Vampire House (Complete)


Many games are available on amazon quite a long time before they are listed as being released. At least on the german amazon store or app store. The second Demon Hunter game was the store probably two month before it was listed on hosted games.


Huh, good to know, thanks folks.


Okay, I have a question. This was on the AppStore and I played it. But it seemed a little unfinished, the ending came very quickly specially because if you didn't participate in any romance. Wish I had more time to be able to develop your characters skills and actually be able to use them. Still an amazing book regardless


Sadly... there's no ending without romancing somebody.

In hindsight, I probably should have made a 'default' love interest, so you could get an ending no matter what. That, or explicitly had the protagonist killed off if you didn't hook up with anyone (a bad end, basically).


I feel that would garner more negative reviews if anything. Something like "WTF I died because I didn't date anyone!? LAME" or something like that.
Overall I enjoyed the story, but it still did feel a bit unfinished and a few RO's have been confusing for many people. While many of us have our beloved forum to help and ask questions a majority of potential players do not and I've seen majority of the complaints are usually referring to "Why can't I date Damien?" etc etc


I've noticed this too. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to make a couple of romance options more obtuse, but... a lot of people feel it's a glitch that they can't get Damien, and to a lesser extent Roxanne (though I actually haven't had too many complaints about getting her ending).

Plus, I didn't really put out much in the way of a hint as to how to actually hook up with any of these characters. At least not in the game itself. The forum has plenty on it, but like you said, not everybody will come read this.


I really want to hook up with Roxanne is that so much to ask?


Um about Damien's storyline I can't get pass 5/6 on the relationship tracker no matter what can that be changed/fixed please? But I love the game it's super awesome and very different from all the other games.:relaxed:


Keep exercising to build up your strength until you unlock the option to visit the hunters lodge. After that, visit the hunters lodge every chance you get until you unlock the option to visit Roxanne at the wolf camp. If your fighting skill and strength are high, you'll boost your relationship with her faster, which is needed to get all her events.

Work at the manor until you have 140 bucks saved up. Then go buy the stylish clothes. It'll give you a boost to your relationship with Damien each time you visit him.


I'm not sure; it's certainly an acceptable solution (at least in the visual novel genre; elsewhere it might fall a bit flat), though from what I've seen people don't like being railroaded towards a certain love interest... Might just have been better to also include an ending where you end up with no one or simply make it a more clear 'bad end' if the MC doesn't manage to get one of the love interests interested enough in him/her before the timelimit runs out...

Either way, speaking as one who bought and played through your game thrice earlier today, I found it enjoyable :slight_smile: . Though the story wasn't what I'd call outstanding, it was good and managed to hold my interest and keep me awake even in my sleep-deprived state this morning. The characters were interesting, fun and enjoyable to interact with - so far I've ended up with Elizabeth and Roxanne; guess I'll go for Damien or Malka next :slightly_smiling: . All in all, worth the money as far as I'm concered! :smile:


I'm having fun playing through this one, although I do have a few observations (criticisms really) -

I'm not a big fan of death in interactive fiction, as it's usually just a 'dead end'. There's a point in Vampire House where you can die rather abruptly, due entirely to an arbitrary decision that boils down to a fork-in-the-road-type scenario (essentially "left vs. right"). Since you can restart the chapter instantly it's not a big deal, but the lack of feedback (in terms of knowing why you died - i.e. what it is you did wrong) is frustrating nonetheless. It's not particularly fun or interesting, nor does it add anything to the story IMO.

Also, the study vs. exercise (etc.) options don't seem to do much.

In that sense I guess the main weakness here isn't the quality of your prose or the pacing or the characterisation - it's simply that the cause and effect relationships (in other words, the ways in which the player interacts with and affects the story) can be opaque.

Other than that, you write well, your characters are interesting, and I look forward to making my way through Vampire House (and seeing/playing more of your work in the future!)


You need to study or exercise to romance certains persons.


Oh, ok. Never mind that, then. Thanks

Grab a perfect grade (it helps out somehow)
Always go to the manor.

Buy the Goth clothes and hang out with her when the option presents itself.

Hunters lodge all the time.
Exercise helps.

She's a tricky one.
Exercise every chance you get.
When the option is available, go to the hunters lodge as many times as you can until the Wolf Camp appears.
Head to Wolf camp until you have full events.

Go to the manor until you have enough money (250) to buy the stylish clothes.
Visit Damien as often as you can.

Don't forget to be nice to your preferred romance.

Those are the walkthroughs for each romance, should work out.


true I wanted to be a full on hunter I was so focussed training that i missed talking to people lol so i got the bad end lol so maybe a female hunter you could romance or something so you could still train at the hunters loge with out missing a out on the romance lol


I really enjoyed this game, but I can't help but feel it's unfinished. Is there a sequel in the works?

I would look over the text, though. There are quite a few typos.

Still, I loved the Elizabeth romance. The ending was suitably epic and sweet.


I recently sent in a version I went over, so hopefully there will be an update soon. As for a sequel, that's a maybe. It won't be my next game in choicescript, but maybe the one after that.


Hmmm... What about the Charm and Stealth skills you learn then? They never became useful during the three playthroughs I've doen so far - did my MC learn them too late for them to become useful, or do they just become useful in the routes of those I haven't romanced yet?


Lol, I think you switched the games. This is not Lost Heir :stuck_out_tongue:


Correct you are. Move along, nothing to see here. crawls into the bush of damaged pride