. Of course, one time it was a guy, and even if you play as a girl, there's another problem...

I've never been a huge fan of the 'main character supports their girlfriend by beating the shit out of people their girlfriend should have been able to stand up to on her own' trope.

There was always something vaguely demeaning about the main character 'taking care' of problematic people in their girlfriend's life through violence. I'd feel the issue would be slightly lessened by playing as a female character, as it reduces the damsel in distress vibes somewhat, but it's still kind of uncomfortable.

Then again... maybe I'm just over thinking it. I might just be paranoid about depicting a female character as weak, and acting as if that's automatically a bad thing, which maybe isn't the case. Honestly, it's one of those things that's kind of hard to judge, since I'm the one who wrote it, and therefore have a biased insight to it.


1) You should have it run something like a 1000+ times at the very least.
2) Quicktest is what's actually used to catch those bugs. (If you're having trouble with Quicktest because of setting things up wrong, yea it's a pain to go back and fix the problems, but it is also really helpful once you've got them all fixed and quicktest catches most technical problems.)


I really like this game.
Quick edit here. I did forget to mention that the fitness stat doesn't seem to go up no matter how much I exercise or workout, until I start going to the hunters club.
And my studying doesn't seem to ever get me to an A either even if I study every day at home.


Duly noted.

As it turns out, I was set up perfectly for it apparently. I didn't have any problems running it. And it caught a few bugs.

I'll look into both of those before the next update to see if there's a bug.


And, we've got an update. I think I've created enough opportunities to complete any character's events. My next update is going to contain the finale. Honestly, it kind of felt like I was in a holding pattern story wise.

It might take a while to write. Every romance option will have a unique ending with the final sackman confrontation/Halloween party epilogue, so I'm gonna need a bit.

After that though... we're done. I'll still have to edit of course. and I've definitely got some issues here and there that need patching up.

But, I'll be proud to say I finished writing a project. Once edited, we'll see if I can't get this thing published under hosted games.

I just wanted to say...

Thank you.

This community has been an enormous help to me while writing this. You were all really friendly and encouraging. It meant a lot to me.

I know I'll have a lot of fun when I start my next project too.


Something has happened in the newest update.
I decided to go straight Malka and it took me to Damien's events afterwards.
Somehow they got tacked onto her.


Reading my scene list, it looks like Malka's subroutine is listed before Damien's. So, you probably fell off the end of the file.

...Which means I didn't put a return at the end of it.


And checking it just now, that's exactly what happened. The current update's been fixed.


Hey get a leg on slacker wink


All right, since this project is nearly finished, I think it's about time I said something.

First; I need to ask, should I go for Eli or for Malka. It's a hard choice personally.

Second; That scene with Elizabeth's dad stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes (This was the closest I could find that looked like I was laughing)

Third; What is damage and fitness supposed to do? Especially damage, I have yet to find out why it's always been -1. And studies too, other than for deciding whether or not I am worthy of being Eli's tutor?

Fourth; Is reading Empathy supposed to do something yet? Judging by the older posts, it's (apparently) supposed to make it easier to bond with people.


Honestly speaking, I don't really post much on the forums, I just read posts and wait for the next update, in constant prayer that somehow the WIPs I like will get finished.

Sad truth, they rarely ever do. So it came as a pleasant surprise to me that you've gotten this close to finishing this awesome game.

So let me be the first to say: Congrats, you've done what only a handful of fanfiction writers and choice game writers have accomplished: You finished what you've written. As a fellow writer, albeit an amateur one, you have my respect; as a fan of your work, this emoticon explains everything joy

Now, I'm pretty sure that you're gonna submit this under hosted games, and make it so the full version has to be bought, and although that is something to celebrate, let me lament; I'm still fifteen, I am reliant on my mom's apple account for all my iPhone's games, and it has ABSOLUTELY no money (I can honestly say that I have bought absolutely none of the games in this awesome website, Hosted or otherwise).

tl:dr: Congrats, you've done awesomely, I am happy and sad that this is probably gonna be on the market.

P.S. Any clues on to what exactly the Sackman is?


Fitness, when high enough, causes the Matthew stat to gain faster when doing the hunter's lodge activity.

Damage is the variable for 'condition' in the stats screen. 0 is fine, 1-2 hurting, so on and so forth. I think it's becoming -1 due to a glitch. I'm probably going to get rid of it, so it doesn't really matter. Studies is shaping up just to make you Elizabeth's tutor, which causes you to get a bonus when working both in terms of money, and Elizabeth's stat.

Eh... empathy might not work out. Right now it does nothing. If I don't get rid of it, I'll probably make it so it gives a relationship bonus when doing activities.

Yeah... I didn't even need to spend any time on this forum to know that was the case. I saw a lot of that while I was spending three years trying to break into indie gaming. It's hard to finish what you start. I had that problem early on, and I teamed up with a lot of people who couldn't finish too.

Still... I pulled through this time.

Eh... nah. I need feedback on the ending as much as I do anything else. Plus... there's just not any reason not to put the whole thing on here. These forums have a pretty small amount of traffic. Most people who buy these games, even some die-hard fans, don't come here. I don't suspect I'll be losing much by leaving it all up.

Even if it does cost me a handful of sales, the feedback will be worth more than the value of a dozen or so units. Not to mention, people in your position never would have been able to buy it anyway, so there was never even a loss in those cases.

Thanks! I'm pretty excited. Let's hope it sells well enough for me to leave fast food work.

I'm hoping at least one character's ending will give some insight, but... there might just not be any way to smoothly insert that information into the story.

So I might as well post it here.

The original version of the sackman was going to involve him being a psychological construct in human form. People's fears, specifically parents fears for their children gathered and somehow became a being. That being then became what those parents feared, a monster lurking in the darkness that wanted to harm their children.

But, I changed my mind and went with a different idea.

The sackman used to be a human a long, long time. I'm talking like 40000+ years ago, roughly the time period humans as we know them first appeared.

He did something so unbelievably horrendous to a child or children (I haven't actually come up with the fine details, and probably wont) that he was warped into that form. He became an aberration by performing actions so terrible, they haven't been repeated since. He has a compulsion to harm children, but genuinely does not want to harm them, or at best, believes his actions against them are for the greater good.

If he dies, he'll eventually be reborn. Every time he comes back, his form changes, and it always changes to reflect the current society's fears.

Every culture has had a boogeyman of some sort, and he's always that.

He also still has a human mind. However, 40000+ years of being that monster have largely eroded his sanity. He doesn't really remember who he used to be, or what he did to become that thing.


Both sound like a pretty awesome backstory, though in terms of the current story, the latter fits better, but I honestly prefer the original.

How ironic, after years of fearing the vampires and werewolves, the humans had, in the end, created the very monster they feared themselves.


Following the idea that he shood look like what childten feared the most. Why is he a sack man? Isent the idea of a sackman kinda old? In the world younhavw created the people aeem to be more scared of things liek vampires and werewolves then a scarecrow person. Even in our world, things like Jason and Freddy Cruger are closer to the norm of young peoples fears then sackman.

Now i am not saying it should be similar to Jason, but i personally cant recall a story involving a sackman from my childhood for me to develop such a fear.


The way I figured it is he didn't revive recently. The current sackman has been around for a while. His form doesn't update itself until he's killed.

Of course, that's mostly an after-the-fact justification. I came up with his look before coming up with his backstory. I looked up random horror monsters trying to get an idea for a villain. When I read 'sackman', I thought of a slasher villain that wears a sack on his head.

Admittedly, the original stories of the sack man were a bit more mundane according to Wikipedia. Apparently the sack man in folk lore is literally just a man with a sack. He uses it to nab naughty children. Stories of him were also mostly restricted to areas near South America and Spain.


I really love this wip, just saying lol


I noticed most of the errors were words that had capitalization errors here are a few.

List updating, I wasn't focused on copying down errors since this was my first time and didn't expect this to be so long sry.

*"glad to hear it," she said. "I'll see you soon."

"A-alright. Fine, I wont. *for now anyway."

I smiled. "Thanks! *this is great!" That seed probably wouldn't have lasted very long anyway.


How frequently does this get updated


Thanks. I'll look into those before the next update

Whenever I've got a new chunk of content to show. Which will probably be tomorrow, with Elizabeth's ending. I'll add a new skip to get to the endings.

I don't really have a schedule.


It's amazing that the compiled game is only 817kb, given how many words I've pumped into it.

Elizabeth's ending is done. I've still got to edit it later, but for now, I can move on to another character.

A new skip option has been added, you can jump straight to the endings.

The entire ending file is about 5000 words. Remember when this game was going to be 'less than 50000'. What happened to that? Seriously? And to think my original plan for this thing was to carry through an entire school year, plus summer vacation.


I think I know what my next project's going to be about. It's basically a Beauty and the Beast story, though the 'beast' is female. Also the fine details are seriously detached from the source material. It aught to be fun to write. I've just got to focus on this project first.

Let's hope this thing beats minimum wage when it gets released! I'd love to work on my next title full time.


I played through again and it wouldn't let me do the ending even though I had the perfect score with Elizabeth. Before I got to the final part it just stopped and did the "Play Again" screen. Can I only access the ending by skipping to it?