Vampire House (Complete)


I've got almost no criticism apart from the fact it ended a lot sooner than I wanted it to.I hope you're willing to make a sequel because the story was outstanding and I think the price of the app really undervalues what it is worth


well that was funny lol


I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what, but I have been like 2 whole days trying to get Damien to the Halloween party and I just can't reach the 6th event with him. I don't want to stay in the end that I can't do nothing more


You need to buy the fancy clothes before doing his events.


Oh shit, seriously!? YES, GODDAMMIT!
Ok I know you just said "maybe" but that's still better than a "no".
Btw, I know this isn't the thread for it, but is your next game still "A little demonic"?
Because I love that WIP, but it hasn't been updated for a while now.

@Nathan_Faxon oh please... Someone so badass, can't get their pride damaged.


I was playing that an hour ago! DA DA DAAA DAAA DAAA DADADAAAAAA!!

'In like Flynn.'

resists urge to go off-topic.

A sequel would be magnificent. I want to know if Malka and the MC work out, they have to work out! She's too adorable.


Yeah, Malka was awesome!
And I also just wanna continue with Elizabeth's romance (and everyone else's but Matthew's), she's so tsundere it hurts.
Y'know, in a good way.


Matthew was a little anticlimactic compared to the others. Out of all the fights, Roxanne was the most satisfying, she was beating the stuffing out of sackface. Elizabeth was a second with the blood high. Malka third simply because it was in one swift move and not much action or suspense except her getting freakin' killed for a second. and Matthew was last, he did nothing and his mum had to come to the rescue :laughing:


A little demonic is still my next wip. My progress on it slowed down because I started work on a visual novel. I saved up some money and hired an artist for it, and getting all my ducks in a row has taken a little while. The money from this project should be a nice windfall for that one.

That said, I'm going to begin updating a little demonic again soon (soon here probably meaning in a couple of weeks or so.)

It's a shame Matthew's ending fell so flat. Probably didn't help that he was kinda monster racist.


I played the game. begin to ending, and liked it very much. I played it in one sitting.
I was just wondering if you will continue writing new chapters for this game because the ending seemed rather cut off.
I also really would like to know how it continues and its just fun to play.
I would even be willing to buy it, especially if new chapters will be added in a heroes rise like way.


Wow, will you be posting it at this forum?


A Little Demonic will be taking priority for now, but after it releases, I'll work on continuing this series. I wanted to at least make a sequel in the same setting, and I'm seeing demand for the story to be continued.

So sure. Eventually.

Uncertain if I'm allowed to do that.

Still way too early regardless, and I do plan to go for a commercial release, so any public release will likely just be a w.i.p demo for feedback. I'll probably go to Gamejolt for hosting, I've seen more than a few good games on there.


Thank you. I'll use some time in romance. I tend to like charecter development over love interest so it's going to be difficult to put my time into that.


Hey. Make another sometime.


I'm trying to get Damion's ending but I can't find the last event. I make it to the 5th event. I keep going back to see him but no event is happening. Can someone please help :frowning:


What kind of clothes are you wearing ? You need stylish ones.


Oooohhhhh, so that's what I'm doing l no I was wearing normal clothes.


Did it work ? :smiley:



You know it works.... you had you eye on Damion the moment you saw him... :wink:


So much love for Damien, not enough love for the deserving Malka :disappointed: