Vampire House (Complete)


I agree, Malka's story is.... wow :astonished:


I like Malka, but she being a Zombie was a major turn off.
I prefer Elizabeth myself.


Wow, zombies are people too you know although I did like Elizabeth the best aswell


Yeah, but they like eating your brain.


Didn't Malka state she doesn't need to eat humans, just a strict diet of meat?

She was adorable and the insecurity about her kind just made me want to hug her :disappointed: if there's a sequel to Vampire House, it will be Malka all the way :heart_eyes:


Hey, not all zombies in fiction adhere to the ‘rotting, brain-eating undead’ image of a zombie! The zombies in Crepuscule, for example, look like perfectly normal humanoids, even if their skin colors isn’t what you’d find on a normal human :sweat_smile:


tried it out for free just to check it out, it seemed interesting but the players character comes off as a bit of a douche to me, and usually when your character says or does something its normally started with you, for example, you walk alone a dark alley and feel a strange presence, instead it starts with I


Do you have a tumblr or anyplace I can check up on progress for your projects?

I'm glad you're considering going commercial for the sequel. I'm already kind of dying to throw my money at you. Loved the plot in VH and all the love interests. With your writing and apparent ability to actually finish your projects, it's easily something you could sell, and definitely something I'd buy.

I'm also kind of dying to write a fanfic sequel to my own playthrough with Damien. Might just end up doing that, in fact.

I do have some questions though, about the runic magic and the black book. Does that actually exist? (The book, I mean?) Or did you use another source of info on the magic and rituals and incantations? Or did you pull it out of your own brain? I'd be really interested in any potential sources you could throw at me for this. Thanks!


I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would,it's a neat little game. However,I had issues,particularly with the skills. I want to say that I really like how this game handles its skill/trait system.It's a lot more free form and it's nice that just because I chose to focus on one thing doesn't mean I'm necessarily locked out from others,now if only all of those skills actually did anything! Some a have decent payoff and make sense such as needing to study high enough to be a tutor. Having a doubled study rate also makes sense considering what book you need. But Charm and Sneak didn't. You'd think that with Charm I'd be able to have a say... easier time persuading people to do things,thus opening up different options. Same goes for sneak which I don't think is used ever despite the description. Maybe I could've used it to avoid certain things. The Athletic traits also doesnt seen to have any use aside from wooing a character. Another I felt didn't have any consequence was the bell choice. It seems that it's only an aesthetic choice. It would've been intersting if the bells each had a different effect or something . The one final thing I need to mention is how magic seems to regulated to plot stuff. It would've been intersting to chose what magic to focus on like attack,defense,support,charms,or potions. (These are just examples.) So while it's decent,I think it could've been better.


Oh my god Malka is lifeeeeeeeeee. Elizabeth's ending was too freakin sweet this just too fuckin much for me.

I cant think of other things besides a sequel. I NEED HELP



Ughhh, I wished Malka ending had more closure (at least Elizabeth-level closure, meaning you get to actually go together). The whole route with her was so nice, especially when you ask her to go with you the first time. I really hope you'll make a sequel that continues relationships avaliable in this one. Cheers.


I found her ending quite satisfying. She was a very self conscious and anxious character and in the end we help her take the first steps to accepting her new lifestyle and it's made very clear in her route that she's totally into the MC, she just needs reassurance and encouragement.

Her ending was the best ending in my opinion.


It was the best one for me too, and fairly satisfying as well. Doesn't mean I won't wish for more :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I just wanted for others to recognize MC's relationship with her (as is the case with Elizabeth) but instead the scene ends short before you go to the party together.


I've ran through the story about 3 times now trying to date Roxanne. I've done the workout and hunting lodge stuff, but once I get to the 5th of her 6 events and I return to the wolf camp, she isn't there and I cannot get the sixth event, making all that effort trying to get with her useless. Is she romanceable at all?


She is, she's just a tough one to obtain. When she doesn't appear for the 6th event, try training some more. Also, workout at home too to give you more boost


Ahhh can't get Damien help


In RO?

What kind of clothes are you wearing? (in the game :stuck_out_tongue: )
You need stylish ones.


so forward. Do you see her cheeks blush?


Smutty Snow is back.

@hapamama93 work at the manor until you have 250, then buy the stylish clothes the first chance you got