Vampire House (Complete)


I met up with Matthew for training and had a beginner skill as a hunter. Also my fitness has to be amazing :slight_smile:


Congrats! Roxanne is probably one of the better dating options. If I was to play it again, I would go for either Roxanne, the demon guy or Matthew.


How are you guys playing it, isnt dropbox dead?



Thanks, I was looking for a way to play this, and didnt know it had been published.


I play the iPhone versions available in the app stores. All the games on the site are available in this format.


Fun game, I’ve really enjoyed it (as far as I can play through) but how do you go to Halloween with Damien? Then the game just ends 'cause I can’t get a date? I’ve only tried to get close to Damien and then my game ends, what’s the secret to getting through the entire game?



there is a “trick” in order to get your romance option to the Halloween, you must keep count of the date until the halloween, and you must stick to ONE choice of your romance option from the beginning, i means whenever you get a choice to interact with multiple characters, always choose the one special to you, do not… and i mean do not try to interact with other characters, because you have to ensure you finish your storyline of interaction with that choice of yours before the halloween… as for Damien, i heard that you need to buy fancy cloth to attract him

as for myself, my choice of Romance is always Elizabeth when i read it over and over again… however i did tried an alternate romance with Malka as well, she was also a nice romance partner and i truly felt for her as well, i initially thought she might be a witch but i was surprised to learn that she is actually a “walking dead/zombie” … and i applaud the author because this is the first title that explore a romance relationship with a walking dead without making her “disgusting” or “gruesome” …the author did made a very interesting concept on why her skin didn’t melt like slime even though her organs was supposed to be deceased, a very interesting concept for movies or novel who want to make a touching romance story with a zombie without making them disgusting with funny(distasteful) joke on how their skin always fall apart…

Still , Elizabeth is always my first choice of Romance… and i am happy that this title still get some attention even though the author seems to abandon it for a future sequel … some of my friends already suggest that they won’t hesitate to purchase this title if there is a sequel into it … and they are all grateful for the author to make Vampire House a free read , this is indeed a quality Free read…


This is cute.I especially like the bloodsucking scene with Elizabeth


Thank you very much for the reply! I got too stubborn about romancing Damien that I didn’t try anyone else out, but I will after I give your advice a shot. Despite not playing it all the way through yet, I do wish there was a sequel; I would pay for the new title like your friends. Anyways, thanks again for the helpful reply and I hope you have a great day!


That was probably one of my favorite choice of games ever. Wish there was more to it ):


There will be no more sequel …but the author @OdicHastings is working on a spinoff called
“The Haze Under Windbroke” … perhaps you can try the WIP now ? :slight_smile: