Vampire House (Complete)


Huh? Me thought this was a pending release on January 15 then it was changed to January 22. Should this be transferred to Hosted games category?


So, I completed my first run through with Elizabeth and enjoyed the experience. But when I tried to complete the game with Damien I was unable to score more than five points with him. I visited him twice in a row trying to get that last point to register before the Halloween party, but after several attempts I have yet to find a workaround. Wonderful game, but cockblocked for my favorite character XD I don't suppose you could fix it?


Were you wearing the stylish clothes before hanging out with him? It'll give you a necessary bonus to your relationship stat every time you visit him.


I was only able to get 5/6 for roxanne


Did you go to the Hunter's lodge a couple of times before you went through the gate for the first time?


No? (+ undescribable symbols aka words)


You need to go to the Gym and to exercise


I did do that but I think there might be a bug because the fitness level goes poor, decent, good and then it goes blank


Looks like there's a gap on the display range. When it goes blank it means your fitness is between 80 and 90. You still have a value, the game just isn't showing it.

The only thing you need for Roxy is to be able to fight. If your fighting has a value of 10 or more you'll get a bonus to your relationship with her.

Your fighting increases by 2 when you visit the lodge, unless your fitness is at least a 60. Then it goes up by 4. A fitness of 60 is described as 'decent'. It might be possible to get all of Roxanne's events without combat skill if you butter her up enough through the correct dialogue choices, but the combat skill really, really helps.

Thanks for reporting that bug.


Hi, I really enjoy playing this game, but what do I have to do to romance Roxanne?
And keep up the good work. :slightly_smiling:


D'aww Malka :heart: Elizabeth was sweet, Damien was cool, Roxanne was hilarious and Matthew was... eh. But Malka melted my heart.

With Roxanne, I think you need to go to the Hunter's lodge a couple of times before you visit the village, then keep visiting and you should eventually fill her events.


It's actually all explained in the post right above yours. Go to the hunter's lodge enough to have some basic competency at fighting, and you'll get a relationship bonus when you visit Roxanne.

And thanks!

Thank you so much!


Thank you for the reply, and thank you for such a wonderful game. :slightly_smiling:


Just finished the game a couple days ago. To be brutally honest i didnt think i was going to enjoy it. But i gave it a try and really enjoyed it. I know the story was rapped up prett nicely but if there ever was a prequel or sequel i would totally play it. For anyone who hasnt played it yet i highly recommend it. Its slow but interesting and i found myself wishing for more at the end


hey i like this cant wait for the full thing lol


So I've played this game multiple times since you first posted it here and then I bought it when it was just released. I love the idea of the game itself and the story line. What I still can't figure out (after 5 play throughs) is how to romance Damien. I go to visit him every time I can after we are able to get into the other world and the last two times nothing happens other than "I walked around with Damien for a while" neither of those time upped my Damien events from 5/6 is there something missing here? Also we really don't have many dialogue choices with Damien I chose to read the Charm book that opens up the special dialogue options for romantic interests and never got to use it on him. I do like the story but I feel like it's kind of set in stone and we players are just a long for the ride. My hunting and fitness were up pretty high and I still couldn't break free of the monster when it attacked me.


I think you need to buy the nice clothes to up his relationship.


I downloaded the game a few days ago via amazon. For some reason the app did not allow me to upgrade, so I played with commercials. I was actually shocked how much I liked the game and story. Nothing amazing, but a nice little game. Until the game just ended because I had no date. Had Elisabeth and Malka both at 5/6 Events, as I thought I did have time. I also never did anything but do their interactions besides going to the bookstore once and to the clothing store twice(thought that I might upgrade a lok, but that does not seem to be a thing.) So yeah. Never seen a scene in which I could my charm skill aswell so I of course screwed up somehow but that ending was abrupt. Had I known the date I had to look in a date, I would have done events a bit different, but yeah. This kinda ending really puts me off even playing it again, but I will most likely....I do want to see how this story ends without just ending....


Wait, this game isn't hosted yet (I didn't find it when I looked) but it's available on amazon?

I tried the demo, I got an error when I kept trying to finish the ninja book,

I was being stubborn just in case it wasn't shmuck bait.


If you want to finish the ninja book, finish the Bull book first.
The bug doesnt let you finish the ninja without finishing the Bull.