Vampire House (Complete)


This is becoming one of my favorite active WIPs so far. In my opinion, I like how you make sure the pages don't become a huge wall of text. Makes it very accessible, even without skipping.


Thanks! That was actually because someone mentioned the prologue was way too long. I made a point of adding page_break frequently. That said, my placement of them does feel a little random sometimes...

Regardless. I haven't heard anybody complain about where I'm choosing to place them yet, so I guess I'm doing fine.


It. Is. Done.

Elizabeth's, Matthew's, Malka's, Damien's, and Roxanne's personal events are all done.

You can only see them when their variable is boosted enough.

Seeing the first event is free. The second needs a value of at least 20, third 40, fourth 60 so on and so forth.

It's full speed ahead until the finale! It won't be much longer now until we're finished here. I should probably make a post in that 'We want to know what your working on' thread soon.

I don't think I've ever finished a project of this size before. But, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Even when I finish writing it, I'll still have to edit it. So, maybe I've got a ways to go yet.

Regardless, progress you guys can actually see is forthcoming.


When reading the book that gives you the Skip Reading ability I get the message "Alexander gained a skill!" but I changed my character's name.


Thanks! I used find/replace to clean up the read subroutine. the current updates been fixed, so it should be good now.


Have the new personal events been uploaded yet?


Technically, yes. the files are there, but there's currently no way to reach them in game. Damien and Roxanne's events will only be available after where the game currently ends. And I don't think there are enough opportunities to complete any other character's events yet.

You should be able to start getting through them after the next update.


I ended the current update with a 95 relationship with Elizabeth. Is that as much as I can get right now?


Probably, though I don't really know. This hasn't been carefully tested for balance. I have no idea how much you could reasonably get right now.

There are some things you could try. If your grade is high enough, you'll get a + 5 bonus when working at the manor with her. You'll also make some extra cash.

If your athletics are good enough, you'll get a bonus with Matthew, fighting bonus with Roxanne, Goth clothes get a bonus with Malka, and stylish clothes get a bonus with Damien.

That said, you'll never need more than 100. Once someone's variable reaches 100, you can view their final event.


I played through it again and got my grade to a 101 but ended the game with a 65 with Elizabeth 😂 Guess I gotta work on balancing it better.


Yeah, it takes a while to get your grade high enough to get that bonus. Right now, it's probably not worth it. Still, I'm planning to add several more opportunities to visit character events as time progresses in the game.

It may end up being worth it in the long run. If not, I can always change it during the editing process so it's more manageable.

Time will be moving a lot faster than normal from this point forward. Part of the reason for that is this is the point in the game where the player will probably be seeing a ton of events. I have to be cautious when I make Alex(is) interact with anybody, because I don't know what events the player will have seen by that point.

I can't have Roxanne hating on Alex(is) if things have cooled between them. But, I also can't have her being too nice either, because maybe things haven't cooled between them. So... a lot of the writing is probably going to be less focused on Alex(is) and company, and more on the sackman's activities.

Until the confrontation, in which case the story goes into one of the romantic interest's endings. Unless you didn't complete anybody's events. In which case you just die horribly.


I was able to get my academics up to 101 and have my relationship with Elizabeth at 100


Just ended the game with a 81 in studies and a 140 with Elizabeth joy


140 ,how did u get so much?


If you megaskip you get to jack up a characters relationship to 100 instantly so then after doing some of her events the game ended with a 140


Had a nasty bit of writers block, and really struggled to continue forward. However, since I'm trying to write this thing in a time frame that could justify making a living off of it, I pretty much just told myself to suck it up and keep writing.

As a consequence, I really don't feel this was my best. I'm hopeful that during the editing phase I'll have fresher ideas when I revisit this segment, and hopefully, I'll be able to patch it back up.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can view every character's events now, though you may have to cheat via the debugger.

We're very close to the finale now. Like, extremely close.


If empathy and mannerisms is useless.
Can it be replaced with a fighting skillbook.
I'm kinda tired of my character doing -1 damage.
Or at least let me patent that as healing punches.
(Punches so weak they heal you)


If you're referring to the debug stat 'damage' that's not an indication of how hard you hit, it's the name of the hp variable.

There's no combat system.

Though, HP is pretty pointless too. I thought I was gonna be able to do something with it, but... probably not.

That said, a fighting skill book is still a good idea, though I'd probably make it where it boosts the gain when you train fighting.

Now that I think about it... I could change Empathy to where it boosts your friendship gains when hanging out with someone.

Eh. It's late where I am. I'll think about it tomorrow.


I like the way you have portrayed how mc's feeling for Elizabeth changes in a short span and vice versa. The conversation between mc and Elizabeth's dad where he subtlely gives his permission for them to date is hilarious and cute,BTW is the Halloween party the finale? ,keep it up .Good work 👍☺


Thanks! And yeah, the Halloween party will be the final day.