Vampire House (Complete)


For Damian, i think you need buy fancy clothes…
You are right about Elizabeth and Malka, but i only play both their route , not sure about Roxanne and others :wink:


Where is the demo link


This game is completed… and free download from Google playstore :slight_smile:


Is it on IOS?


Yes… i think so, you have a look there :wink: usually these games are in both platform


I still have Vampire house downloaded, Elizabeth felt like a real person to me (ive played it like 6 times and 5 out of those I stuck to her) I would of liked more but it was still super awesome.


Same with you … Elizabeth was the first RO i was attached with , since Vampire House was my first HG… Lol

The romantic interaction with Elizabeth is unique that i will re-visit her from time to time , however … Malka wasn’t that far off , in fact i actually felt sorry for Malka after i play her romance route , because Malka is in a more depressing state as compare to Elizabeth people are still willing to allow vampire and werewolve to study at the school , but in a scene Malka mention she need to constantly cover her face with heavy powder just to cover up she is a zombie … in this case a zombie will be chased out from the school immediately


Fair enough, I liked Malka as well. Elizabeth was just soo, charming? And she had dirt on you which always makes it interesting, and you lived/worked on her parents house. Maybe I just love drama lul. Got a soft spot for naive-ish nice types too.


I agree … Elizabeth is always my first choice , i read through Elizabeth romance route multiple times before trying out Malka :slight_smile:

Yes… Elizabeth is charming and too kind for a Vampire She even allow the rock to fly through her head without dodging … and her revenge was just to ask us to be her friend instead of had a bite on us…Lol i especially love the scene when she prevent us from telling her mother we were one of the mob, out of fear her mother won’t forgive us :-):relaxed:


Yeah exactly! Really great character, sucked me right in, pun intended. Maybe one day the author will do a part 2, thats my hope anyway. But if not at least Ill have the first game.


The author @OdicHastings said he won’t write a sequal…
But he is now working on a new title Cursed Lady and Weakest knight, which you can find in WIP

I understand what you meant, many people were asking whether MC will become vampire … and the romance between human and vampire in that world will be full of challenge, especially with the hostile hunters , i am definitely imagining what happen after MC and Elizabeth declare as couple :wink:


Oh he did? Thats too bad. Ill definitely check out his next one though. And ik what you mean! ive continued the story in my imagination too haha, from mundane dating stuff to the mc basically becoming a hunter like the demon boy.


Well… there are actually two factions of hunters, the Demon boy Damon is a supernatural hunter who hunt down rogue supernaturals , this is the faction which i definitely endorse … however , you remember that bully friend of MC ? i forget his name… he is from the Human-Hunters faction who hunt down everyone non-humans, well his route has a story about the Human-hunters, they are hostile towards all supernaturals , i suppose to follow his route will be the evil route …

Hence, we must actually protect Elizabeth and possibly Malka from the Human-Hunters if there is a sequel… Lol :-):sweat_smile:


How come this is not on steam.


I actually never played that route, didn’t really interest me at the time… maybe i should though.


I think maybe this is a Free download :slight_smile:

@Pqfire09 i didn’t join the bully friend either, not interested in harming Elizabeth :wink:


Spoilers alert

I read the Vampire House and redid it like 4 times in a row to get all the different girlfriend endings (vampire, werewolf, ghoul). Well the first time my character ended up with no date :frowning: It was well written, quite satisfying and entertaining! I loved it! I wished the story would have continue further… Also my first name is Alexandre so I first I thought “Alex” was fed from my Google play account but it turned out it was the default name, lol! Honestly Good job!