Unsupervised - You were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass. (WIP)

When you are in the catacomb let Flit and LB and go steal thing with telltale and accept to work with her then kill the dealer or red harry then romance ghostling, have either 6 agility or presence 7 and intellect 7 and start to laugh when given the option then choose that you planned everything and the team can’t stop you, finally say that you are not here, you are with Teltale then if you romance ghostling you can say to her that you are sorry and get the dialogue or you can ask her if she want to join you


Found another bugs with a "{mXis} " that appear for some reason

Also Lilith really made me laugh here


How do you meet telltale

I have already devoted myself to Nora but damn!! Ghostling makes it very difficult to not choose her with all her savage responses.

Poor Husk has to choose between BladeWaifu, GhostWaifu and ThiefWaifu.

Why must you torture me with all these good characters!?!? ಠ⁠︵⁠ಠ


Do you meet Nora in the demo?


Not at the moment, correct me if I am wrong but right now all we have is her Cutlass costume (with a bit of lore about it) and some explanation of why she cut contact with everyone/stopped being a sidekick/hero.


When you look for Ghostling underground choose dich and steal something.


There was a way to become the president in the demo does anyone remember how to make that happen in the demo?


Choose the elemental mastery ability as your power,then at your mentor’s base choose to make small talk with Derek. To have a chance to become mayor have your presence stat maxed out at 7.
Hope this helps.


So i was replaying the game and I was trying to get the Jackdaw chase scene, but I can’t quite manage.
How do you do it?


It seems like it was supposed to have more text here? the text just abruptly ends…


Work for Parents

Join Parent then send LB deal with Jackdaw, after that choose
“Hold on. We can find a way out of this mess.”
“You get to walk away with more money than you ever made selling drugs.”
and finally
“I don’t trust PARENTS not to fuck this up. We are going after him.”

Also if we die we can actually see Nora and she come to visit our tomb


I’m guessing this is for an elemental mc, I’m a time mc.

Also this


How do you upgrade the electricity?

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you have to either take the drug or keep fighting when facing thaumaturge. from there you can invest xp points into it.


Oh lmao, i never noticed haha

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Hey does anyone know how I can get the supervillain route where the mc fights his superhero friends?


From what I played, committing multiple murders, and\or crimes without remorse.


You need to kill someone name jack or someone along the name when you break into his house but you need to go alone or kill red harry. To kill red harry you need to meet him first, to do so you need to meet blair as your superhero persona if you meet her as your teen self you won’t encounter red harry, then when you done talking to her. Red harry will approach and interview you. After answering all of his questions there should be several option and one of it is to kill red harry

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