Vampire House (Complete)


So I got 6/6 for Damien and it ended while watching fireworks on the boat ride with a deep kiss. Is that it? Or is there supposed to be more?


Hi I can't change my clothes to stylish ones, it keeps saying that I'm already wearing it but my stats says that I'm wearing plain. Is this a bug you could fix?


Hey, just a question. How does the skills "Charm" and "Sneak" work? I never noticed the Sneak one and I think I only used Charm once with Malka in the shopping mall.

PS: There's only four skills right? Sneak, Charm, Easy Studying and Skip Read.


Um... how can i finish Damien? I've been doing it 5 times, yet it's always atuck at 5/6. I already read the book and still can't find a way to do it. Please tell me how, i want to know what the ending will be


work at the manor until you have 250, then buy the stylish clothes the first chance you got


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Do u need a date for the halloween party cause i just did that part and the story ended cause i didnt had a date


Yep. If you don't have a date it's game over.


K ,thanks for the quick response


Yo, love the story ! really great! everybody's asking for a sequel! it would be really amazing if you made one and drop it for reads on Halloween or Christmas hehe ..just a thought ..Cheers!:slight_smile:


This novel almost feels complete, it is just the ending, it feels so abrupt for me like it was rushed. I feel a little disappointed at the ending cause the beginning down to the body was great. It is almost as if I was lift so high only to fall all the more harder. However, I feel like all those unanswered questions could be answered in a sequel cause this has so much potential. It is a real shame to just let it end right there. The romance is around the middle, not too bad or good, but hey that just means there's room for improvement cause I felt like I never really got together with anyone - could just be the young adult me being hungry for some love, hopelessly romantic. More options or variety would be appreciated too, this only feels like a biased "human" run to me where you use magic or your physical capabilities at your disposal. Perhaps maybe the author just wanted the protagonist to retain his humanity. I for one would like a vampire or some other monster option. If it sounds like I am bashing this novel as if it is bad, but that's not my intention. I like this novel so much and to see its potential in the ending go right down the drain really upsets me cause of how much I like it. I feel so invested in it, everything, the characters, the story or plot and its conclusion.


Why are some games like this one not on steam? I would like to play this but I'm unwilling to buy it on other platforms.


I believe it's because COG can only release a limited amount of games on steam, so they have to pick the ones they think will sell best. Unfortunately this means most Hosted games don't make the cut.


Ah, that's sad. I wish they would let COG release their back catalogue at least. Thanks for the info.


You can actually play this one for free on the CoG site. You only have to wait 15 minutes (I think) after each finishing of the game to play again. You can always do that and buy the game on some other platform just as a sign of support.


Cool, thanks for the info, I had no idea you could fully play through some of the games, I thought there were only demos hosted on the site. I originally played the games on google chrome through their app store, but as soon as they started coming out on steam I purchased all of the ones available there and only got the ones that came out on steam. I hate having to split my games library up between various things, the more games on steam the better. I only use firefox and had only installed chrome for the COG stuff. But I hated using it because of some headache with the annoying integrated google profiles interfering with old profiles and new emails with various things and having to use different email addresses for whatever reason. All I remember was that it was a nightmare just to buy and play the COG games. Steam is much better for me.