Vampire House (Complete)


Well, I have over 400 games on Steam so I can't say I don't like it immensely, but since I use Google Chrome anway, I enjoyed Chrome Web Store because it had regional pricing, meaning the prices were much more adequate to Polish standards than Steam's Western ones. That said I still have few COG games on Steam and will probably buy future ones there as well since Web Store is closing.


hey i cant get damien or roxanne's route? Can someone help?


I've also been having trouble getting Damien's ending, I've done every step but I don't have enough time to visit him and then it ends. Is there a way to earn money faster?


@sarad321 @laney_lo a guide I made earlier in the thread for all romances.


I have went through the game about 3 times now trying to get an ending with Damien. It's frustrating because I choose to spend my time with him every single chance I get but I can only get up to 5/6 events with him. And each time the game ends because I can't find a date the Halloween party. I have no idea how to get a date and I originally wanted to go with Damien but as far as I know, there isn't a choice to do that. My character is a guy and I don't know if I don't have the option to go with Damien because of that or what. It would just be really awesome if I could actually get a date with him and delve further into the game because I truly love it. It's awesome and I have already recommended it to many of my friends.


You need to buy the most expensive clothes ASAP to date him


I have finished this game more than once to get all the endings. I really like the story and the characters!


Nearly memorized the whole thing because I didn’t realize I had to buy clothes in order to actually go to the party. And if I didn’t, then hell I got lucky that time. Always listem to your mother, kids.


Hi … I just want to say that thank you for writing this wonderful romance story, it is the most touching and fun teen romance that i ever read… i don’t know how to express but i feel Vampire House provide a sense of “innocence Love” to the story line of Elizabeth and the protagonist, i initially was expecting Vampire House as a common game book which we simply browse through during free time, but the moment when i read about Elizabeth standing on the balcony where a stone almost hit her, i immediately “feel” that there is going to be something special about the story…

And my instinct was correct, well i had a feeling that the original author may had set the plot line of Elizabeth and Protagonist as the main story line, because when i made the choice based on this concept , i really feel “touched” with the story line involve Elizabeth, the way he interact with the protagonist, trying to make him feel miserable but end up letting people misunderstanding them as a couple…, and i play with my character “Eric” who i can also feel that he was trying to redempt himself after knowing what a horrible thing he had done, i really felt the guilt when Roxanne asked whether i was justifying the thing which i had done, and telling me that she was not the person who i should be apologising … when Elizabeth asked “Eric, what do you think of people trying to hurt her just because she is not human?”, i immediately knew that i will say "I am sorry " in front of her , and it was so touching that Elizabeth’s response was eyes widen, then she hold back her tongue of not exposing me as the one who throw stone to her too…i really feel so touche about the whole thing…this is exactly the sort of “innocence love” that we are lacking these days, where most teen romance nowadays portray a larger than life hero and heroine…

Basically , i don’t replay with other choices, because i truly believe this is the only choice of story line i want because the couple of Elizabeth and the protagonist is just too adorable, Malka might be my second choice of romance because she is also kind and fun to interact with but my heart already set that i can’t betray Elizabeth…

Will you consider developing it into a novel instead ? or selling to a studio to make it into a drama series? i believe the protagonist and Elizabeth love line should have the same impact as John and Cameron from the sarah connor chronicles , where it was a cult series when million of fans simply hook by their innocence love

In the end, i know i write too much, but it is probably my sincere review… that i seriously believe Elizabeth and the protagonist deserve their own love story, you should really try to rewrite it into a teen romance adventure story based on these two and try the novel market, many readers who don’t read game books should love them very much


I didn’t do those routes but I like the Roxanne one a lot


Roxanne should be nice too since she is Elizabeth’s BFF, i love the path where Malka show her text message from Roxanne…saying Elizabeth has a secret boyfriend and how she just ran away in front of her. Then my character tried to explain he was only trying to help Elizabeth in the high school , and when Malka asked Elizabeth what i am helping her with…Elizabeth replied "he was helping me carrying my books"
seriously the moment i read this i really hit my face to my palm…oh my goodness, this is all so natural…

If you went with the path of Elizabeth, towards the end, there will be touchy moment when Elizabeth and me (protagonist) ran away from the monster, Elizabeth was dying and she was telling me “please…” so instinctively i move my neck to her face, exposing my artery … so that Elizabeth can feed on my blood and heal herself, after that she transform into super vampire in order to kill the monster

so what i can understand is, Vampire doesn’t need to feed on human blood to survive, they feed on human blood if they need to heal themselves and become powerful, Elizabeth doesn’t enjoy the change because she said she need time to digest the effect and turn back to normal…so my assumption is that vampire doesn’t love to consume blood to turn into something they have difficult to control…i love this theory actually

and i love the idea where human beings despise others who are different from them, so vampire and other super natural beings are actually sort of mutants but not evil monsters


Hi … i was new to this forum initially, so i replied my previous 2 post at the bottom before reading your first post…LOL

Anyway, i sort of gave my review on your story in my first 2 post here…generally giving high praise for the work which you had done, and your romance story is the best that i had ever read (seriously)…

so hopefully there will be a sequel for your story :slight_smile:


How do you get final event with roxanne i keep only getting to 5


Never mind found it out but did you notice that in roxanne battle with sack man when you run away se comes get hou buy you feel something wet when you swat it(i believe the wolfes nose)but then se transformes and holds you in her arms but if yoh remember when they transform back to human they are naked so basically she held you in her arms naked


So is there an update to this game or what because I f**kin hate these people for ending it so fricken early at the party


I don’t think there will be an update to this game/story, i read many fans love a sequel for the story line but not getting further response from the author

However, i kind of understand that the ending should be the best idea of “ending” a kinder romance story, because a sequel would be quite large scale since there can be up to 4 love stories , where the author has to write 4 times over, not to mention covering all the relationship loop-holes between all the characters…

The ending at the party , sort of make it a perfect hang over where the relationship between the protagonist and the choice of romance interest finally get a chance to “start” their romance, i can imagine the author want us to imagine our own story from there onwards…

I had only read through the romance line of Elizabeth and Malka, which i feel is enough for me… I like the romance story with Elizabeth since i feel it fit most with my character and fit well with the original starting-story… because it relates more to humanity and compassionate to other “races”, i especially like the way how the protagonist turn from a bully and slowly understand what it feels like being bullied by others, and then take initiative to help Elizabeth in the end…

As for Malka, it feels touchy as well , however romancing with a zombie will require lots of “understanding” and “imagination”, the author did a good job into explaining Malka’s side of story though


How can I romance Roxanne? My Fitness is amazing but still I can’t get the final scene with her…


I’ll do a run through on this one with all the choices. I don’t remember it being hard, but it’s been a while such that I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head.


Your fitness and skills’ stats should be high enough to spar with Roxanne’s family. I think that is required for you to start the romantic path. In order to get skills, you have to learn how to fight as well. You can do that by meeting with Matthew during your free time and at the same time you should still do meet ups with Roxanne for you to date her.


Thank you! This helped. I finally dated Roxanne in the game. And she was a total badass :grin: