Vampire House (Complete)


Is Damien s ending out yet?


Did you finish all the events? It isn't enough to have her score at 100. You also have to see every single event. Your ability to see events is dependent on that score though. You can't see the last event until it is at 100.

(Also, this really has nothing to do with anything, but... your profile pic is of Peppermint Butler. Awesome.)

Nope. Matthew's is next, then Malka, then Damien, and finally Roxanne.


Yup I missed her last event somehow lol I think I clicked through too fast. Her ending was awesome! I just love Elizabeth. She was definitely my favorite. Love how she finally stood up for herself smile

And thanks Peppermint Butler is the bomb.


Peppermint butler is evil...

Anyway I wonder whaylt Roxannes ending is like.

I forsee broken things.
And much pain inthe future.


He burried bodies underneath the ninth hole in a golf corse in the nightosphere for marceline's dad...
And for some reason he in tight with lord death himself....


How can I date elizabeth.


Work at the manor.
And study.


Does the relationship status have to be 100


You can only view the final event with her when it is at 100, so yes. Get it to 100, then see the final event with her at the manor. After that, you can get her ending.


Oh alright thank you.


you can by working in the house.


Excited for Roxanne ending


Sorry to say it's the very last one in my queue, so it's gonna be a little while stuck_out_tongue


Take your time, the game is amazing


awesome game now i want a second one god dame it.


Just did Elizabeth's Ending. That bite scene left me screaming 'Strike The Blood!' repeatedly for like, thirty seconds.

So... is this it? Is it over? Must I now await the release Malka's Ending?

Oh, P.S., Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but seeing as 'Empathy' hasn't been removed yet, I assume it does something now?


Once I've written all the endings I'm probably going to go back and rebalance some things. That will probably cost less eventually.

I'll make a sequel with a different main character eventually. It won't be my next project though.

I saw a comercial for that show, but I haven't gotten around to seeing it yet.

Also, nope! Empathy still does absolutely nothing! :smile:


I'm not sure if I should recommend it, it's a bit... annoying.

Seriously, it can't go one arc without screaming the sentence that practically ALL of its fans know:

No Senpai, this is our fight!

And every time the main character sucks out some blood, the result looks like the women just orgasmed.

And finally...

What are your plans for Empathy? I vote removal.


I found your story very varied in the dialouge when it came up and the ending with Elizabeth stupendous I've never had a moment when I felt that feel towards the end a great way to end the story. Hoping for a sequel or perhaps a continuation. Like more planes to visit or finding more monsters. Keep up the great work and can't wait for the Makal ending and the others ones too. Oh yea the purpose for studying? I study but I thought there was going to be a test or something


It. Is. Complete.

...It is not, however, edited. Or even really super stable. So we're not done yet.


Eh... I might check out a few episodes eventually anyway.
Empathy... we'll see.

I always thought that was the idea behind that. You wouldn't want the victim to be fighting back, so vampire's make them really, really, like it.

Thanks! Studying might be bugged, though it's mainly for getting closer to Elizabeth.

There was going to be a test, but... it just didn't happen.